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Not everyone has large storage needs or require a workshop or garage. Sometimes a standard garden shed is all we need in our yards.

Below you will find many stories and reviews sent in from our Cheap Sheds customers who love their garden shed.

We can tell you that we provide the best service online and great products... but who better to tell you the facts than our own customers.

If you would like to send us your photos and review we would LOVE to hear from you! Please contact michelle @

Brendan Sawczuk

Absco Regent 1.52m x 1.44m Shed

When looking for a covering, for the pump that runs our pool, an Absco Regent garden shed was the perfect stylish tool. Our Aussie shed, it looked so good, a real force to be reckoned So we got onto the Cheap Sheds team, and ordered us a second.

Our sheds are built so Aussie tuff to survive all types of weather, It only took three hours tops to put two sheds together. So when you‟re in the market for a shed that has it all, pick out your shed, pick up your phone, and give Cheap sheds a call!

Atanas Djonov & Allan Giddy

Absco Regent Colorbond Cottage Green 1.52m x 1.44m x 1.95m Shed

Thank you so much for your‟ continuing support and update about new materials and valuable information. We would have loved to take part in the Shed Contest, but our shed got assembled in the way you see it in the attached pictures just hours after the deadline of the competition.

Anyhow, we still love to show you what we did with the sheds we got from you – we turned it into a solar powered audio-visual installation art work, that is currently exhibited as part of Buffer Zone Exhibition at the Armoury Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park until 31st of July 2011.

Atanas Djonov and Allan Giddy, Shedding (Inside Out), 2011 [colorbond sheds, recycled electrical objects (from garage), solar modules, battery]

An inner sanctum protected by a meniscus of steel serves as both shelter and platform. From this safe haven the two artists explore their feelings concerning time and distance in an attempt to come to terms with cultural loss. The result is then channeled out through the skin of tin and glass.

Emotion and history are inexorably linked in this work, as the shed becomes a vehicle and site for exchange, both personally and collectively.

We hope you like our artwork.

Gavin Wadsworth

Cheap Shed 3m x 2.26m Shed

After a few months of comparing sheds with competitors the shed I wanted came on sale with cheap sheds. I had never bought anything like this online before and was a little hesitant at first, but the entire process was a breeze.

After placing the order I received an email with pickup instructions and a courtesy phone call just to "touch base." Delivery to the depot was within a week, well packaged and in good condition. Once I got my shed home, assembly really was a piece of cake.

After reading some of the other reviews online I was a bit skeptical about it being so easy, but it really was! Of about the 300 screws holding it together, only about 3 or 4 needed "a little help".

I couldn't believe how well made and easy it was to assemble... By myself too!! I built my shed on top of a paved area, up nice and high off the ground and installed a solar shed light too, in case I need to tinker about in the evening. The door is nice and wide, and strong too! I have all my gardening things and a few other boxes inside, and there is still a bit of room left over to fill up with more stuff.

I have told all my friends how happy I am with my new shed and am still recommending them whenever the opportunity comes up. Its great that Cheap Sheds actually did EXACTLY what they said they would. I'm very, very happy! THANK YOU CHEAPSHEDS. In my photos I am with 12 my 8-month-old daughter Maclyn. She loves coming down and hanging onto the chicken coop talking to "her" chickens.

Stephen Hibbit

Spanbilt YardSaver 2.45m x 2.8m Shed

Searched everywhere for right size and right price, eventually found what I was looking for. I have absolutely no idea when it comes to be a handyman so I got a mate to help me and I was his diligent apprentice.

However, the instructions were so easy not even I could stuff it in. In fact my wife and I ended up finishing it by doing the door and the anchor bolts.

Too easy, love it, great size get lots in, it was so good in fact my sister-in-law came over for a few days and stayed in it and I have the photos to prove it!! Only joking. She was there for a few weeks :)

Trevor & Jenny Ehrich

Absco Premier Zincalume 3m x 3m Shed

Hey guys, love the sheds and loveeee the way it comes with anchor bolts, its only a small one but that‟s all we needed, we use it for wood shed at the back stairs at our new house we just finished building a high set old Queenslander ourselves, it looks great, it was easy to put up and should be there for a long time.

I hope you like the photos of our new shed! Thought you would like to see how we stack wood in it getting ready for the winter and one of Jenny splitting wood for our fireplace!!

Glen Xuereb

Absco Regent 1.52m x 1.44m Shed

I am a Motor Mechanic by trade and as a mechanic does I fix a few cars at home. Every time I needed to go to the toilet I had to go inside the house. My wife kept getting frustrated with me leaving footprints and grease marks in the house on the way to the toilet. So I came with the idea to build an outdoor toilet.

I bought a shed from you guys and erected it behind my garage. I framed and plastered the inside of the shed but it wasn't enough for my liking. So I tiled all the walls and floor. Fitted a toilet, hand basin and a mirror. To top it off I fitted a little instant hot water tap for those cold wintery days.

It looks awesome and everyone who comes over freaks out when they open the shed door to find a toilet!!!

Wayne Lilley

Garden Shed Jasmin Brown 3.00m x 2.25m x 2.05m Shed

I use my shed for a garden shed to store the bigger and bulkier of the garden tools and free up some space in my garage.

My wife had been “motivating” me to get and erect a garden sheds for years and I believe had reached the point that she believed I never would. I knew that it would eventually happen. My wife almost couldn't believe it when I did order your shed. But even then its erection didn't go as smoothly as I hoped (no fault of your shed). I‟m just not that practical.

I needed the help of my boys; which wasn‟t always available but progress did occur and the panels were all assembled. Now it came to joining the panels together.

As none of us are great with our hands, this became a whole family affair with even my wife and daughter giving assistance in holding panels in place.

Even after missing my daughter‟s finger by fractions of a millimeter and having my son luckily miss my finger, our method struck pay dirt. I changed my position by a hands breadth and so did my son. The result: he got my thumb full on and final completion had to wait till after a visit to the medical center and time for my thumb to be less tender.

The remainder of the assembly completed without any significant incidents. While my shed is not constructed perfectly, I am pleased with the results and so is my wife.

Mark Williams

Garden Shed 3.75m x 1.9m Shed and Pool Pump Cover

We needed an awesome shed to keep all of out gardening tools in. When it was built a huge storm hit, and I was super worried as I'd forgotten to anchor the shed down... But in the morning the solidly built shed (built by me). Lol was still intact and hadn't moved an inch.....Woo hoo...

Hooray for the awesome shed.... oh, and we loved it so much we decided to buy a matching pool cover.... Happy sheds... Happy us

Margaret Young

Medium Garden Shed 3m x 3m Shed

Pete's had his shed only a few months. It‟s just a simple shed – 3x3 with no extras. But our shed adventures.

Chapter 1: The buying it adventure.

Researched and ordered online in evening time. The satisfaction of a good deal. The worry about fitting it on our roof racks. Meeting the depot bloke who scooped it up and balanced it on the roof without a thought. Safe arrival at the property.

Chapter 2: The putting it up adventure

Pete's mum and dad stayed at the property in their camper van to help. Pete‟s mum says Pete‟s dad likes to be useful - and he is. Pete‟s mum called breaks for cuppas with Anzacs. In between breaks and lending a hand, Pete's mum and I had some good get-to-know-you-like-only-the-girls-can-chats.

The base was the hardest part. Limited water meant a concrete slab was out of the question. Instead, Pete and his dad lay a poor man's slab' - crusher dust mixed with cement, stampede around-on and sprinkled. To save time Pete and his dad decided not to drive into town to buy a watering can but to make do with some water bottles with holes. Then they saved time by driving into town to buy a watering can. A few days later we had a sturdy base.

It took Pete and his Dad in just over a day to get the shed up, with the occasional hand from Pete‟s mum and I to balance walls. Luckily, we didn‟t have a hacksaw. So while Pete‟s mum and I ran into town to get one, Pete read the instructions and realised the roof didn‟t need to be hacked back to fit. It just needed to be put on the right way round. In all, it was straightforward, and Pete was delighted with our shed.

The organising it adventure.

Organising the stuff in the shed was my job – I love to organise! I bought and laid rubber workshop floor tiles, so I can sweep the floor. I picked up some metal shelving on a hard rubbish pile and recycled them into our shed shelving. Pete put up a rack to hang the big tools, and then I put all our shed stuff in its place. Now I am delighted with our shed too!

The ongoing adventure.

Our shed is on Pete and my 40-acre bush block. We are running it as a Land for Wildlife property. If you have been driving around less built up areas anywhere in Australia and seen distinctive blue-green- square-on-its-point signs saying „Land for Wildlife‟ – that is what I mean. It is a voluntary conservation program that means we manage the property to protect and rehabilitate native flora and fauna.

Our little shed is now our control center. It stores our weed mats and tree guards for revegetating. Our poisons for weeding out nasty‟s. Our wildlife camera and fish trap for wildlife monitoring. Our nest box making materials for building animal and bird homes. And our deck chairs and wine for a rest in the evenings!

Adrian Moses

Spanbilt YardSaver Rivergum 2.1m x 2.1m Shed

I needed a shed. I‟d just moved in to a brand new home and thought the garage would hold all my stuff. Wrong! But then I went and made the same mistake I‟ve made so many times before… I went up to that green and red „superstore‟ to see what they had on offer. It all seemed to be going well. I found a nice shed, and it was green, which would look great in my yard. But then I lugged it up to the counter on one of their useless trolleys only to find that the advertised price was only for the Zincalume model, not the one I wanted! What I wanted was $250 more! I argued with the manager and dumped the heavy boxes there at the counter, leaving the store fuming. It can‟t be that hard to offer good customer service, I was thinking.

I went home and got online. One search of „garden shed‟ brought up I liked the sound of that! Within 30 minutes I had looked through dozens of sheds, chosen what I wanted, got a bargain and had an email of confirmation that my shed was on its way. And the price? More or less exactly the same as the price I had expected to pay (but been denied) at that other place. Within a couple of weeks the boxes arrived and with a little help from siblings and friends my shed was up and I could park my car in the garage again.

Krisztian and the team at Cheap Sheds have been great. Always keeping in touch with heaps of helpful advice and adding a real personalised touch to the service. I‟m loving it.

Rowan Mumford

Absco Premier 3m x 1.52m Shed

My Story with a Happy ending I started a new job and had to move for it, we moved from a rental where we had an abundance of storage and rent was really affordable as well.

We moved into a place in North Lakes, North Brisbane, which is new, but not much storage space and at a hell high price. We have a double garage and one car, but have a housemate that needed his car space and due to the amount of stuff we had in the garage we needed to buy a shed, after a lengthy wait we got approval for a shed.

I had gone online before and seen cheap sheds so we looked for the size, colour and shape we wanted and bought it as was cheaper than going direct to supplier or hardware. I had bought it on Tuesday, and it was delivered by Friday morning, the service was amazing so quick and easy! We planned to build it on Saturday, so we went down to our local hardware and picked up a couple a pallets for the base and a couple of flooring panels so we could have a solid, sealed floor!

We started the shed (my wife and I) on Saturday morning and by mid afternoon it was on the base starting to get used, it was amazing how easy it was to put together, we have completely emptied our garage of all storage items, we filled the shed with a number of things like, an antique dresser, all our storage crockery/cutlery and ornaments for our own home, a mower, whipper sniper, blower, over 50 moving blankets, 2 kayaks and their trolleys and paddles, also all our camping gear and all my tools!

Here are some pics and how cheap sheds helped us to store things and get out and about on weekends. So thank you Cheap Sheds, you have saved me a lot of stress and money

Jakes Jacobs

Spanbilt YardSaver 2.1m x 2.1m Shed

Now I don't have to rummage through boxes to find my tools. Everything is in its place. With kids at school I always have to help building their projects. Now I can build anything from a spewing volcano to a dollhouse right here in my shed!

John Skretowicz

Absco Premier Pale Eucalypt 3m x 3m Shed

You want a story on MY SHED; I‟ll give you a story all right. One fine afternoon I was basking in the warm sun and thought to my self -”self you need a shed” and as always I agreed with myself, so that was settled.

“Where will I put it” I asked? There was a perfect spot but the kids‟ cubby house was there. “Why not knock down the cubby,” I asked myself, “the kids are gone and they don‟t use it anymore” (mind you they are both in their thirties now and have not lived at home for yonks) so the demolishing of the cubby.

Started off came the tin roof; off came the weatherboard walls, the Masonite interior walls, out with the timber flooring and then to the framework.

Well butter me both sides when it came to the framework all I could do was smash everything as I had built it so solidly that hurricane Tracy would not have moved it, no wonder it lasted well over 20 years. After 2 days of demolishing and trips to the tip it was done……ahh the site was bare.

Now the fun part, picking a shed. Once I had decided on an Absco shed I said to myself “Why don‟t you get on the net and check out sizes and prices John” (my name is John so I knew I was speaking to the right person).”Good idea I thought”.

A 3×3 Premier 30301GK Shed with a written 20 year warranty in Pale Eucalypt was my pick. Why pale eucalypt did you ask? Well it blends very well with the garden and most importantly it goes with my eyes. You see I have brown eyes (steady on) my eye, eyes are brown and when I stand near my shed I really look cool.

(You know with the brown and pale eucalypt complimenting one another…. even Brad Pitt would be jealous I bet). I am such a cool dude now, I might have to get myself a pale eucalypt jump suit next. (For when I stand near my shed with my eyes).

Back to the facts…looking, looking, and looking on the net. What‟s this Cheap Sheds have a great price for my shed and a BONUS to boot. “You little beauty” I said to me again. “Great price, free anchors and a free skylight this is the one for me”. So buy it I did, and then I complimented myself on the great deal I got.

Bing… you have mail, my computer informed me. Mmmmm Cheap Sheds confirming my order. Bing again… later the same day, this time Cheap Sheds advising that I should expect the delivery within, I think, it was by about 10 days. Bing on the 2nd day and it was Cheap Sheds sending me instructions and videos on how I should install my shed ” Hey this mob is good ” I said to myself. (I talk to me a lot).

Well shiver my timbers if on the 3rd day I don‟t get a call from the transport company advising me MY SHED was here in Melbourne and would I like to collect it.

“You little ripper I‟ll be down in the next hour”. I flew down to the transport company with my trailer attached to get my precious cargo, I hit 60 k‟s an hour at times (you see I took the Freeway hence the fast speed…good things Freeways, if it wasn‟t for all the cars).

Well my baby was home and this SNAPTiTE assembly made it a piece of cake to put together (I like chocolate cake …you guessed it …because it goes with my eyes). Had a mate help me put it up…. it was a breeze to put up. Till the roof. dum da dum dum. “What was wrong with the roof?” you ask yourself …you know how I know you asked yourself that question ….well I have this camera you see and I‟m watching you read this…so be careful what you think…I can seeeee youuuu.

NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE STUPID ROOF…. it‟s just that some smartie assembled it the wrong way around, even after watching the videos and reading the instructions.

I was on the phone straight away “Hello Cheap Sheds I have this problem” I said. They said ” You might be better off speaking to ABSCO themselves they have more technical knowledge, here is their number”. Well the rep from ABSCO was most helpful and PROBLEM SOLVED the roof was re assembled and installed the right way. (tell you what… that SNAP TiTE system really locks tight).

MY SHED is up and looking beautiful (it really does go well with my eyes) it is slowly starting to fill up. It now baby sits my mower, brushcutter, blower and chainsaw and the wheelbarrow and now the good wife wants a cupboard in MY SHED so she can put her jars in there…. imagine jars yuk a mans embarrassing.

She should get a shed of her own and make it a girlie shed (She‟s got blue eyes..I wonder what colour shed she would get?).

Oh gotta tell you. My darling is a smoker (unfortunately) but she smokes outside and has a good view of MY SHED, so the other night I took all our solar garden lights and put them around MY SHED so she could see it in the dark…. it looked ace all lit up. She reckons I‟m mad and made me put the lights back (spoil sport).

So here I sit now with my brown eyes adoring my Pale Eucalypt shed and having a quiet beer waiting for my matching jumpsuit to arrive…this is heaven every man should have a Cheap Sheds shed.

Mohd Azli Zahari

Absco Economy 1.52m x 3m Shed

Bought this because of the size. The only one I can find that fit my requirement - flat roof (~1.8m) and fit into my narrow side of the house.

The ONLINE chat was very helpful in confirming my requirement.

Considering that I am in WA, the shed did come in quick with reasonable transport cost. During installation, I realised the doorframe pieces (2) were missing. Shed was already up by then but could not fit the door. I've contacted Cheap shed immediately and they took note of my complaint without any hassle. To my amazement, the pieces were delivered to my doorstep within few days at no extra cost to me. I can vouch that their customer response is fantastic.

David Hoenig

Absco Regent Mountain Blue1.52m x 1.44m Shed

My wife and daughters gave me an ultimatum to clean up the back yard, find a place for the pool chemicals equipment and garden tools, as it was dangerous for the grandchildren. As I had no room for a shed I had to demolish part of a garden, clear away some plants and lay a concrete slab.

I looked on the internet and found cheap sheds they had a special discounted priced shed the perfect size to fit into the space I had created now the grand children can play and swim in safety better still I don‟t get nagged any more

Heidi McLachlan

Steel gable roof shed

Our shed is not a man cave but a cat cave! One would think that our shed was to store items such as a lawn mower, tools and other various but no, it is purely for out cat's entertainment (so they think). We have two cats, a Ragdoll named Julius and a Bengal named Sahara (aka PooPoo Head).

Whenever I open the shed, I have our two feline followers. Sahara likes to use the shed not only as a place to investigate her curiosities but also to climb on top of. She does this to prance around and tease the dog next door! Julius on the other hand as you can see by the photos loves to get into his cat cave and look at the tools he is going to use for his next project. Although he generally doesn't need any tools because all his projects involve sleeping! :)

Chris Share

Absco Regent 2.26m x 1.44m Shed

We built a garden shed for my Dad, as part of a project to give him an interest, as he's been a bit lonely since my mother passed away at Easter and his little sausage dog, Lucy also passed away recently.

Lucy is buried under a rose bush not far from the shed, and we also put in some raised veggie boxes which Dad waters and I visit to keep an eye on progress and weed them using garden tools kept in the shed. My 2-year-old daughter, Millie is also very interested in watching the vegies grow and going in and out of the shed. My wife Ann, Millie and my Dad are in the attached photos. Dad loves the shed and I enjoyed putting it together!

Cengiz Gulbahce

Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

When saw your advert of this shed online I liked the quality and the price was right. I bought it straight ahead online and recommended to other people.

I had installed the shed already and because of the easy instructions I had managed to finish it in 2-4 hours as a first timer. If I buy another property in future I will buy another one, because the quality of the shed is excellent.

Kathy Sundstrom

Absco Premier 3m x 1.52m Shed

I begged my husband to buy a shed to clear out all his junk from the house, but I didn't realise it might have other uses.

My 10-year-old son, Samuel shares his bedroom with his brother Tom. Let's just say, he hates it and has been begging for his own space. He thinks he has found it... in the shed.

Kelly Garske

Absco Regent 1.52m x 1.44m Shed

Needed a storage shed for our expanding home based catering business. I resisted for a couple of years, I kept imaging a boring, metallic shed and did not want this in my garden. After some convincing from hubby (chef) I did some research. I was very excited to discover your sheds in the exact size and even colour to match our weatherboard cottage trim.

Ordering, Delivery and construction were all hassle free (actually, the construction was a family affair with me instructing teenage son and husband with teenage daughter on coffee duty). The shed is perfect, looks great and of course performs its duty as a storage shed.

David Gent

Medium Garden Shed 4.5m x 3m Shed

Thanks to our new shed everybody‟s happy, Dave has a new home for all his "Toys", sorry tools, also room for the garden tools, we have a table & chairs out front for the workers.

Our new shed gives us everything we want & more its looks great. Our friends are impressed at how quick it was to assembly & how good it looks

Dean Block

Absco Premier Woodland Grey 3m x 1.52m Shed

My son Luke was begging me for a Bat-Cave so I thought about digging a big hole under our house, but then I remembered Cheap Sheds and figured he could have a Bat-Shed for a few years then we could covert it into a more regular shed when his bat days are over.

He loves playing in it with his little sister Asha (AKA robin) and they are forever rounding up the neighbours kids as prisoners!

The shed is awesome, we all had fun making the concrete base and it was really easy to put together. I‟m not sure when I‟ll get my shed back, but I realise I might have to buy another one to make my own “Man-Cave”.

Cassandra Ko

Spanbilt YardSaver 2.8m x 2.8m Shed

I am a 2nd year nursing student from a local university. As a student, it is wise to keep my life mobile and simple. I was living in a unit close to the campus before I decided to move closer to the hospital where I am going to do my 2nd year clinical placement. I had decided to move into a local shared accommodation and store the rest of my household elsewhere.

This triggered in my mind the idea of getting a shed as storage instead of renting one. My idea was well supported by my friends, Vera who was happy to let me install a shed in her backyard, and Paul who was happy to help me to install a shed. In 2 weeks times, my idea has turned into reality, as the shed was delivered to Vera backyard and Paul had come to install the shed as scheduled. Now I am very happy living at a friendly shared accommodation, where traveling to the hospital only takes about 5 – 10 minutes depending on the traffic conditions. I can always retrieve my stuff at my convenience, and most importantly, I have made my living more sustainable - socially, economically and environmentally! Thank you so much my Aussie shed, I‟m loving it!

Frank Togiatama

Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

This was a real family effort and took us most of the day. My wife declined to have her photo submitted and there were none of my son but it's okay to have our daughter, Lihia and me. She took the pictures and gave a thumbs at the end of the day for a job well done!

In some shots you can obviously tell I'm not so sure of some things but we got there. Cheers!

Lisa Schortz

Absco Premier Pale Eucalypt 3m x 1.52m Shed

I wanted a small shed in my garden that would just hold my gardens tools and the one you had on offer was just the size that I was looking for as it just fitted perfectly in the space I had allowed. I could not erect it myself and it was very hard to get a trade person to put it up for me.

I had to get a new television arial put on my roof and the person that came to do this was very friendly and he told me he had not got much work so I asked him if he would like to put up my shed. I he said he would be happy to. I told him to go onto your site and watch the video on how to erect it, which he did.

He came the following week and leveled the ground and laid large paving blocks and then put the shed up. It took most of the day but we were both happy with the result especially as this was a first for him. I was then able to put all my garden tools and even a freestanding set of shelves in the shed. My garden is now tidy thanks to my new shed.

I hope this story will be of interest to you as it shows that you do not have to be a professional person to put up one of your easy to erect sheds

Joshua Radloff

Absco Regent 3m x 3.66m Shed

For starters the shed was EASY to erect! But once erected really proved its worth. Since we moved to our new house an entire bedroom was known as my shed, full of tools, eskies, and fishing gear...the list goes on!

My poor wife has had to live with one of her bedrooms awaiting renovation, full of my worldly manly belongings, now finally that new carpet and painting can begin! All because now I have a safe dry place to keep all my prized possessions, even my motorbike fits in the shed!

Now onto my 2 Ridgebacks, they have not been happy with me for some time as I have been using the roof of their kennel as storage space, they would always look at me with unimpressed dog eyes when as I loaded on something else. After the shed was built, they where pleased to see the roof of their kennel again (after a couple of years as a storage space...). They love the shed! Every time I go in it they find it necessary to run in behind me and scope out all the shelves filled with tools, the eskies stacked up, the mower, the motor bike in all its glory, and much more, they simply love it!

I told them about the competition, they where so excited they insisted their photo must be taken in front of the shed to show their true appreciation. So for the safe, dry, secure, huge, affordable, easy to install shed, my Wife, my Ridgebacks and I sincerely thank you!

Ps. in the second photo the girls are noticing how straight and perfect the shed was installed!

Yuvensius Santoso

Absco Premier Pale Eucalypt 3m x 3m shed

I needed an outdoor storage space to store my garden stuffs and other things that I do not use frequently. I have actually already had a storage which could be used as a selfcontained unit, but I could not use utilise it as a self-contained unit because of the garden stuffs that I have still in it.

I starting to search around for the shed and went to Stratco and Bunning‟s to see what is available and to see the space and how much I need to spend. Based on this then I went to search in the Internet. It comes us with few options. Your company is one of them and one of the cheapest one. I made a few quick phone calls to inquiry about the sheds and what included in it. Your company responded very well and other company did not. With that kind of assurance, I made my decision to purchase from your company. While waiting for the product to arrive, I made few more phone calls to ask questions that I forgot to ask before and with enthusiasm, your staff, Maria in particular, responded very friendly and very efficient. I remember I asked a question but she did not know the answer and she promised to call me back. She did call me back with the answer. I am very surprise with it. Normally when you bought something from Internet, you will not expect this kind of service.

The delivery is quite fast and I am kept informed that it has been sent to the delivery company and will be delivery in few days. Indeed in arrived few days later. The installation is simple and easy. I even asked my daughters and my wife to help me to install them. I am happy with the product I bought and the service I have received. I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to purchase the shed from you and I will definitely buy from your company again if I ever need another shed. Now I can store my garden stuffs in the shed and I can utilise my other storage as a self-contained unit as intended.

Graeme Charlwood

Spanbilt YardSaver 2.1m x 2.8m Shed

Cheap Sheds had a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. I was able to find a shed that suited my needs and fitted in the limited space I had available.

The colour range was also an attraction and I found a colour that blended in with my existing house. The instructions for assembling the shed were clear and the shed went together with out a hitch.

The shed looks good and accommodates all my gardening and other equipment. I would certainly recommend Cheap Sheds to anyone looking for a quality Garden Shed.

Shawn Toghill

Cheap Shed 2.45m x 2.8m Shed

Thank God for our shed. The package arrived and we didn't believe that it contained a shed - it was tiny.

My son and I spent a couple of hours constructing the shed with only 1 argument - thanks to the comprehensive instructions. Our shed is now home to all of our ski gear, camping equipment, tools and general sh.t. Previously we had all of our gear crammed into our caravan and when we arrived for a weekend we had to unpack before we could even get into the van, so thank God for our SHED.

Ben Irwin

Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

To my wife and I, our shed is more then just a shed. In April 2012 we were preparing to move into our new house but we had nowhere to keep all my man stuff. We couldn't afford a big fancy shed, but Cheap Sheds came to the rescue.

The day I began mixing concrete, was a special day to never be forgotten. It was the last chance I would have to spend a day working with my brother. He showed me how to mix the concrete and scree it level and helped me put up the shed.

My brother Nathan passed away only a couple of weeks later, so our shed will always have a special place in our hearts, and will stand proud in our yard for ever.

Jun Bai

Garden Shed Cream 2.25m x 1.50m x 1.97m Shed

Thanks for your messages. I must say that I have made a right decision to do the business with your company. The product and the service I received are truly wonderful. I will definitely recommend any of my friends to buy garden shed from you people.

The story that I‟d like to tell is that I made a little change on installation of the roof. As attached photos. I cut down about 3-4 cm on each side of inside the roof beam, so that the beam can lock into the sidewalls. I personally feel this makes it more stable and robust. I use it as storage for some items that were in my garage before. Now my garage is much tidier, so that I can park my BMW in. This shed is also a small workshop for me. As you can see from the photos, there is a solar powered led light, which is very handy when it‟s dark. Love that shed!

Tammy Woolley

Cheap Shed 2.45m x 2.8m Shed

Our shed has returned our humble back yard to us! It has provided a storage facility for all the accumulated toys that were once scattered around the yard, the tools that lined the walls of our garage (we can open the car doors now) and the lawn mower that was left open to the elements for some time.

It blends with the landscape of the yard and was even easy enough for the lady of the house to build from the ground up. Now all that is left to do is sort out if it‟s “HIS” shed or “HER” shed.

Who says the shed is the man cave anyway bahahahah :)

Tim & Barbara Stephens

Garden Shed Heritage Red 3 m x 2.25m x 2.05m Shed

When my mother-in-law passed away in January this year, I had been back and forth to my father-in-laws place in Broulee NSW helping him sort some things out. The place was a shamble with a lot of accumulated (horded) stuff in the loft of the house and in many of the rooms. It took us about 2 – 3 months of weekends to sort and run trips back and forth to the tip. The old garden shed was rusted and falling down, so it was decided to purchase a new shed to replace it. Finding the cheap shed on line was really good, not only was the shed bigger, better and cheaper than any other that we could buy locally they also offered free delivery, this was perfect. So the purchase was made and my father-in-law, my wife and 2 kids all put in to put up the shed. As you can see it looks great with a little bit of landscaping around it (my wife‟ personal touch).

Thanks for all your help and a great looking shed.

Scott Price

Cheap Shed 3m x 1.52m Shed

I sit here writing my story today as the proud owner of an Aussie Shed!!! Having just built a brand new home, there are certain items that need to be ticked off - the shed is clearly one of those!

You will see my story develop through my pictures below. My poor car trapped out in the elements because without a shed only one car can fit into the garage (and as everyone husband knows, the wife makes the decision - so hers got the comfort of the garage).

With any new house the yard work can take some time – the shed had its home picked the minute that the yard was formed. The finished product for my shed - I would have taken pictures of the construction phase but it went up so quick and easy we missed the opportunity for photos!

So why do I love my shed - I started with a bare patch of dirt/mud, a garage so full of yard tools and other items that I could not park my car and the general unhappiness that transpires when a man is without his shed. With the help of this shed not only can I now park my car in my garage, not only does the dirt/mud patch now have a fantastic shed on it, but everything I need is now exactly where I need them

Anna Irvine

Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

My partner spent all last week building the paver foundation and putting our shed together. It looks awesome! It's exactly what we were after.

The updates throughout and overall service was excellent and I would definitely recommend Cheap Sheds to anyone looking for one. We are using our shed for garden supplies as well as general storage and I can't wait to fill it up this weekend.

It would mean the world to us at the moment to get the opportunity to win something like this, as we would love to move my mother over from NZ to live with us here. We are actually going to use the shed to store a lot of our stuff that we are in the process of sending over from Christchurch, as well as gardening bits and bob like the wheelbarrow and lawn mower etc.

My mum suffers from chronic arthritis, is on an invalids benefit and is now by herself in Christchurch as both my brother and I moved away away to Perth and London respectively. It would be up to us financially to move her so should we win the money I would be able to pay for her relocation. It would honestly be a huge weight off my mind knowing she's here with us, her family.

We have been living in Perth for 5 years now and are loving life here. Thanks Cheap Sheds :)

Selina Tour

Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

"There is no way you can help me put up a shed, and I can‟t do it myself,” my partner laughed with his stubby in hand. Okay, I may be 5'1" and 60kgs but damn it I was determined to prove him wrong. I researched online and visited just about every shed website I could find. Then I came across Cheap Sheds... I watched the videos, read the blogs and like a moment of pure clarity I realised - I CAN DO IT!

I ordered a 3m X 3m Absco gable roof shed with my partner‟s request for a skylight. It was delivered, the large box beckoning me from the garage for two days. Then finally, the day had arrived and it was time.

We laid out all the pieces and checked them off from the check sheet supplied. Looking at the instructions, we screwed all the panels together and locked in the ends. My partner urged me to jump ahead "lets put the lock on last". I snapped back "Don‟t be crazy, just stick to the instructions and stay on track" so we continued. We erected the sheet panels in position and then the roof. It was all coming together so well. We bolted the shed to the slab and it was done. Five hours later and no injuries, it was finally finished... Our shed sits proudly in our back yard and I too am proud when others come over and comment on it. Thanks to Cheap Sheds I am now able to hold my head high and prove my husband wrong.

Oh yeah, and it was a good thing we didn‟t jump ahead and leave the lock until last, we would had to take the door bracings off to put the lock on!

Daphne P

Absco Spacesaver Pale Eucalypt 3m x 1.52m x 2.08m Shed

We were pretty keen to get a new shed, we had a fair bit of sports and adventure gear to store through the varying seasons of non-use and so we had affectionately called it the Adventure shed.

It has a cool flat roof that so we can house the kayaks and surf boards on it. And there‟s lots of dry inside space for bicycles, life vests, fishing gear, scuba gear and other fun things. It did take us a while to get around to constructing it, but when we did it turned out to be a real breeze. And it only took about 20 minutes for Betty the cat to find it and claim it as her own. We haven‟t the heart to take it away from her just yet; so for now she gets to use it as a second home.

David Carnovale

Spanbilt YardSaver 1.76m x 1.07m Shed

Searching the net I discovered easily had the best deals on all types of sheds. I got a free upgrade to Colourbond, which was incredible value!

After laying the slab, assembly was a breeze - only took a couple of hours to have it up & ready. Instructions were well laid out and easy to follow. Krisztian and the team deserve 5 stars for their commitment to customer satisfaction & service as well as incredible dedication to providing excellent value shed deals.

I have been telling anyone who‟ll listen that the best deals are available from them. Thanks Cheap sheds! See Picture with my 4-year-old Daughter Luka.

Greg Heinl

Absco Premier- 3m x 1.52m Zincalume

Oh how I love my big shed
I dream of it all the time
Nice and clean and oh so organised
Benches shelves and storage space
Tool sand screws all have a home
But when I roll up the doors
Reality kicks - boy what a mess
Filled full with everything
I even had the kitchen sink
Can you take this to the shed?
She screams all the time
More and more I must fit
So she can store all her own things
You know the stuff she needs
But doesn't want stuffed under her bed
I dream, I dream of that day
How I wish I had the room
For a new project or two
No room to turn, no tools to be found
Oh how I dream of another shed
When I have my very own shed
That fabled men retreat now that'd be a treat
To have the room to swing a wrench
To find what I need before I forget the task
No more cursing and moving things about
Check it out - its just full full full
Maybe a few more Aussie sheds - one each for the
You‟ll always be short a shed or two
But you'll always love the one you have
Just stop filling it with all that mess.


Cheap Shed G66

Shane from Queensland sent us a video of his Cheap Sheds. It has survived some storms already (as expected of course!)

Check what he had to save about our team. Thank you, Shane, for Sharing.

You can see his Cheap Sheds G66 is a gable roof medium size unit in Smooth cream.


Cheap Sheds Spacemaker F64

Davide from Victoria made my day when he sent this awesome video in. He sure does love his Cheap Sheds Spacemaker F64.

We love it and hope our viewers will too!

Jan Jennings

Cheap Sheds G88 Gable Roof 2.8m x 2.8m Dbl Door

I found Cheap Shed site after making the 'usual' drive to Bunnings to buy.

At Bunnings the only colours available - cream or zincalume.

So I returned home and did a google search for a 'woodland grey' or similar colour shed. Bingo! Cheap shed site had 'slate grey' and 2.8 x 2.8 , exactly the measurements we wanted!

Now looking over the veggie garden the slate grey Cheap Shed is in corner.



Colin Block

Cheap Sheds G88 Gable Roof 2.8m x 2.8m Dbl Door

Krisztian Well, the AFL Grand Final is over, so is Bathust and the Melbourne Cup, now that leaves time for the SHED.

Attached are photos of me and my Grandson Archie. Gavin, my son, mostly built the shed and I was his assistant. Little Archie was my little helper.

Initially, we could not see the part numbers because we did not realise that they were printed on lightly but we soon learned were to look.

The instruction sheet combined with watching your videos were very helpful to us too. Every now and then we would check them on the iPhone.

By the time we got to assemble the last wall, we were experts in clipping those channels on.

We took our time and completed the job in five and a half hours which I am sure is no speed record.

Anyway, it is all up now and you can see from the photos I am quite proud of it.

Hey, it doesn't take long to fill it up, does it!

Colin Block 


Luke Stockley

Absco Premier 30301GK

Brisbane local Luke Stockley is ‘stoked’ with his shed. He loves it that much he’s got his very own guard dog to keep an eye on it.

Checkout Luke’s story

Steven Horvat

Cheap Sheds Gable Roof 1.76m x 2.1m Sgl Door Garden Shed

Thanks again for all your time on this matter.  Thank goodness I bought from an Australian company.  Customer service is outstanding. 



Steven Horvat, Box Hill North, VIC 

Little Zane

Spanbilt YardSaver G66

Little Zane from Queensland loves his shed... Why? He says in the video ‘Because he gets to put stuff in it’. Listen to little Zane’s message below about how he helped his dad put the shed together.

Zane gives his shed the big ‘Thumbs Up’


Absco Premier 30152GK

In this video below, Yuvi from NSW explains how great his new garden shed is and how in just a few hours he was able to assemble it.

I think that helicopter in the background might be one of the news channels trying to get Yuvi’s story too.


Thanks you for the email. Send you a photo of my new easy garden shed as promised. Your help during these days is very much appreciated.

Dongwang, Ashfeild, NSW

Kenneth Kyon

Cheap Sheds

THANK YOU SO MUCH!All the best,


Christian Scholtz

Cheap SHeds

Hi Krisztian,

The shed is up and thanks for your efficiency and help.

Please see attached photo of our shed.

Even Grandma was involved.


Christian Scholtz

Scott McDonnell

Absco Regent


Hi Krisztian, I am very happy with the shed and I have attached a picture for your information. Thank you for your excellent service. Kind regards, 


David Best

Hi team, I got my shed erected over Christmas break – very happy with the outcome. Plenty of chocolate and ‘mixes’ consumed in the process, I must admit! Please find attached photos of my new shed, thanks to your terrific organisation.


Ashton Wood

Absco Premier

Hi Krisztian,

Just wanted to say a big thanks for shed I purchased off you last week.

It arrived in only a few days and I assembled it with my kids last Saturday.

It all came together quite easily and the instructions and numbering on all the panels made assembly a breeze.

I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.

Hetti S.

Spacemaker F64 Flat Roof 2.105m x 1.41m Dbl Door Colour Garden Shed

Hi Krisztian,

Just a little feedback.

Happy of the shed, great price, and your service.

You know what this is the best customer service I ever received for a online purchase.

Thank you man keep it up

Best Regards,Hetti


Pool Shed

Gday the team from Cheap Sheds, I would just like to let you know that you guys are the best organised and most courteous people that I have dealt with through ebay.Your service has been nothing short of amazing.

Have a great day Cheers

Gwyn Perrett

Thank you Krisztian, that is great customer follow up and well worthy of a reply, I will have no hesitation in recommending!

I have built my garden shed and I am very pleased with it, I am still amused that it was cheaper to buy a shed from Queensland than locally!



Hilda and Michael Love

Hello Cheap Sheds,  

We finally have our shed erected and I am sending a photo to show you. It look so nice. I also send a selfie" of us to go with the shed. Thanks for all your help. Looking forward to our bonus holiday voucher to celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary.


Hilda and Michael Love

Simon Bailey

Garden Shed 3m x 1.9m Shed

Thought I'd share what I'm doing with my 3 * 1.9 shed I purchased from you a while back. I've turned it into an observatory, nearly finished. I put it on top of my in-ground water tank, insulated it, put a floating floor on and allowed the roof to slide on and off. Not quite finished yet, but am nearly there!

It's an exciting project, initially I had in mind an observatory and my goal was to be able to remove and replace the roof, which was fairly easy - make an aluminium frame and attach the sides of the shed to that frame. Having done that and maintained the stability of the shed, I set a new goal to reduce the temperature inside.

I'm getting results of two to three degrees below ambient temperatures in the morning, it heats up a little in the afternoon but doesn't get to more than 5 degrees above ambient temperature - this is thanks to a solar passive 'chimney' I put on the north side of the shed. It takes hot air out of the shed by creating a negative air pressure point in the chimney; hot air rises so it flows out of the shed. I'm going to make an air inlet attached to the top of my in-ground water tank (no, water won't come in to the shed - I'll finish that and put some photos up soon. That means I've always got a source of water-cooled air circulating through the shed.

Anyway, sufficed to say that I'm pretty proud of the result in temperature control, without needing to attach power. Next step is to finish the walls and ceiling, which won't be far off - I just have to wait for this 37-degree temp to go away and then I can get back into it!


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