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Why a Storage Shed Can Free You From Clutter


Choosing to shop at Cheap Sheds online might mean a cheap price, but definitely NOT cheap quality! In fact, the sheds are Aussie Made and the BEST on the Market.

BUT don’t even look at sheds until you watch this video…

So Can You Afford The Risk Of Not Buying A Quality, Australian-Made Shed?

Discover the easiest way to clean your home of unwanted clutter. Find the extra room you never knew you had, and end your storage woes once and for all…

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Across the country, thousands of women and men are facing the same frustrating scenario day by day: their house is filled with clutter to the roof.

The laundry looks like a workshop, the kid’s bikes and toys are strewn everywhere and no matter how hard you try to keep things organised and clean, it isn’t working for you. 

We have a solution that takes care of your problem immediately. You might have guessed it:

Your own shed – a storage heaven that can be suited to every family’s needs.


With your own shed you discover the room you never thought you had in your home. Literally! You’ll have more space in your home.

Listen Up, It’s Not Your Fault…

Clutter has a funny way of creeping into your life unannounced. Does the following sound familiar?

  • Has your hubby/wife ever found a new hobby that kept him busy for a few months until he/she lost interest in search of something else?

  • Have your kids grown up assembling a large number of toys, sports equipment and stuff they needed for school?

  • Is your wife/husband a hobby enthusiast with a growing collection of “stuff?”

  • Does your home resemble a workshop?

Fact is that all of the above creates tension. Arguments over who owns the space and why are not uncommon in situations like these. The problem with clutter is that is sneaks up on you when you’re not looking.

Observations like: “where did that come from? Or when did my husband/wife buy that?” are not uncommon. We are so busy living our lives that we tend to overlook the unimportant until they become… all consuming for our mental peace. 

The good news is that all the arguments about space and clutter in the house become unnecessary with your own shed. Heck, if it makes your family happy why not buy two: one for wifey and one for hubby – now that’s what we call the smart solution for busy people. We have many customers who do that!


Leanne Burton- His and Her Sheds

In marriage my husband and I share many things. We share our house, our cars, the parenting and nurturing of our children, the roles and other responsibilities which comes with running a household, the king-sized bed in our bedroom and even, under extreme circumstances, the sharing of a toothbrush...

We will however, NOT SHARE A SHED and that is precisely why we bought TWO IDENTICAL SHEDS from Cheap Sheds earlier this year.

With well-set out instructions and precise parts we managed to build the sheds without a divorce. „His‟ shed has become his „man cave‟ with all his tools and sports equipment neatly organized within. My shed has become my „gardening haven‟ where I can keep all my gardening equipment and materials in perfect order.

In total harmony we work side by side, both enjoying the additional space our vinyl sheds are providing.

After 20 years of marriage, my husband and I have learnt that some things in life are worth sharing and some things are not... the sharing of a shed is not one of them!


Whatever your storage needs are, there is a shed for you.

Check out what our inventive customers have done with theirs…

The Bat-Cave… 

Name: Dean Block

Location: Lysterfield, Vic

Type of Shed: Absco Premier WG30152GK Woodland Grey 3m x 1.52m

“My son Luke was begging me for a Bat-Cave so I thought about digging a big hole under our house, but then I remembered Cheap Sheds and figured he could have a Bat-Shed for a few years then we could convert it into a more regular shed when his bat days are over. 

The shed is awesome, we all had fun making the concrete base and it was really easy to put together. I’m not sure when I’ll get my shed back, but I realise I might have to buy another one to make my own “Man-Cave.”

A Clever Storage Solution…

Name: Garth Palmer

Location: Minyama, QLD

Type of Shed: Spanbilt YardSaver S42 1.4m x 0.7m - Smooth Cream 


“Having a home with a water frontage we don’t want to leave our outdoor furniture cushions in the weather when not being used. I looked at many storage solutions before deciding on a small shed. I searched the web and found Cheap Sheds.

They offered a large range of shed sizes at the best prices. I ordered the size shed I felt was best for my requirement. Some days later I picked it up at a local depot and soon had it built. The instructions were extremely easy to follow and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of putting it together.”


A Perfect Fit for a Small Space…

Name: Lachlan Wheeler

Location: Turramurra, NSW

Type of Shed: Townhouse 82 D/SD 2.2m x 0.6m Wheat


“I have built terraced planter beds down the side of my house, and wanted my gardening tools and supplies to be located nearby rather than in the garage on the other side of the house. 

I was very pleased to find Cheap Sheds Townhouse 2.2 x 0.6 garden Colorbond shed. It is a perfect fit for the space, and was available in a light brown, which blends in well with the brickwork behind it. Compared with other companies, CheapSheds were the cheapest and offered prompt delivery. Krisztian was very helpful answering all of my emailed queries prior to my purchase.”

Click here now to see more testimonials from our happy customers…


So How Will You Personalise Your Shed To Suit Your Lifestyle?

As you saw from the above examples you can use your shed for whatever needs you have. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices into gear. Personalise your shed as:  

  • An artists’ retreat
  • A greenhouse to grow organic vegies
  • A man’s hiding hole
  • A kid’s adventure bat cave
  • A woman’s craft studio
  • A home for your vintage car
  • A storage solution for the club’s fair
  • A temporary hangout for teenagers
  • A BBQ shelter
  • A gardener’s Tardis (remember Dr Who?)
  • A safe place for your expensive sports gear collection
  • A room to write
  • A temporary storage solution for moving house
  • A space for all your annoying clutter
  • An aviary for your birds…
Need we say more? There are literally 101 ways to use a shed. You are only bound by your imagination.
Which is it going to be for you?

Our sheds will change your life. They are easy to assemble, so much so that even a 60 year-old woman can do it. All you need is an ability to follow our simple instructions, a screwdriver and a few hours (up to a day for larger sheds). A shed can: 

  • Cut down your relocation costs while you move house.
  • Clean your home of unwanted clutter at once.
  • Stop the tiring arguments about stuff that clutters your home.
  • Give you more security. Protect your garden tools, kids toys, equipment and adventure sport gear from nasty burglars who roam your neighbourhood in search of easy prey.
  • Reclaim your space and bring peace back into the home.
  • Avoid you having to waste valuable time while you try to find things.
  • Give you a handy solution to organize your tools, equipment, and kids’ toys.
  • Extend the life of your car with appropriate protection.
  • Help you impress your friends and neighbours by having the tidiest backyard in the street.
  • Be a man’s/woman’s best friend or a place to hang out and play, practice a hobby or just store your excess stuff.
  • Present you with the perfect extension for your home.
  • Give you a flexible storage solution - disassembled your shed when you move and take it with you without having to pay expensive storage costs while you wait to move into your new home.
  • Offer peace of mind with a secure, lockable shed – never worry about leaving your tools and valuables at the mercy of thieves again.
  • Add value to your home with the extra space you gain.


9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cheap Sheds

If you need more assurance that our sheds are the best on the market… then check out 

  1. Save money with our best-price guarantee.

  2. Our sheds are easy and quick to assemble; thanks to our easy-to-follow instructions and the dedicated after-sales customer service.

  3. Australian-made, high quality stan

  4. dards will assure you can enjoy your purchase for years to come.

  5. Get peace of mind with up to 20 years guarantee.

  6. Our cyclonic kits keep your shed safe in the event of a cyclone.

  7. Our state-of-the-art DIY assembly system makes it easy for any adult (including older women) to set up our sheds.

  8. Get rid of storage problems fast.

  9. Save money while moving homes. 

  10. Re-discover mental peace by ending any and all arguments about a lack of space)…


The Right Size For All Your Storage Needs

And in case you’re worried about size, there is a shed for every storage need, whether you are renting with limited space around the house or live on a big property. 

Our easy-to-assemble, Australian-made sheds are guaranteed to last up to 20 years. You can be up and running with your new “room” in as little as a few hours and enjoy the newfound peace of mind. Our sheds are guaranteed to last.

To find out how to choose a shed check out this page>> How To Choose A Garden Shed?

And if you’re worried about cyclones and high winds...No problem.

We have a two solutions for you!

Firstly, we have our affordable cyclonic kit which is easy to install and guaranteed to keep your shed safe should a cyclone ever threaten your neighbourhood.

Secondly we have the innovative Storm Sheds made specifically for your backyard if you life is bad weather prone areas.

Read More about Storm Sheds>> Innovative Storm Sheds by Durabuilt

Shop With Us And Help Make A Difference

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