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Steel Garage

Gone are the days when you have to leave your vehicle outside and hope it survives the harsh climate which this country is known for. It’s never been easier to get affordable and reliable protection for your vehicles. 

If you don’t have a garage at home or need more space, Cheap Sheds is here to help. 

Our range of tough Australian made steel garages will provide the ultimate protection for your vehicles and valuable possessions… without costing the same as a new house! 

See how they are made in the factory:

Why Buy a Steel Garage?

The biggest benefits of choosing a steel garage compared to building one from Brick is the following:

  • Low maintenance- just needs a hose off to keep it clean.
  • It can be changed, moved/replaced when renovating the home or needing to change your storage solution- it is less permanent than brick and mortar. 
  • It is a much quicker solution than building, as the plans, instructions and parts come all in one go.
  • It’s easy to DIY yourself (with a mate or 2)


Where to buy Steel Garages

Buying a steel garage has never been easier… specifically the Steel Garage Kits available all over the country.

You can opt to have your garage custom built, designed and assembled by a building specialist which is great! But it is also very costly.

Your other choice is purchasing a Steel Garage Kit! These are affordable, top quality garages which come flat packed and ready for DIY. These are a popular choice with many Aussies!

You have a wide range of choices from Colours, styles and sizes as well as the advantage of shopping online from the comfort of your home!

In the Cheap Sheds range we have,

They come in either the standard zinc colour (silver) or you can have them supplied in a painted colour (you can easily choose this at checkout on our website).

Not only that but the garages come with a 20- 30 Years Warranty!

What makes Cheap Sheds Products so reliable and great quality? 

High Tensile Steel 

The products we supply are made out of high tensile steel, which give a lot of flexibility to the material. Steel is an ideal material for the Australian climate as it cheap in Australia (due to us being one of the world’s largest producers of iron ore). 

The quality of steel used in the product range is second to none. We use two types in our product range. 


Zinc (which is called Zincalume by BlueScope Steel) is a zinc and aluminium alloy that is specifically developed to withstand the tough Australian climate.


Also known as Colorbond which is the same core metal as Zinc but it has two coats of paint burnt on it. So it has a painted finish and burning the paint ensures it does not fade under the tough Australian sun.  

Zinc is the cheaper option due to it is not requiring paint. But rest assured the quality does not change, only the look. 

We also have the corrugated iron available with Spanbilt garages. It is basically made out of the same colour steel/Colorbond material but it has a different profile. Corrugated iron is a landmark in Australia and most people know the iconic ‘wavy’ steel sheet profile. 

The corrugated iron upgrade trend is evolving as a result of more contemporary designs occurring in modern construction. It is often chosen for its ascetic look or to blend in with the house or other building that may have existing corrugated iron.

How does delivery work? 

Garages are custom made to order which means you aren’t getting a product that’s been sitting on the shelf for years. Due to the manufacturers making your garages new, they do take a little longer to be delivered. Your garage will then be delivered to your Local depot, which you are able to select at check out. 

You can also opt for home delivery options when ordering your kit.

To read more about delivery times, costs and all other info click here.

Want to see the finished product? 

The below video was sent to us by Dan, a proud owner of one of our steel garages. Take a moment to watch him showing us around in his brand new garage:


See our Garage range we offer here at Cheap Sheds

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