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Warranty on Cheap Sheds Products

Warranty on Cheap Sheds Products Video Transcription:

Look there is no reason to spend hours shopping around when you know you can get the best from Cheap Sheds.

We are the largest and most trusted online shed supplier and we've been featured by the Australian Government and even by PayPal, the highly trusted payment processor. We obsess over customers, not competitors

And to show our commitment we offer a price match guarantee. We keep our prices low and very competitive but my team will happily match a competitor's price if you find it lower, all you need to do is let our friendly customer service team know and we'll match that for you.

We also make sure our Sheds are doing their job right. There is nothing worse than buying a new shed and just after 6 months or a year the paint starts flaking off, rust starts to appear or it just disintegrates to nothing. This SHOULD NOT happen especially if it's been well maintained. Our engineers have built and tested our products to last the distance

We are so confident in our Australian Made sheds as well as our Plastic and Timber Sheds that we offer outrageous warranties on all of them. Here's a quick snap shot of what you can expect.

  • Our Cheap Sheds range comes with 15 - 20 years warranty
  • Spanbilts warranties vary between 15 to 20 years depending on the product. For example, if you are after a Yardsaver or YardPro they come with 15 years warranty. 
  • Absco offer 20 years warranty on most products
  • Suncast resin sheds provide 5-10 years limited warranty 
  • Duramax vinyl sheds has a limited warranty which covers your shed for 15 years 
  • The Keter resin sheds warranty can vary between 1- 10 years depending on the product and 
  • Timber sheds have a 12 months structural warranty

 Our products are designed to be weatherproof for a range of weather conditions that might be expected to occur from time to time, but It is important to ensure you read the conditions for each shed when you purchase it. Due to the vast difference in materials used there are some conditions and maintenance suggestions to go with each shed.

But rest assured, all products have been engineered and manufactured using quality endorsed materials and go through an extensive quality control procedure. Their parts are carefully selected for each model and carefully packaged in reinforced boxes for safe transporting

So remember, because we are confident in our products, you can be too.

*Please note, the warranty on the Absco sheds has increased to 30 years, since the video was produced.


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