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We Aussie’s love to do everything ourselves from plumbing work, fixing cupboards, building gardens and general DIY maintenance around the home.

Well now you can add ‘Garage Assembly’ to your list of DIY skills. Thanks to our suppliers, we now have the largest range of affordable and high quality garage kits.

Kit Delivered

Kit Assembled

This video has come straight from one of our manufacturers who demonstrates how garage kits are made:


Buying a Garage Kit

You can choose from a range of garage kits these days so you can find a size or colour that meets your requirements.

Thanks to the kits being pre-engineered  you are given so much variety at a low cost.

These garages are very popular as they are significantly lower in price than the custom made garage. The engineering is already done and they can be produced on a lower cost, saving you big bucks.

As an example a custom made 6m x 6m double garage could cost up to 3 times more than a same size, same quality DIY Garage kit.
No wonder more and more people chose this option.

Cheap Sheds is the leading supplier of garage kits in Australia and our secret is that we only supply high quality Australian made kits that are easy to assemble and come with up to 20-30 years written warranty.

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Advantages of a Quality Pre-Design Garage Kit

The advantage with DIY Garage Kits besides saving on cost, is that they are all pre-engineered and perfected for easy assembly and improved usability.

For example, you can see in the photo below that our Smartbilt garage is utilising the space fully to give customers full use of the space, as opposed to a competitor's product which you can see has been poorly designed.

Assembly and Usability

Any DIY enthusiast can assemble these garages. You don’t need a degree in engineering to do it, just follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you are on your way. Soon you’ll have the garage of your dreams.

Customers and professional handymen are assembling our garages every day, so it was important that the engineers and designers of our garages perfected the instructions so that anyone can follow them.

But even then with the high quality instructions we also have a dedicated assembly line team that customers can call if they have any questions about how the product fits together. So no matter what… the assembly of your product is made as easy as can be.

Our garage kits include all necessary components that you need to build your garage and you won’t have to spend extra money on bits and pieces to finish your building.

Below video is from Dan, a Cheap Sheds customer who was kind enough to show us around in his recently built garage using one of our kits:


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