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Welcome to the Cheap Sheds Help Centre. This page is dedicated to helping you find out everything you need to know about storage solutions, our product range, how to choose, buy and build a shed, garage or carports etc, our support services and much more. Please browse our resources and if you still have questions feel free to contact us.

Storage problems are a thing of the past... Say Hello to a Clean, Stylish a decluttered home and outdoor space!

Are your cupboards and wardrobes bursting open, struggling to contain all the toys, bikes, tools, excess linen and other miscellaneous items you’ve got lying around the home?

If you’re like most people you’ll have storage problems. According to statistics 7 out of 10 homes are lacking in space due to consumerism.

With some strategic outdoor storage solutions you can make sure you have a place to store all your things without losing space in your home.

Cheap Sheds has over 400+ storage options from deck boxes, cabinets, storage units to slim or large sheds, workshops, garages and carports. Bike sheds and pool pump covers... you name it! We have something for everyone.

Check out some of the various outdoor storage solutions you can invest in to sort out your storage needs at home. Starting with the smallest our deck boxes to our large carports and garages.




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If there was ever a storage solution which could be used for more than a dozen other purposes, the Garden Shed would be it.

Here at Cheap Sheds we’ve seen it all. Sure we’ve had customers use the Garden Shed to store their tools and gardening equipment but we’ve also seen Garden Sheds used for,

  • Music Studios where band can strum out some tunes on the weekend
  • Man Caves where the men can have their own sanctuary to do ‘man stuff’ i.e. footy, pool etc
  • Home Nursery to grow plants and flowers that are protected from pests and bad weather
  • Backyard Observatories where you can gaze at the stars and beyond

And so much more!

A Garden Shed is the ideal storage solution as they come in many sizes and materials.

You can choose from Steel, our products are manufactured using high quality Australian steel which have different designs and colours to suit all tastes.

You can also select from our Canadian Cedar wood shed designs or high quality Resin Sheds.

Garden Sheds kits are made for the DIY market, so much like Ikea they come with an assembly guide so you can do it yourself or hire a handyman for the job. The sheds are engineered with you the customer in mind so assembly is possible if you want a project.

We’ve got lots of helpful assembly videos and handy tips to make the assembly process a ‘stress free’ experience.

Find out More about Garden Shed kits



bike sheds are hot on the market with more and more Australians participating in the sport or choosing to ride bikes for transport or just for leisure. Bicycles are not cheap items and nor all the gear that goes with it, what's more if your family owns more than one then there is hundreds if not thousands dollars worth of gear lying around the backyard.

So storage for bikes have become incredibly popular where our manufacturers have designer sheds specifically made to house them. What makes them perfect is the double or large access doors, door ramps so you can get them in and out easily. Careful consideration has gone into their shapes as well.

Find out More about Bike Sheds


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Our manufacturers have created a range of cool compact sheds, which are designed to store those items in your backyard which need some protection. Items such as your pool pump, bins and perhaps your outdoor chairs. It’s designed to make your life easier. Access is easy with a roof that opens and ‘locks in’ at the open position to ensure it does not fall on your head. The wide access door at the front enables easy access too.

Perfect for areas where a garden shed would be too tall, where the fence line is lower or a structure like a taller garden shed would block a window for example.


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Workshops & Garages are of course LARGE outdoor storage solutions and some if not many homes are without them. They are fantastic for large storage requirements such as cards and large items which need a home outside the house. They are a great place for you to work out projects and kids to learn neat DIY skills.

Our workshops and garages are made right here in Australia and available in single, double and triple door these garages are we have various options to suit different needs.

They are all available in Zinc or Colour as well as extra features you can add to customise the building. Windows, skylights, organisation systems and hooks.

They also come in various styles and shapes with 3 different roofing options, plus you’ve got the added advantage of including additional windows, doors and skylights.

With up to 20 years warranty on the product range, you can be sure the garage you buy from us will outlive your car and better yet, solve your storage problems.

Find out More About Workshop & Garage Kits

Not sure what solution is best for your needs? Chat to our friendly, award-winning customer service team today. They can help find the right outdoor storage solution for you.

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