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Spanbilt Garden Sheds and Garages Just Got Better



Hi there, this is Krisztian here from I'm lucky to have Kevin Schriek here with me today.

Kevin is a national sales manager for Spanbilt, a major supplier to and Kevin was kind enough to make himself available to do this recording with me and ask him few questions for you regarding Spanbilt products.

Well, Kevin I have been writing and talking a lot about Spanbilt products and how great they are.  I was wondering how you would introduce Spanbilt to Cheap Sheds customers who are looking at buying a garden shed, a garage, a carport, a pool pump cover or an aviary and why should our customers choose an Australian made Spanbilt products.

Kevin: Thanks for the invitation today Krisztian. Spanbilt is a leading Australian manufacturer of a wide range of outdoor storage solutions. We have a number of market leading brands such as YardSaver and we span a lot of categories including garden sheds, bird aviaries, workshops, carports and garages. All are high quality and great value for money.

Spanbilt's purpose is quality, affordable storage solutions design and built for life and supported by our core focus which is a great experience everytime for every customer.

As an Australian manufacturer, who supplies your customers all around the country, we need to ensure that our products comply with all local building authority regulations and this can vary by state, and even by region within a state.  An example of this would be a cyclonic zone.

In addition to manufacturing our quality products, we use only materials that have been independently tested and are proven to withstand the unique environmental challenges that Australia presents unlike many imported products of today.

What this means for your customer is that they can purchase a Spanbilt manufactured garden product right from a garden shed, right through the large triple garage and be confident that they've got products that that will last forever and they have the correct engineering documentation and certification required for any local building authority applications. This is all available at no extra cost for most situations around Australia.

An example of things that customer need to consider in purchasing large buildings especially like a garage or a carport is what do they need to comply with the local authority regulations. What is the wind zone I'm in? Are there height limitations? What are the application fees? What foundation specifications do I need? What are the colours allowed? This is a number of questions that Spanbilt products can easily answer.

Krisztian: Thanks very much for that, Kevin. I talk a lot to customers. One of the biggest questions in their mind is how easy it is to put together that particular shed? Can you tell our customers how easy the Spanbilt sheds are assembled.

Kevin: Certainly, Krisztian. All garden sheds in kit form requires seven-hour construction and a two-person assembly is highly recommended.

The feedback your customers had given us is they're not looking for gimmicky designs or joining connections substitutes. What they're looking for is tried and tested, simple long lasting steel sheds that have pre-punched holes that line up and easier to screw together.

Armed with that no non-sense feedback, we've recently undertaken a complete overhaul of the YardSaver range of garden sheds. And what we delivered is a product that is simple to build and still offers quality and value for money. Each YardSaver storage solution comes with easy to follow step by step instruction manuals just like this one here. It offers the fast track assembly system with no non-sense, strong, simple to build design.

Also available on the instruction manuals, on the back is a free call building advise helpline. A 1800 number that are glad to help with any concerns or guidance, a customer may need.

Krisztian: I know that Spanbilt is working on some exciting changes and improvements at the background. Can you give some insights to Cheap Sheds customers on those please?

Kevin: Certainly Krisztian. We understand the market is intensely competitive and consumers have a variety of choices before they make their decisions.

Spanbilt has been working very hard for the last couple of years on all our buildings, ensuring that investing in engineering and design to improve the quality of our buildings and the finish of our buildings. And we make them easier for the customer, builder or installer to construct.

A number of these programs are now available such as our portal frame garages which were released earlier this year.

The YardSaver range has undergone a complete overhaul, probably the largest in our business for many years. Example of the changes and improvements to a YardSaver range include minimum wall heights of 180mm which allows easy entry and exit. We used the fast track assembly system I talked about earlier that is simple and works.

We introduce five new models into the range. This now ensures that there's a size or style to suit most outdoor storage needs. We also use quality materials that carry a 15-year replacement warranty and this gives your customer added peace of mind. We also make sure that finish of the shed looks right. We've got components that cover up any ugly bits that make the shed look and become quality sheds.

Yardsaver has just launched the flooring kit solution also for the range. It’s constructed from very strong heavy duty galvanised steel that is screwed together and ideal to have some plywood or slats attached to give you flooring surface. This is ideal for any semi-permanent solutions or where you got a non-level surface where you want to construct your garden shed. Can also be used in conjunction with road base or used as formwork for concrete.

YardSaver garden shed sheeting has also been tested by the James Cook University in Townsville and being certified for use in cyclonic zones using our cyclonic upgrade kits.

However, this is just the beginning of the journey. We've been investing heavily in consumer research, design and development and recognising that environment is changing and customer needs are changing.

So as Australian manufacturer we need to be ahead of innovation and trends to ensure we deliver a product to give your customer better value for money.

Krisztian: Kevin, Spanbilt products have always been popular with our Cheap Sheds customers so my last question is how do you see Spanbilt's future in the Australian shed market?

Kevin: Certainly Krisztian. As I've just said, it's critical that we stay close to our customers and recognise development opportunities. This is something that importer manufacturers can't do as well as us that because they don't live here and they're not part of the Australian community.

Typically, they arrive later into the market with imitations to opportunities that have already been developed. We are confident that we can compete against the likes of China, in terms of manufacturing and deliver really competitive solutions that we genuinely believe offer greater value for money for our customers.

But this isn't easy and we needed as I've said earlier remain ahead of technology and trends to maintain this advantage. This spring Spanbilt will be defining the brands we manufacture to industry segments that we support.

A YardSaver range will represent the core offering of outdoor storage solutions that offers added value without added cost.

A YardPro range will offer exceptional value in carports, workshops and garages.

And a new Spanbilt range will deliver the more premium customer an easy to build portal frame solution for garages and carports.

Also, following a recent partnering with a professional, national freight provider, we are now able to extend direct to customer home delivery option for the vast majority of regional centers around Australia.

To sum up, Spanbilt is an Australian manufacturer of quality, affordable storage solutions design and built for life. Our products provide an easy assembly experience without the gimmicks, giving customers added value for money at no extra cost.

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