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How to Add More Light to Your Shed

A common problem people with their sheds is the lack of light inside. Sometimes the door doesn’t provide enough natural light for you to be able to see your things inside and manoeuvre around without breaking something or even your toe.

Luckily there are a few solutions to this problem and it's great to look into it before purchasing a shed so you can choose the best one to suit you.

In this video and below you will discover what Cheap Sheds products have to offer...



Skylight Sheets

  • Skylight sheets are made out of fiberglass for steel sheds and Polycarbonate plastic, for our resin sheds
  • They let a large amount of natural light into your shed from top down
  • In steel sheds they basically replace a half or a whole panel sheet in the roof
  • You can order one or more of these in our store when checking out and we simply will replace the panels with the strong fiberglass skylight sheets
  • In our resin sheds the skylight sheet replaces the ridge cap panel to allow maximum light entry and if chosen in check out it will simple be added to your pack


Sliding Perspex or Louvre Windows

You can also use Sliding Perspex or Louvre windows in some of our modles:

Absco Sheds can be fitted with a 700mm x 200mm Sliding Perspex Window. You would generally order one of these if it does not already come with your shed. As the wall panels are not pre-cut to fit the window this allows you to choose where you wish to install it and cut the metal when you are ready. Instructions are included so you won’t need to worry too much about this process. Adding the window is best done during the shed assembly.

Spanbilt Sheds supply sliding Perspex Windows which measure to be 715mm x 350mm Just like Absco the sheets are not pre-cut so you can choose where to put your window and will need to cut the metal sheets. It’s a simple process and again instructions will be included.

Stilla and Cedar Sheds also offer the sliding windows with some sheds, and can be added to your shed at check out if they are not included already. The walls will come pre-cut if you order windows at the same time as your shed.


Fixed Windows

Our Keter, Resin Shed generally includes fixed windows, which are made from durable Polycarbonate plastic, and the wall panels come pre-cut ready for installation.


Opening Windows


Lastly our sheds in our Stilla range offer opening windows, which are great for not only letting in the natural light but for ventilation and fresh air. Walls will come pre-cut for windows if you order the windows when buying your shed.


I hope this page has ‘shed some light’ on the matter and will help you in choosing the right shed and light options for your needs.


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