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Do you, your partner or family enjoy a bike ride?

Riding bikes has always been a popular activity for leisure and family outings as well as for exercise. It's a huge part of our Australian culture and you can see people riding alone or in groups in all our major cities. So big of an impact, people now spend hundreds of dollars on the right gear for safety and the best bikes.

Many people often leave their bikes leaning up against a wall at home, lying on the ground in the garage and who knows where else!

If this sounds like you, and you have invested a lot into your bike then you need to consider the following realities:

  • Did you know Bike theft is on the rise? With more high-quality bikes in our neighbourhoods and their popularity, they are being nicked from front doors and backyards every day
  • Our backyards and garages are getting cluttered and your bike is prone to damage if it's just parked anywhere. It can get knocked, tripped over and what's worse you can injure yourself.
  • Our homes are also getting smaller and people are choosing to live in units and smaller dwellings, so where does your bike fit in?

Well, the solution to all 3 problems is clear, and the reason you are on this page.

Bikes can be awkward items to store, especially when you have more than one. Luckily, there are some very neat storage solutions for you.

You need a proper storage solution for your bicycle...

A Bike Shed!

Types of Bike Sheds:


Here at Cheap Sheds we have storage units which are suitable to be used for storing bicycles. The above are 4 our our steel top selling bike sheds but you can buy bikes sheds in all 3 materials:

All our sheds at are designed to be weather resistant no matter if they are steel,, timber or resin.

Buying a Bike Shed


Before rushing and buying a Bike shed we recommend you do some research.

#1 Measure Your Bike/s

How many bikes do you have? Are they all adult size or some children bicycles? Measure how much room they take on the ground so get measurements floor the length width ( including pedals) and height.

#2 Decide the best place to add a bike shed to your home.

Everyone has different homes so you need to see where a shed will best fit and how much room you have for it.
This will give you an indication of what size and shape shed to look at, narrow, wide or regular.

#3 When researching the sheds available, keep the following in mind

  • Doors

    Most Bike sheds have double doors opening to the front but some of the narrow designs have one large hinged door.

    Do you want sliding doors or Hinged? This will also be determined by how much room you have to swing a door out.

    Easy access is important so be sure to measure your bike and consider the area you wish to build your Bike shed. You want to be able to get it in and out the shed easily.

  • Security

    Most will come with a latch so you can buy a lock for the shed itself. Or if the design you want doesn't, you can easily fix one yourself but keep it in mind when checking the bike shed kits.

  • Accessories

    It's worth adding a door ramp to your kit, This lets your roll the bike in and out super smoothly. Better for tyres as well. Most Shed kits have this accessory as an inexpensive option,

Top 4 Reasons To Own a Bike Shed:

  • #1It is an enclosed structure, which will protect your bikes from various harmful environmental elements such as heat, water or even snow if you leave in the Blue Mountains or any other parts of Australia where it might snow.
  • #2You can lock it up when you are not using your bike to keep them secure.
  • #3Bikes are protected from pets that could bite on the tires of your bikes or on other parts of the bike.
  • #4Proper storage of bikes in a shed would aid to maintain their good condition and thus aid you to save money, as there is no need to spend for repairs.


Most Popular Bike Sheds Online


We recommend you measure your bike/s and first decide how you wish to store them before buying a product. Doing your research and measurements first will make sure you get the right product for your needs.


Roof: Sloping and hinged so it lifts up

Size: 1.76m x 1.07m x 1.265m

Material: Steel

Colour: Comes in 3 colours or Zinc

This is one of the most popular options we have in store. The multi-function design and steel structure is commonly used for storing bikes and riding equipment. It is also used for covering pool pumps and wheelie bins.

If you are using it for bikes we recommend getting a door ramp from the accessories too.

Roof: Sloping and hinged so it lifts up

Size: 2.26m x 0.78m Colour

Material: Steel

Colour: Comes in 2 colours or Zinc

This is one is extra long if you have more than 2 bikes or want to extra storage for other bike gear. Sometimes the Storemate above is a bit of a tight fit, just depends on your needs. So the Absco shed provides the extra length some of us need. it is also multi-functional with a roof that lifts, double doors.

Roof: Slight slope and hinged so it lifts up

Door: Double Hinged doors

Size:1.9m x 1.09m x 1.33m

Colour: Wood like texture & Grey/Anthracite colours.

Material: Resin Storage Unit

This Keter Storage unit can hold 2 adult and 2 children bikes. Its is super accessible and lightweight so you can move it if you need relocate it.

Roof: Flat roof

Door: Single Wide door

Size: 2.105m x 1.07m

Material: Steel

Colours: Comes in colour or Zinc

This storage shed is great for along the side of the house or in your garage for storing your bikes. With a hinged door for easy access and it's height, it will make rolling your bike in and out easy and safe. You can certainly fit in more than one bike and with some bike racks you can fit the whole family bikes in neatly.

Roof: Flat

Door: Roller door

Size: 2.4 m x 0.8m

Material: Corrugated Steel

Colour: Comes in 6 colours or Zinc

TheSmartlockeris for the serious riders. This storage shed provides the ultimate secure solution for bikes and gear. It has a roller door which locks and it can neatly fit in a garage or around the side of the house. With some added bike racks and hooks you can create the ultimate riders bike storage shed.

Roof: Sloping

Door: Double Hinged

Size: 3m x 0.78m

Material: Steel

Colour: Comes in colour or Zinc

TheEzislidersand Spacesavers are very popular choices for family bike storage. They are affordable, provide ample room and can easily sit against a wall anywhere around the house exterior. The double door entry makes accessing your bikes easy and ensures less damage and scratches.

Ezisliderscome with sliding doors and the Spacesavers have hinged doors.

Ezislider Skillion Roof 3m x 0.78m Double Sliding Door Zincalume Shed

Spacesaver Skillion Roof 3m x 0.78m Double Door Zincalume Shed

Roof: Gable

Size: 1.29m x 1.89m

Material: Resin plastic

Colour: Taupe/Beige colour combination

For narrow areas around the home, this is a great storage solution for your bikes. It is also made from durable resin which is light to move if you need to relocate and it's low maintenance. With the added window for light, you can access your bikes easily and without hurting yourself.

Roof: Gable

Size: 1.78m x 1.13m

Material: Resin plastic

Colour: Taupe/Beige colour combination

This double door, narrow but wide Resin bike shed is perfect for your family bikes. The double door entry allows you to access your items quick and easy plus the narrow design ensures it doesn't take up unnecessary space. Don't forget it is also light weight so you can move it if needed.

Roof: Steel Gable

Size: 1.93m x 2.74m

Material: Treated timber

Comes with Window!

If steel or resin is not your style, you may prefer the Timber Oxford shed. It's a great size shed and can fit more than just your bikes. You can turn it into a small bike workshop where you can fix the odd ends and maintain your bikes.

Roof: Sloping

Size: 1.22m x 2.42m

Material: Solid, Durable Vinyl

Colour: White/Beige

This modern storage unit looks neat up against the wall of your house. It provides loads of space to store a few family bikes, helmets and other gear. The lightweight material makes it simple to assemble and relocate.

Lastly, it has a great design so it adds to the aesthetics of the home surroundings.

Roof: Sloping

Door: Single & double hinged door

Size: 3m x 1.52m

Material: Steel

Colour: Available in Merino, Green and Grey

This is one is extra long if you have more than 2 bikes or want to extra storage for other bike gear. If it's truly a bike shed you can fit it with a small workbench so you can do bike repairs all in one spot.

Roof: Curved and hinged so it lifts up

Door: Double Hinged doors

Size: 1.77m x 1.13m x 1.34m

Material: Resin

Colours: Comes in colour or Zinc

Store It Out Ultra is ideal for storing garden furniture, lawn mowers, BBQ equipment,and you guessed it... bikes. It can potentially fit 2 adult bikes or 2 adilt and 2 children bikes.

What about motorcycles?


No problem... they too need storage and are of even higher valued personal items, so it's essential to have a home for them. Some people use a tarp to cover them, or park them under carports OR just in the garage amongst all the other cars and equipment.



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