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Being the most remote city on earth, Perth, has its advantages... Firstly you don't experience the tropical storms that your fellow Aussies in Queensland or Northern Australia experience. You also get cheap flights to Bali making holidays affordable and convenient, right?

But like everyone else in other cities, you have storage needs or require a space for yourself to work in. Whether it's a garden shed, workshop, bike storage, work studio … you are here for a reason.

You are probably looking for a quality garden shed which is right for your needs and home. Before you buy a shed, there are some things you should consider about adding a shed to your home in Perth.



Having a shed in Perth means it needs to be tough, to not buckle under the harsh sun nor have the paint fade.

Luckily, there are a range of sheds available at Cheap Sheds which are great for our climate.

  • Steel sheds are the most popular and are Australia made, using the highest quality metals. Not only this but if you choose a coloured shed, you can rest easy knowing the paint won't peel in the harsh Australian sun.
  • Resin sheds are super easy to assemble, lightweight so you can move it and they generally come with windows and vents for airflow. They won't fade, rust, dent or buckle in high temperatures.
  • Timber sheds are great for cooler areas with no fire risk. These tend to be cooler and don't require insulation and have beautiful designs.

Perth is considered to have a ‘Mediterranean Climate' with relatively cool and wet winters combined with hot and dry summers.

Taking this into account you'll probably find that a lower wind rated shed is suitable for your location (although it is advisable to check with your local council to get weather information).

Ideally, you should look at insulating your shed to ensure its pleasant enough inside all year round.



To determine the size of shed you need, you must answer the questions below.

  1. What will the shed be used for?
  2. Do you have enough yard space for it?
  3. What are the measurements of the pace you have available?

Once you've found the answers to these questions, you'll be one step closer to picking the right shed.

An important step to take before buying and garden shed is to check with your council.



If you want to put up a structure in your yard or extend your home in any way it's recommended that you check with your local council first. There may be approvals or permits required before laying any foundations and assembling a shed.

Most garden sheds don't require approval or paperwork but it's best to check because you don't want to be slapped with a large fine.

It's easy to contact your local council first to see whether you need approval.

You can visit our council information page for more info



Even if you are shopping online, you can still get your shed delivered to your home directly or a depot close to you depending on your budget.

When you place an order you are able to choose either option depending what's most suitable for you.

I always recommend Home Delivery for convenience, sheds are still heavy packages. However, delivery fees vary and will be quoted on the product page or by our staff.

Depot Delivery is the cheaper option as we only charge a flat fee between $20-$40, depending on the supplier.

ABSCO and Spanbilt shed sent to:
Mainfreight Perth, 1179 Abernethy Road Hazelmere, 6055

The freight company will contact you once your shed has arrived. You just have to collect it from the depot.

The time of delivery depends on what you have ordered. Most products are made to specification; there is no warehouse with stockpiles of sheds waiting to be sold. So you are getting a brand new sheds right from the factory!

Shed delivery to perth can take anywhere between 3-21 days depending on the shed you order. You can ask for estimates from the customer service team if you have a tight deadline.

It's never been easier to have your very own high-quality Australian made shed!

Check out the full range of high quality and affordable sheds online.




Since building my new home I have been meaning to add a workshop to the backyard but finding the right colour, size and price was a challenge. We have a restriction on the colour sheds we add to our properties because it had to match the fences, but luckily Cheap Sheds had a lot of choices and the team found the perfect match.

Got my brother round to help put it together, it took a couple of afternoons (and beers) but we got it up and it looks good. Thanks for the bargain and service Cheap Sheds.


I have a 16-year-old blind and deaf Shetland sheepdog and whenever I open the workshop door he wanders in to help. He lies at the work front getting covered in sawdust and when its knock-off time out he comes.


Thank you Krisztian, that is great customer follow up and well worthy of a reply, I will have no hesitation in recommending!

I have built my garden shed and I am very pleased with it, I am still amused that it was cheaper to buy a shed from Queensland than locally!


Here's my Aviary with the happy little birdies inside. I'm very happy with the result.


Thank you for the ebooks. The Organic Vegetable Gardening is going to be very useful as I do not have lawn and only a small area to plant in. I am also going to try my hand at growing veggies in pots. This decision was made before I ordered the shed, but things did not pan out as planned. This book will be my catalyst to a fantastic hobby- since gardening was not quite my thing. Notice the past tense. The Lawn Care will certainly be a bonus for my son who had an inordinate amount of lawn. I haven't fitted my shed but the video makes life so much easier. Thank you again. I am so glad I went with your company. You have been prompt, gracious and very easy to communicate with. Your almost immediate responses to my queries is also much appreciated. I will let you know when the shed is fitted and give you feedback on how I found the process. Thank you again


The shed arrived yesterday afternoon and I collected it this morning. I have unpacked it and everything is in good order and what I was expecting. I poured a slab a couple of days ago and will erect it as soon as it cures.

Thank you very much for all the information and advice you have forwarded to me since you received my order. You score a 10 out of 10 for everything related to my purchase and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a shed.

Once again thank you and best regards.


Our shed has arrived and looks great - exactly what Id hoped it would look like - and the colour Mountain Blue is fantastic! We haven't put it up yet but thanks to the great videos you have provided, I reckon we can do it well. Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the after sales service provided by you and your website. The process has been so easy and I am glad I found you on the website. I have recommended you to others also.


Greetings with best wishes & many thanks for your most welcomed email below. Please find attached photos of your product after completion. Cheers & once again heaps of thanks for your past assistance.

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