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We’ve all been there before...

You buy a DIY product, get it home and realise maybe you were a bit ambitious in thinking you could assemble it yourself. You skip steps or ignore the instructions (well men do anyway) and then 30 minutes later you are cursing and wondering why it doesn’t look like the picture you saw on the Internet.

Never again...

could assemble it yourself


Here at Cheap Sheds we’ve made it easy to put your shed together, anyone could do it.

With step-by-step instructions included in every product plus assembly videos from each supplier, DIY is now a stress free and enjoyable experience.

But if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our wonderful support team who are here to help you. Contact Us.

Cheap Sheds Assembly


Cheap Sheds range is our very own so you know we have gone an extra mile to make assembly the easiest it can be! .

Absco Assembly


Absco sheds are very easy to assemble utilising Absco’s SNAP – TiTE system which permanently locks all perimeter channels to all roof and wall sheets without the need for tools and fasteners.

Spanbilt YardSaver Assembly


Our Spanbilt YardSaver range of garden sheds assemble with the FastTrak assembly process that is fully documented.

Spanbilt Smartlocker Assembly


Keter Resin Assembly


Check out how Michelle from Cheap Sheds puts her Keter Storage Box together on the below video:

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