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    How to Choose an Aviary

    Finding the right home for your feathery friends has never been easier. And with various shapes, sizes and materials available we guarantee to have an aviary to suit your home and your pets’ requirements at the same time.

    When deciding on an aviary to buy it’s important that you take into account factors such as,

    1. How many and what type of birds do you have?
    2. Where in your yard will you put the aviary?
    3. Is it secure enough to keep pests out and strong enough to handle harsh weather?




    Size, Quantity and Type

    Before deciding on an aviary you need to look at how many birds you’d like to put in there. Also you’ll have to look at the breed and determine whether they like to ‘roam’ or are just happy swinging on a perch all day long.

    All birds have different personalities so you want to make sure you get an aviary that keeps your feathery friends calm and relaxed... not stressed out and chirping all day long!

    Once you know what size aviary you need, you’ll need to find a place to put it.


    Where you put the aviary is just as important as the type of aviary. When deciding on a location you’ll need to look at the following,

    1.   Sun – Will the aviary get too hot during the day or no light at all?
    2.   Rain – Is it protected from rain because you don’t want your birds getting wet?
    3.   Wind – Is it safe from flying objects if you were to have strong winds or storms?
    4.   Inconvenient – Will it be in the way or block access to any areas?


    These are all important factors when deciding on a location for your aviary. Once you’ve decided on a location you then need to look at the type of aviary.


    Feathery Castle

    It’s time to decide on a style and design that suits your home. You don’t want an eye sore in your backyard but you do want to make sure your birds feel at home.



    **You may not want an aviary for your birds, but maybe for chooks and other animals. Either way Cheap Sheds has an aviary to suit your needs**

    Click HERE to see what one of our Queensland customers did with their aviary, using it as a chook pen.

    Checkout the full range of aviaries and if you have any questions or would like more information, please talk to our customer support team via email, live chat or phone.

    We are here to make sure you and your beloved pets feel right at home.

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