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Sydney... The home of the Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo and some of the best beaches in the country. It’s also where many of our customers live, and it’s not hard to see why.

But if there is one thing that Sydney has in common with all other Australian cities it’s this… You need more storage room at home. Your cupboards are bursting and your wardrobes are getting full. You need a storage solution and you need one fast!

The great news is you’re at the right place. Here you will find a large range of affordable sheds in all styles and colours.

And to ensure you make the best choice and avoid the costly mistakes others make, we’ve prepared this checklist for you.



Having a shed in Sydney means it needs to be tough, to not buckle under the harsh sun nor have the paint fade.

Luckily for you, there are a range of sheds available at Cheap Sheds which are great for our climate.

  • Steel sheds are the most popular and are Australia made, using the highest quality metals. Not only this but if you choose a coloured shed, you can rest easy knowing the paint won't peel in the harsh Australian sun.
  • Resin sheds are super easy to assemble, lightweight so you can move it and they generally come with windows and vents for airflow. They won't fade, rust, dent or buckle in high temperatures.
  • Timber sheds are great for cooler areas with no fire risk. These tend to be cooler and don't require insulation and have beautiful designs.

In Sydney you can expect to experience a temperate climate including warm summers and mild winters. It’s a comfortable climate and it’s easy to see why many people love to call Sydney home.

Whether you live by the beach, in the city of more rural areas the weather is not as severe as other locations in Australia.

So when it comes to buying your shed, it’s likely you won’t need a ‘cyclone rated’ model but we recommend you check your zones wind rating regardless.

You can find out more about wind ratings here>> Cheap Sheds Wind Calculator




To determine the size of shed you need, you must answer the questions below.

  1. What will the shed be used for?
  2. Do you have enough yard space for it?
  3. What are the measurements of the pace you have available?

Once you've found the answers to these questions, you'll be one step closer to picking the right shed.

An important step to take before buying and garden shed is to check with your council.



It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment, townhouse or home... before adding any structure to your home or yard you should check with your local council to see if any permits are required.

The last thing you want is to buy your shed, assembly it and then receive a fine from the council because you don’t have approval.

The GOOD NEWS is that most garden sheds don't require any paperwork or approval but its best to be safe than sorry!

You can learn more on our council pages>




When purchasing a shed online at Cheap Sheds we give you the convenience of not only choosing the exact shed you want but also delivering it to you.

Delivery is made easy due to the fact that all sheds are sent in a ‘flat pack’ assembly.

You have two options when it comes to the delivery of your shed.

  1. You can have the shed conveniently delivered directly to your door via Home Delivery. You will be quoted the cost on the Product Page.
  2. You can also choose to have it delivered to the MainFreight Depot located at 50 Yarrawa St, Preston for a small flat fee.

Depot delivery is the cheaper option but you will need to collect it and have an appropriate vehicle to get the job done.

On the other hand, Home Delivery is great if you want a hassle free service!


50 Yarrawa St, Prestons NSW 2170

Check out the full range of high quality and affordable sheds online.





In this video below, Yuvi from NSW explains how great his new garden shed is and how in just a few hours he was able to assemble it.

I think that helicopter in the background might be one of the news channels trying to get Yuvi’s story too.


FANTASTIC PRICE... BEST COMMUNICATION... 3X day delivery from taking order. You would be mad buying a shed from anyone else.

Check out what the shed looks like around pool...great product.


After a few months of comparing sheds with competitors, the shed I wanted came on sale with cheap sheds. I had never bought anything like this online before and was a little hesitant at first, but the entire process was a breeze.

After placing the order I received an email with pickup instructions and a courtesy phone call just to "touch base." Delivery to the depot was within a week, well packaged and in good condition. Once I got my shed home, assembly really was a piece of cake.

After reading some of the other reviews online I was a bit sceptical about it being so easy, but it really was! Of about the 300 screws holding it together, only about 3 or 4 needed "a little help".

I couldn't believe how well made and easy it was to assemble... By myself too!! I built my shed on top of a paved area, up nice and high off the ground and installed a solar shed light too, in case I need to tinker about in the evening. The door is nice and wide, and strong too! I have all my gardening things and a few other boxes inside, and there is still a bit of room leftover to fill up with more stuff.

I have told all my friends how happy I am with my new shed and am still recommending them whenever the opportunity comes up. It's great that Cheap Sheds actually did EXACTLY what they said they would. I'm very, very happy! THANK YOU CHEAPSHEDS. In my photos, I am with.


Thanks you for the email. Send you a photo of my new Garden Shed as promised. Your help during these days is very much appreciated.


Hello Krisztian,

I am writing to tell you that I am a very happy customer, with a brand new shed that has exceeded my expectations. The instructions were so simple to read and understand, and it felt like a giant Meccano set to put together.  Everything fit together very well, and little touches like the rolled treatment on exposed panel edges was very welcome to see. The shed went up easily and I was surprised how quickly I was able to go from 2 flat packs to a fully constructed shed.

Thank you for such an excellent product. I will be telling any friends who will listen just how delighted I have been with this overall experience.


The shed arrived yesterday afternoon and I collected it this morning. I have unpacked it and everything is in good order and what I was expecting. I poured a slab a couple of days ago and will erect it as soon as it cures.

Thank you very much for all the information and advice you have forwarded to me since you received my order. You score a 10 out of 10 for everything related to my purchase and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a shed.

Once again thank you and best regards.

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