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How to Choose the Right Workshop

Having your own workshop in the backyard is every man’s dream (and women more recently!). Some call it a ‘Sanctuary’ or ‘Man Cave’ but whatever you call it, the workshop has many great uses.

We have seen them turned into:

  • The typical handy man's work station, where you store your tools and work on repairs

  • A Music Studio for you and your band mates to hammer out some tunes

  • A dedicated sports shed, aka the “Man Cave” with a sofa and TV

  • It’s the go-to spot to fix the kids bikes, work on school projects or mend small things for the home or backyard

  • Or it’s a place for hobbyists, so enjoy your model building or store your collections and admire them... or whatever it is you love to tinker on!

These are just some of the conventional ways Australians use their workshops. Today we are also seeing the rise of Art Studios, Yoga Rooms, Home Offices and Gyms!

With so many awesome uses, it is no wonder so many people are looking for an affordable workshop to add to their properties.

If you are looking to buy a workshop let me help you to choose the right workshop for you.

How to Choose a Size

Size of site:

First you have to consider the size of the space you have available for the workshop on your property. Measure it out and make sure that there is room around it, so you can access its outer regions. Also make allowances for the foundation you will need to lay.

What size do you need for your use:

Of course an important factor to consider is what is your plan to do in your workshop. Will you spend a lot of time in the space? Will you need light? Will you need a lot of open space and will you require bench space, shelving etc.?

Remember adding storage solutions such as shelves takes up part of the available space, so take it into consideration.

Size of Workshop:
Our workshop sheds begin with the small types, which are 4.5m x 2.25m and ends with the largest truss workshop sheds, which have the dimensions of 7.5m x 3.75m.

Large Workshopssmall workshops

These are DIY workshops and easy to set up (if you have some experience with DIY and some help) and are certainly large enough to either act as,

Storage Solutions: store gardening tools, backyard equipment and sporting gears. Let's not forget your ride on mower!

Workshop Space: You can fit it out with shelving, work benches, lighting and all sorts to create your ultimate space.

Types of Workshops

There are two types of workshops you can choose from, Timber or Steel.

These are commonly found in backyards and choosing which one suits you best depends on

  • What you plan to use it for

  • Your budget

  • Personal preference



What you plan to use the workshop for is very important to consider when choosing which type of workshop to choose from.

If you are planning to use it as a trade workshop, where you will use power tools that may spark or perhaps equipment that can heat up and be dangerous, we highly recommend you opt for a Steel Workshop. For obvious reasons, a timber shed would be a risk to your own safety as well as your home incase it catches alight for any reason.

Steel Workshops are also generally cheaper and you have a larger range to choose from as well as colours.

So if you are going to work out your car or bikes, build large projects or use the workshop for a tradesman workshop, a Steel Shed is for you!


A timber workshop is really something else. They are beautiful and you can’t deny the smell of timber has its own appeal. Though these products are DIY they are very solid and well designed. You are usually guaranteed windows for air and light and can add additional ones to customise them.

They are generally a bit more expensive than steel and there isn't a wide range to choose from compared to steel, but you definitely will not be disappointed if you choose to add a timber workshop to your backyard.

These workshops are great for home offices, studios even hobby spaces where you are not at risk of igniting the timber. It is treated and safe, but it is always best to be safe.

Extra Height & Doors

 Our entire workshop sheds come with a stylish gable roof for extra headroom, to make working inside the shed a more comfortable experience.

The standard wall height of the workshop shed is 1.8m, but with our Absco Highlander range which comes with 2.03m standard wall height.

The smaller sheds come with a double door, while the larger ones have an extra single door for easier and quicker access. It's best to check what the product offers on the Product Page and see if you can add the extras via the Accessory add-ons.

Want Something Tougher?

Our YardPro Range of workshops is made using the ‘Portal Frame’ structure. This is more of a solid and durable shed allowing you to use it for a workshop, garage or even your office.

They are high quality, Australian made sheds that come with some parts already semi-assembled... That’s great as it means less work for you. These sheds will last a lifetime!

Check out the range of YardPro workshops here


 At Cheap Sheds you'll find a wide range of workshop sheds in Australia from all the major manufacturers. We only carry products that are Australian or USA made and those that are of very high quality. Our models are easy to assemble. We can deliver the sheds to most of the home addresses or to depots in all major cities and regional centres in Australia.

If you are not convinced that choosing Cheap Sheds to help you find your workshop is the right step, then why not hear from our customers and see what they say below.

How Cheap Shed Aussies Use Their Workshops

Todd- WA.

Since building my new home I have been meaning to add a workshop to the backyard but finding the right colour, size and price was a challenge. We have a restriction on the colour sheds we add to our properties because it had to match the fences, but luckily Cheap Sheds had a lot of choice and the team found the perfect match.

Got my brother round to help put it together, it took a couple afternoons (and beers) but we got it up and it looks good. Thanks for the bargain and service Cheap Sheds.

Richard Harrington –QLD

My now wife and I bought my grandfather's house 3 years ago now. He was always a gardener and I also loved time "out the back". This passion has now expanded his single tool shed into what I like to call the tri-shed area. With many an hour spent listening to music, playing with my daughter and "tinkering" on the bike. The storage and tool shed also now provide supports for a port to park the bike to keep it from the elements. I always get great compliments on how nice they look and how well the suit the space. I could not imagine being without them on these hot summers days as they are always cool and provide hours of entertainment. I hope my Pop approves of what we have done to his place... God rest his soul.

David Gent - QLD

Thanks to our new shed everybody‚Äüs happy, Dave has a new home for all his "Toys", sorry tools, also room for the garden tools, we have a table & chairs out front for the workers.

Our new shed gives us everything we want & more it’s looks great. Our friends are impressed at how quick it was to assembly & how good it looks.

Ron Czisz, NSW.

We built our dream pole home on our rainforest site near Bellingen NSW. It was soon apparent that a workshop would be required, but it would need to be a 'pole shed'. We loved the price and design of the steel sheds on the Cheap sheds website but it looked like they were designed for concrete slabs.

It was then that my wife's engineering skills came to the fore. In no time she had a rough sketch of what was required to realize the construction of a 'pole utility shed'.

Unfortunately, I was to discover her enthusiasm disguised her plan to put all of her tools in the shed, and to leave my trailer outside.

It all came to a head when I bought a boat. "Go figure another shed" I begged, and soon I had the plans in hand for number 2. Now my boat and trailer are safely away, and we matched the colorbond 'Bushland' roof with a $45 electric spray gun from Bunnings. We love our sheds.

Ricky Renyard - QLD

I am absolutely thrilled with my Absco Workshop it is everything I wanted plus more. It is such a nice looking workshop that it is now the stand out feature of the back yard. When we moved and didn't have anywhere the amount of storage space we had and when I saw this workshop on the Cheap Sheds Internet site I knew this would solve my problems. It really is a top class quality workshop at a very reasonable price and I have highly recommended Cheap Sheds to all my friends and family. My daughter and grandson live with us and the little fellow is proud that he can park his lawn mower next to pops along with all his mother garden toys. (lol hope he is this helpful when he gets older).

I would just like to finish by saying what a great business Cheap Sheds is, the standard of customer service is above anywhere else I have encountered and hope to do business in the near future when I would like to purchase a garage.

David Fox, WA.

I have a 16-year-old blind and deaf Shetland sheepdog and whenever I open the workshop door he wanders in to help. He lies at the work front getting covered in sawdust and when its knock off time out he comes.


Paul Yardy, WA.


Some of our very creative customers use their workshops as a music or art studio, or a real man ‘cave’ where they can escape from the real world and take some time to relax.

Mark Chilton (Flea) from Oakleigh South, Vic

Others use them as a home office or set them up as a real business setting just like what Mark did. They have been running a bike repair business from with their 4.5m x 2.25m workshop.

Mark ChiltonMark Chilton

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