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Absco Spacesaver Slimline Garden Sheds


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Absco Spacesaver Slimline Garden Shed Product Video Transcript


In this video you will find out the key features of the highly popular Spacesaver storage units.


The Spacesaver storage sheds are manufactured by one of the best Australian manufacturers in the country, ABSCO.

They have been built using the strongest steel, BlueScope Steel, on the market. And are engineered to endure Australia's harshest climates. You can rest assure your shed will remain safe in your backyard.

These models are great for medium and high-density urban areas due to their unique designs made to fit any backyard. They can fit right up against a wall, slide under eaves of a house or even be used as freestanding sheds.

As you can see there is no overhang at the back which helps save space and makes it ideal to sit against a wall like in narrow walk ways or even in your garage, carport or balcony. The roof slopes towards the front while allows sufficient water run off during rain as well as provides that little extra bit of height at the back.

Speaking of height, the walls measure up to be 1.8m at the front and 1.95m or 2.08m at the back, depending on the size shed you want.

The Spacesavers are available in 6 different sizes, with 2 different colours to choose from,

- Pale Eucalupt

- Classic Cream

Alternatively you can opt for the cheaper option, which is a standard Zinc shed.

If you choose a colour shed it will come with white trims which adds a little more to its appearance.

What makes these sheds stand out from others is their design and reliability:

  • They have wide braced hinged doors, which can either be 0.75m or 1.5m wide depending on model
  • They have been engineered to withstand cyclonic conditions up to 147km/hr winds. However, they do not come with a cyclone kit upgrade. So if you live in areas, which experience stronger winds, we don’t recommend this shed for you.
  • These little sheds come flat packed when ordered, which makes transporting them easier and quicker for both the customer and for us. But don’t worry assembling the shed yourself is the easiest part!
  • With the revolutionary SNAP-TiTE System that ABSCO has developed, putting a shed together has never been easier. You need limited tools and the parts literally just snap into place. It may sound like childs play but we guarantee it has no impact on the durability and safety of the shed.
  • And if that does not give you a peace of mind then the 30 years written warranty will do.


The Spacesaver storage units are fantastic solutions for your backyard and because they are Australian made, by the best in the industry, Absco- you know you can trust them.'


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