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Spanbilt StoreMate Storage Unit


Krisztian: Hi there, this is Krisztian here from and I've got Kevin Schriek with me from Spanbilt. We’ve got a very exciting new storage solution to show you. Kevin, would you able to walk Cheap Shed Customers through what we’ve got here?

Kevin: I’d be delighted too Krisztian, well, welcome today.

Krisztian: Thank you.

Kevin: Today, what we’ve got to show you is the launch of our StoreMate utility storage range.

They are compact units, which have heaps of storage and easy to access. So, what I’d like to do now I guess is to go through some of the features and benefits of this new unit.

Couple of  things, this is our new colour, which is a Slate Grey which is new to our range and particularly launched in our StoreMate offer.

What it has first of all is a hinged lid. The hinged lid gives you easy access it’s easy to open. It's locked into position with props.  We also have a large wide opening door which allows full unobstructed access into the storage unit as you can see there.

Couple of other features with this storage unit that make it so successful that gives us this clear unobstructed entrances and we are using particularly heavy duty brackets in each corner.

Heavy gauge brackets, which are easily fitted, they are fitted to all eight corners of the building which gives really extra rigidity that it's require.

It locks the props in position keeps you sturdy locking. It can easily be drop down.

We also have heavy duty ramp sections used which gives the shed a lot of rigidity when it's anchored down and make sure that the door operates successfully without hinging and hanging when not in use. Some of the uses for the shed, that we’ve come up with and I’m sure your customers will come up with plenty more, is that we’ve found it's ideal and useful for bike storage which it is particularly good for.  Wheelie bins is another we’ve been told is particularly good for. Another great use for is obviously as a pool pump cover.
People who have pool pump, again you have unobstructed access, you’ve gottta empty leaf baskets or clean filter veins ...  so it's ideal for that sort of purpose.

Also we’ve been told it’s great as a wood box particularly in those colder climates where you’ve got to store your timber dry, brilliant for that. Easy access again and in and out.

And also ideal use for storing those large prams, that have been used a lot by mothers walking around the street these days.

So we're delighted with the launch of it.

As I’ve said there are two models. This particular I’m looking at here is our S53 model with the particularly wide opening door.
This model here again has all the feature and benefits, but it is a slightly different size unit.
This is a S43 model. Again, it also has large opening door for easy access, unobstructed access into it for whatever your operation’s storage utility needs are. So we are delighted Cheap Sheds is selling these now and we think your customers will come up with some great ideas that we haven’t even thought of yet. Krisztian.

Krisztian: Absolutely, and the lid as well as the hinged door can be locked as well, is that right?

Kevin: Yes, correct. Padlocks there you can use to lock for some added security.
We also have a hasp staple on the side which will anchor it down, ideal for little bit added security. Ideal for weatherproof situations particularly where you put it in a courtyard or something like that where you want to hide your wheelie bins. It’s particularly good for that. And becasue of the height in them they’re not going to be intrusive or betray above your fenceline or things like that.

Krisztian: Ok, are these practical units assemble with Spanbilt’s famous FastTrak assembly system as well?

Kevin: That’s correct Krisztian. This is a no gimmick sort of system that works from our experience what the consumers asked us for, your customers, is something that’s got not too many gimmicks that goes together and works. So, this uses our FastTrak assembly system which is just track and panel which tracks and screw together. Simple to do, the holes line up. Each model also comes with its own step by step instruction manual. These detail every step of constructing it, from the components set in there, building your walls, attaching your roof, where your hinges, where your brackets will all go. Everything is included in there. Thesw models come with a 15 year warranty also.

Krisztian: Awesome. Thanks very much Kevin, thank you.

Kevin: Cheers!



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