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Comments From Customers




Hi Michelle

Are you serious ? Always think these sort of emails are bogus etc.

I am so excited that I won and eventually watched the draw from the link provided with my husband.

The Webber Baby Q will come in handy as we have just purchased a caravan.

The shed is still in the box we are preparing the site this weekend and putting it up

next weekend. I'll take a photo and send it too you when done.

Debra Whintle

Paul From Victoria & His Neat Cheap Sheds F42

Check out what Paul had to say about his Shed he purchased at Cheap Sheds. 

Thank you for the great feedback Paul. We appreciate it more than you!

He bought a flat roof slimline steel Cheap Sheds F42.  


Shane from Queensland & his Cheap Shed G66

Shane from Queensland sent us a video of his Cheap Sheds. It has survived some storms already (as expected of course!)

Check what he had to save about our team. Thank you, Shane, for Sharing.

You can see his Cheap Sheds G66 is a gable roof medium size unit in Smooth cream. 


Tony Willis from Queensland Shows us his Keter Factor Garden Shed

Tony sent us his feedback recently in this Video. What a cool looking shed and thank you for the feedback and support. We love a glowing review :)

Tony has a Factor Keter Shed from Cheap Sheds.


Chunnan from NSW Loves his Versatile Keter Store It Out Max

Chuanna from NSW purchased a Store it out Max Resin Garden Shed from Cheap Sheds recently. Check out the video as he shows you the features and what he liked about our service.

Thank you again Chuanna, appreciate the kind words.


Sonja Cherney - Keter High Store


Hi, guys

I keep forgetting to say thank you for all your help.

Michelle was fantastic, and all your emails, videos and notes are very good.

It was great fun putting the "Narnia Wardrobe" together. (For this size, there is no need for two people). It was a 46 degree day, so it took rather long, but it was easy and an enjoyable experience....

Of the final product too.Just what I needed.
Just like the name suggests, it truly is the crown of all other options currently on the market.

...I have already let people know. At least one is looking at building a shed in a near future. Hopefully he will choose your co.

Thanks, everyone.
All the best.

David Will Brighten Your Day with his Spacemaker F64 Video

Davide from Victoria made my day when he sent this awesome video in. He sure does love his Cheap Sheds Spacemaker F64.

We love it and hope our viewers will too!


Jan Jennings - Cheap Sheds G88 Gable Roof 2.8m x 2.8m Dbl Door Garden Shed


I found Cheap Shed site after making the 'usual' drive to Bunnings to buy.

At Bunnings the only colours available - cream or zincalume.

So I returned home and did a google search for a 'woodland grey' or similar colour shed.  Bingo!  Cheap shed site had 'slate grey' and 2.8 x 2.8 , exactly the measurements we wanted!

Now looking over the veggie garden the slate grey Cheap Shed is in corner.


Dan Robertson and His Boys Toys Garage- Mackay

In this video you’ll see how Mackay local Dan Robertson uses some free space in his backyard to erect his very own double lockup garage. He now has somewhere safe to store the vehicles and also a very useful work area.

Not only has that but his garage made a great addition to his family home. See Dan’s adventure below in this short video.



Colin Block, Huntingdale, Vic

Krisztian Well, the AFL Grand Final is over, so is Bathust and the Melbourne Cup, now that leaves time for the SHED.

Attached are photos of me and my Grandson Archie. Gavin, my son, mostly built the shed and I was his assistant. Little Archie was my little helper.

Initially, we could not see the part numbers because we did not realise that they were printed on lightly but we soon learned were to look.

The instruction sheet combined with watching your videos were very helpful to us too. Every now and then we would check them on the iPhone.

By the time we got to assemble the last wall, we were experts in clipping those channels on.

We took our time and completed the job in five and a half hours which I am sure is no speed record.

Anyway, it is all up now and you can see from the photos I am quite proud of it.

Hey, it doesn't take long to fill it up, does it!

Colin Block 


Andrew is Finding the Right Solution

Andrews’s story below is common amongst cheap shed customers. Everyday people looking for a storage solution who don’t have a lot of room i.e. no big backyards.

Watch this short video where Andrew explains just how easy it was for him to buy and assemble his shed.


Gwen Whittaker

Dear Krisztian

Many thanks for your kind thoughts on sending us the gifts which is most appreciated and a total surprise to a 68 year old lady.   May I say also that I have recommended your company to some friends who are building at the same time as us.  Presently our new home is in the process of being built and your tips I know will come in very handy.  We shall take a photo once everything is up and running so you can see the finished product.  It is great to deal with a company that cares about the products they sell and also the people who make the purchase.

Once again thank you.  

Gwen Whittaker      

Gwyn Perrett, Ballajura WA

Thank you Krisztian, that is great customer follow up and well worthy of a reply, I will have no hesitation in recommending!

I have built my garden shed and I am very pleased with it, I am still amused that it was cheaper to buy a shed from Queensland than locally!





Luke Stockley, find out why he is ‘stoked’- Brisbane

Brisbane local Luke Stockley is ‘stoked’ with his shed. He loves it that much he’s got his very own guard dog to keep an eye on it.

Checkout Luke’s story below.



Mark Lathouwers, Kingswood, NSW

Hello Krisztian,

I am writing to tell you that I am a very happy customer, with a brand new shed that has exceeded my expectations. The instructions were so simple to read and understand, and it felt like a giant Meccano set to put together.  Everything fit together very well, and little touches like the rolled treatment on exposed panel edges was very welcome to see. The shed went up easily and I was surprised how quickly I was able to go from 2 flat packs to a fully constructed shed.

Thank you for such an excellent product. I will be telling any friends who will listen just how delighted I have been with this overall experience.

Mark Lathouwers

Steven Horvat, Box Hill North, VIC

Thanks again for all your time on this matter.  Thank goodness I bought from an Australian company.  Customer service is outstanding. 



Steven Horvat, Box Hill North, VIC 


Dhananjay Dogra Gives Cheap Sheds a 10, SA


Cheap Sheds deserves 7 out of 5 stars for customer service. Very helpful with all queries related to the product. Prompt response through emails & phone calls. I have not experienced this level of service for an online purchase anywhere else. Product came well packaged without any damages. Delivery was very quick and I was able to track the package at every step.

Excellent product - Stilla sheds are highly recommended. I will pick these anyday over the 'tin sheds'. This product looks good in photos and looks even better once put together. Easy to assemble and comes with comprehensive set of instructions. 10 Year warranty!

Overall very happy & satisfied with all aspects of the purchase. And yes - glad I didn't go with the overseas made tin boxes that are totally unsuitable for Australian climate. Tin sheds become a furnace in summer and attract spiders and bugs all year around. Compared to the aesthetic look of the 'western red cedar' metal sheds look very ordinary in appearance and are prone to rust and corrosion.

Product: Willow 12x8 Timber Garden Shed 3.64m x 2.53m with Gable Roof, Skylights & Rebated Floor

Dhananjay Dogra Gives Cheap Sheds a 10, SA


Little Zane gives the Tumbs up to Cheap Sheds -QLD

Little Zane from Queensland loves his shed... Why? He says in the video ‘Because he gets to put stuff in it’. Listen to little Zane’s message below about how he helped his dad put the shed together.

Zane gives his shed the big ‘Thumbs Up’



Neil, Victoria Point, QLD

Hi there

It's been a long time since I have dealt with a company who believe that the customer is important & give's great service. I purchased a shed on Monday 22nd; needed to pick it up by Wednesday however a phone call and an email allowed me to pick it up on Tuesday from the warehouse. The service from the warehouse was also excellent.

5 ***** to Cheap Sheds for excellent service I just hope I can put it together ok.

Neil, Victoria Point, QLD

Yuvi does it with speed- NSW

In this video below, Yuvi from NSW explains how great his new garden shed is and how in just a few hours he was able to assemble it.

I think that helicopter in the background might be one of the news channels trying to get Yuvi’s story too.



Ron, Albion Park, NSW

FANTASTIC PRICE... BEST COMMUNICATION... 3X day delivery from taking order. You would be mad buying a shed from anyone else.

Check out what the shed looks like around pool...great product.


Thanks guys.

Ron, Albion Park, NSW


Hilda and Michael Love

Hello Cheap Sheds,  

We finally have our shed erected and I am sending a photo to show you. It look so nice. I also send a selfie" of us to go with the shed. Thanks for all your help. Looking forward to our bonus holiday voucher to celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary.


Hilda and Michael Love


Stewards Final Test -QLD

Well my shed is finally finished. Tonight, it rained for the first time in quite a while and I was able to check for leaks between the bottom of the walls and the wet course membrane that I put around the edge.

All looks good for loading it up with items for this weekend.

Stewart Beveridge, Ringwood, VIC


Aldyth, Redland City, QLD 

Hello Krisztian,

Thankyou for the excellent service and prompt delivery of my aviary, which arrived in the promised 2-3 business days. Unfortunately we will be unable to assemble it until near the end of July as we are moving from Redland Bay to a rural property near Texas on the Qld/ NSW border.

Thankyou for the follow up emails and the book on organic gardening, greatly appreciated.


Fiona, Scarness, QLD

Very happy with the service, thank you. All as described and expected, which is nice for a change. Have not yet constructed the shed, but have read instructions and watched video (great idea), so hopefully will be fine when we do it on the weekend.

Fiona, Scarness, QLD

Dongwang, Ashfeild, NSW

Thanks you for the email. Send you a photo of my new EasyShed as promised. Your help during these days is very much appreciated.


Dongwang, Ashfeild, NSW


Kenneth Kyon, Canley Vale NSW

THANK YOU SO MUCH!All the best,



Samantha Taylor, Melbourne Vic


I have received my carport and delivery was easy and not stressful at all. We have only started to put it together last weekend and the only thing left to do is the roof (weather hasn't been too kind on the weekends). Hopefully the roof will go on this weekend. It has been good watching it go together and I am very pleased with it so far.

I have stressed for some time about the weather and the fact I have a new car and (until recently) no carport. I searched everywhere for something that would suit my purpose and not cost me a fortune.

Your carports are great and at an excellent cost. I have been letting everyone know where I purchased it from as they are amazed that it was so cheap seeing it came from Queensland to Melbourne then delivered to my door for nearly half the price of something here.Your company's support throughout the process has been excellent also.Regards,

Samantha Taylor

Christian Scholtz, Sunshine Coast QLD

Hi Krisztian,

The shed is up and thanks for your efficiency and help.

Please see attached photo of our shed.

Even Grandma was involved.


Christian Scholtz


Graham Gallop, Blackburn VIC

Wish to tell you that I have now erected our shed.

Very satisfied with the product.


You deserve to be the best in shed services.



Scott McDonnell, Zillmere QLD

Hi Krisztian, I am very happy with the shed and I have attached a picture for your information. Thank you for your excellent service. Kind regards, 



Russ Jackson, Wantirna, VIC

Thanks ChaiRegards

Russ Jackson 


Volker L. Robina, QLD 

Hallo Krisztian,

I would like to quickly send you a big “Thank You” for shed you have sent us. Everything you have promised came through, The shed is an “A1” quality shed. We finished installing it yesterday and everything worked out.

Again, thank you for your help.

Volker L

Fiona, Northam, WA

Our shed has arrived and looks great - exactly what Id hoped it would look like - and the colour Mountain Blue is fantastic!  We haven't put it up yet but thanks to the great videos you have provided, I reckon we can do it well.  Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the after sales service provided by you and your website. The process has been so easy and I am glad I found you on the website.  I have recommended you to others also.


Daniel Kramer, Cheltenham NSW

It’s been a while, greetings Krisz and after all that rain finally got the shed up; see pic attached! Best wishes, Daniel. 


David Best, Sydney NSW 

Hey Krisztian,Got my shed erected over Christmas break – very happy with the outcome (don’t ask eventual cost- after base and returfetc!)Plenty of chocolate and ‘mixes’ consumed in the process, I must admit!Please find attached photos of my new shed, thanks to your terrific organisation.Dave 


Carolyn, Bedford, WA

Hello Kristian,

Thank you for the ebooks. The Organic Vegetable Gardening is going to be very useful as I do not have lawn and only a small area to plant in. I am also going to try my hand at growing veggies in pots. This decision was made before I ordered the shed, but things did not pan out as planned. This book will be my catalyst to a fantastic hobby- since gardening was not quite my thing. Notice the past tense. The Lawn Care will certainly be a bonus for my son who had an inordinate amount of lawn. I haven't fitted my shed but the video makes life so much easier.  Thank you again. I am so glad I went with your company. You have been prompt, gracious and very easy to communicate with. Your almost immediate responses to my queries is also much appreciated. I will let you know when the shed is fitted and give you feedback on how I found the process.  Thank you again

Jarrod, Willaston SA

Thanks Denise. I appreciate the excellent customer service from CheapSheds.

Anthony, Kedron, QLD

Thank you for your service. I have just received my shed and would like to say the service and delivery times, response to questions have all been excellent no complaints what so ever.

Thank you again.

Yvonne and Barry Russell 

Hi there! As promised, here is a piccy of our shed erected. It took us a while to organise the concrete slab and get the site ready after a big tree had fallen on our last shed. Let us hope there is no repeat performance of that drama!!!The shed was easy to erect and the instructions were so explicit. We are in our seventies and did have a friend to help us but for us to be able to follow the plan we thought was amazing for older people.From the moment we purchased the package, the delivery, the follow up and advice given to us was excellent and we would highly recommend your company to anyone wishing to purchase a garden shed. We will certainly use you any time in the future that we require any kind of storage shed on the property. Many thanks. 


Nicolle McNerney, Kardinya WA

Hi Chai 

Greetings with best wishes & many thanks for your most welcomed email below. Please find attached photos of your product after completion. Cheers & once again heaps of thanks for your past assistance. Nicky 


Rod Conroy, Sydney NSW

Hi Krisztian,

Received my shed on Saturday as promised. Thank you for the constant updates and it was a pleasure to do business with you. No hassles or problems which is a nice change these days. All I have to do now is pin down one of the sons to help put it together, but I think that will be easier said than done.

Once again, many thanks for great service.



Kaye Petterson, Australind WA

Heres my Aviary with the happy little birdies inside. 

I’m very happy with the result. 



Ashton Wood, Buderim, QLD

Hi Krisztian,

Just wanted to say a big thanks for shed I purchased off you last week.

It arrived in only a few days and I assembled it with my kids last Saturday.

It all came together quite easily and the instructions and numbering on all the panels made assembly a breeze.

I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.


John Thompson, Melbourne Vic

Well where do I start from the original live chat contact I had with you guys you have never stopped amazing me from your original information to your fast dispatch follow up emails

you are by far the BEST company I have ever had dealings with and to top it off you are Australian. Don't stop doing what you are doing its fantastic I will have no problem recommending you to anyone I come across who wants a shed.Regards and best wishes John

Hetti S. Geelong VIC

Hi Krisztian,

Just a little feedback.

Happy of the shed, great price, and your service.

You know what this is the best customer service I ever received for a online purchase.

Thank you man keep it up

Best Regards,Hetti


Leanne Cram, Wynn Vale SA

Hello Krisztian,

Thank you for your constant communication with the aviary. Amazing in these days and ages that there are actually businesses that care about their customers!.Looking forward to collecting the aviary and thanks again.Kind Regards,



Ian Pavey

Attached are three photos of my new shed which is just perfect for what I wanted, compact, functional, easy to maintain and good looking. As you can see I have lined the shed with some steel mesh panels which makes it easy to hang all my garden tool up keeping the floor clear, a small section of shelving to hold my garden products and the job is done.

The service you and your team provided was outstanding. The delivery was prompt and the shed easy to assemble.

Very happy!

Warren and Sally Faithfull

The shed arrived yesterday afternoon and I collected it this morning. I have unpacked it and everything is in good order and what I was expecting. I poured a slab a couple of days ago and will erect it as soon as it cures.

Thank you very much for all the information and advice you have forwarded to me since you received my order. You score a 10 out of 10 for everything related to my purchase and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a shed.

Once again thank you and best regards

Ruth Mackay

Can I say how absolutely chuffed we are at the customer service from you and the team - absolute legend. Shame we will probably not buy many sheds in our lifetime, but you bet we will be telling our friends about you

Thanks so much

Caroyne Anson

I thought I would send you a photo of the aviary I purchased from you a few week ago .It looks lovely in our backyard .

Thank you again for such a great service ,




Thanks for a great deal.
Great little shed, fits the space perfectly.
Easy to assemble, and looks good.
Your PR and sales/ service is excellent.
Well done, Thank you.


Glynis Robinson, Corrigin WA

 We erected the garden tools today for Mum on mothers day. Mum is very happy with her shed.

Thank you Krisztian for great communication during our complete purchase through to delivery.

Heather Billington, Pearsall WA

Thank you very much. great shed. will be back for a bigger one when we move to our big property. 




MonikaScherf, Elwood Vic

Hi Krisztian

Our shed was delivered earlier today - it a beauty! We really like it and it was easy to put up, excellent value for money.Thanks for your support and communication during the sale and delivery process.All the best for your business.

Monika & Kennedy 

Tony Batist, Unanderra, NSW

Dear Sir / Madam

Just wish to advise that i have received my garden shed today

I like to thank you for your continuous updates, which is a very rear occurrence these days

I would recommend your company to all my acquaintances, i am very impressed with your serviceOnce again thanks for your quick responses


Tony Batist



Pete’s partner Margie here.

So far we are very happy with Cheapsheds – ordering and delivery was easy and the people at the courier company were helpful. We also think we got one of the best value sheds around.

Still to open it and put it up but sure that will be ok….

Thanks for the books and we really like the fact that every shed has a donation to charity.



Roger Chenoweth, Wynn Vale, SA

Hi Krisztian

Very happy with the experience of purchasing a shed through CheapSheds, from the time of placing the order to installing the shed is has been a very easy process.

Tammy, Bellevue Hill, NSW

Thank you very much Chai!  You have been very prompt & efficient!!  

Like the reviews I've read - you guys are on top of your customer service.

Bec, Broken Hill, NSW

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for your communication through the sale you guys have been fantastic! We love the colour of the shed, havent got it up yet though, and were amazed how fast it came too.Very satisfied customers!!!

Thanks again, all the best

Mick, Melbourne, VIC

I’d like to pass on my thanks for your support and service through the whole shed purchase and construction process.  I’d specifically like to pass on a special thanks to Maria for her help today in helping me obtain a replacement wall sheet.

You guys are doing a great job and a lot of companies could learn from your customer service.


Francis, Jindera, NSW

Hello Cheap Shed

Thank you for your very prompt and efficient service, our shed kit arrived in a timely manner.

Thanks again

Col, Hobart, TAS

Thank you for your very professional approach to my order it was very refreshing to have confidence in the transaction I have yet to erect the sheds but will do so soon once again thanks regards

Beck Hansch, Clare, SA

Dear Cheap Sheds, Thank you for my free gifts...excellent reading. I appreciate it.

My shed arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thank you so much for sending it and it was wonderful to receive it so quickly. I couldn't believe how small the packages were when I saw them. It's way too hard for me so I will get some male friends onto it soon. Thanks again for offering a great product at a wonderful price.


Thank you Cheap Sheds.

That video was fantastic as was the web page explaining elements of the process from here. I am really happy I have chosen your company. Thank you for providing such competitive prices for sheds as's fantastic to have a good option that is more affordable.

Peter Haslam, Willetton, WA

Hi Krisztian

I picked up my shed today so I thought I would just thank you for your excellent customer service with all contact emails and the tracking number on the delivery so I could see where my new shed was during transportation, it was most impressive, also thanks for the two books you forwarded. I will certainly recommend your company to any of my friends or neighbours that may need a new shed in the future,

Once again thanks!

David, Mango Hill, QLD

To all the guys at Cheap Sheds,

I got my shed today and I haven't got it up yet but I am so happy with the service from everyone there,u guys kept in contact with me at all times and the delivery guy came exactly when u said he would and he was the nicest guy so thank you so very much for everything. Again thank you so much and I already have been telling the guys at work about you

Heath, Elliminyt, VIC

Cheap sheds team

Thanks for the info on my order your coms are greaT. Will be using you guys again Cheers 

Surujpaul, Ermington, NSW

Very happy with my shed 2 years on. Very good value for money, noting that I was going to get a similar Stratco Shed for almost double the price and had to be waiting 30 days.

Have recommended to friends.

Patrick, Warwick, QLD

Hi there, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Cheap Sheds for their excellent service given to me for the purchase of the sheds. From first contact to pick up, nothing but professional quick service, I will certainly recommend your company to my friends, thanks again.

Chris, Mount Lawley, WA

Thanks for your messages; it is rare to meet a company that values not only its customers but also the wider community via your excellent charity donations. I will make every effort to advertise your company to all I meet. I am looking forward to getting my shed.

Julie, Lennox Head, NSW

Hi Krisztian

We received the shed in super quick time & it is now together & ready for use.  We did get a builder to construct it & lay a slab for it to go on as we are not terribly handy! It is exactly what was promised in your advertisement & we are very pleased with the outcome. Thank you for the prompt service & the e-books that you have sent through today.  I would recommend your product without hesitation

Ron, Wantirna, VIC

Gday the team from Cheap Sheds, I would just like to let you know that you guys are the best organised and most courteous people that I have dealt with through ebay.Your service has been nothing short of amazing.

Have a great day Cheers

Toni, Aldi, QLD

Just a big thank you for the fast delivery of our shed. A big thanks to the thoughtful delivery guys who kindly put it down the side of our house as we were away when it arrived. Very I pressed with the service all round! 

Jeanette, Victoria Point, QLD

Dear Krisztian, 

Thank you for your wonderful service and prompt delivery, couldn't believe it when the deliveryman called to see if we were home. Shed is up and everything moved in, now my husband has somewhere to hide from me. Thank you also for the two books. We have just bought this house and still setting up the yard. Bought a worm farm and compost bin, so the vegy book will be very handy.

Once again, thanks.

Anna, Woombye, QLD

Hi Krisztian

Thanks for the e-books. The shed has arrived safely but I haven't put it up yet as I'm waiting for a couple of friends who will be here the week after next to help me put it up.

I have been very impressed by your company's electronic communication so far, the ease of the transaction and the speed with which the shed was delivered.

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