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About Outdoor Storage

Storage problems are a thing of the past... Say Hello to a Clean, Stylish and Welcoming Home! 

Are your cupboards and wardrobes bursting open, struggling to contain all the toys, bikes, tools, excess linen and other miscellaneous items you’ve got laying around the home? 

If you’re like most people, you’ll have storage problems. You’re running out of space in your home and it’s starting to look like a storage facility instead of the ‘family home’. According to statistics 7 out of 10 homes are lacking in space due to consumerism. 

Well no longer do you have to live like this...

Cheap Sheds have all of your storage problems covered with very affordable solutions. All storage solutions such as Garages, Carports, Sheds and Deck Boxes are made to withstand the harsh Australian climate. 

Check out the various options below



Deck Boxes 

Deck boxes, yes are great addition to any patio, garage, home you name it! These neat and tidy looking boxes provide a place to tuck away those odd things that lie around outside. They also double up as seats when entertaining.

They are compact but stylish storage solutions which are ideal for storing small tools, outdoor furnishings such as cushions or even your gardening supplies such as mulch and pots.


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Made by manufacturers in the USA and Israel, using high quality resin, these boxes are tough but very stylish. They won’t look out of place on your deck, in fact they’ll be a welcomed feature. 


Compact Storage Sheds/Pool Pump Covers 

Our manufacturers have created a range of cool compact sheds, which are designed to store those items in your backyard which need some protection. Items such as your pool pump, bins and perhaps your outdoor chairs. It’s designed to make your life easier. Access is easy with a roof that opens and ‘locks in’ at the open position to ensure it does not fall on your head. The wide access door at the front enables easy access too.

Perfect for areas where a garden shed would be too tall, where the fence line is lower or a structure like a taller garden shed would block a window for example.

For more information about delivery and council requirements, click here.



If there was ever a storage solution which could be used for more than a dozen other purposes, the Garden Shed would be it.

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Here at Cheap Sheds we’ve seen it all. Sure we’ve had customers use the Garden Shed to store their tools and gardening equipment but we’ve also seen Garden Sheds used for, 

   - Music Studios where band can strum out some tunes on the weekend
   - Man Caves where the men can have their own sanctuary to do ‘man stuff’
     i.e. footy, pool etc

   - Home Nursery to grow plants and flowers that are protected from pests
     and bad weather

   - Backyard Observatories where you can gaze at the stars and beyond 

And so much more! 

A Garden Shed is the ideal storage solution as it comes in many sizes, it’s built tough using high quality Australian steel and it comes in various designs and colours to suit all tastes. It won’t be an ‘eye sore’ in your yard... In many cases it will add value to your home. 

Assembly of your garden shed is made a ‘breeze’ especially with the Absco range which have the legendary ‘SNAP-TiTE’ Assembly System. For the other garden sheds made by Durabuilt and Spanbilt, we’ve got lots of helpful assembly videos and handy tips to make the assembly process a ‘stress free’ experience.

 Plastic Cabinets 

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Not only do we supply a large range Garden sheds, but we also have some high quality Plastic cabinets and smaller storage units. Made in the USA and Israel, these products meet our high standards of craftsmanship and quality.  

The plastic sheds come in a bigger variety of sizes and they are made with the highest quality resin or vinyl. These little sheds are ideal for storing smaller items and they will withstand the harsh weather. 

Our product range come with up to 20 years warranty which means your shed will still be standing when you sell the home.




If you’re looking for a place to park your car so that it’s protected from the harsh elements this country is renowned for, look no further than a Carport from Cheap Sheds.

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Built using the highest quality Australian steel, these carports will last a lifetime. Delivered direct to your door in a kit, containing all the parts and instructions needed to assemble your carport. High quality protection for your vehicle has never been so affordable, or easy to get. 

Checkout the full range of carports here today and give your vehicle the protection it needs tomorrow.



Our range of garages are made right here in Australia by companies such as Spanbilt and Absco Available in single, double and triple door these garages are designed to suit any home. Available in Zinc or up to 11 different colours, we’ll definitely have the one you’re looking for.

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They also come in various styles and shapes, plus you’ve got the added advantage of including additional windows, PA doors, skylights and awnings. 

With up to 30 years warranty on the product range, you can be sure the garage you buy from us will outlive your car and better yet, solve your storage problems.

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