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#1 Why has Cheap Sheds introduced an imported steel shed?

So first and foremost, the big question is why we are backing and offering an imported steel shed range.

Up till now we have not supported any inferior imported steel sheds. And for good reason!

They have been constructed with poor materials and a poor design which don't meet our Australian Standards. They truly are budget sheds and the service you get if any parts are missing or you need to claim warranty... is questionable.

So it was obvious why we avoided any imported steel sheds.

Globel premium sheds are what we consider a game changer. These are the first of their kind, where they are designed by Australians but made off shore.

They are NOT inferior in quality, instead they are built with High Tensile Steel with a Superior Design.

They are high quality PREMIUM sheds means they are not dirt cheap but COMPETITIVE in Price.

The Globel range of sheds will shake up the market by providing customers the same quality sheds we are used to with some updates.

What makes them different is,

  1. Unique features in their design not found in all our locally sourced sheds
  2. A new type of kit packaging to reduce missed parts and easier for customers to unpack and keep track of parts.
  3. Kits come prepacked ready for shipping which means you don’t have to wait for it to be manufactured

So let us find out why these sheds got the Cheap Sheds approval and answer some of the other common questions customers are asking.

#2 How do Globel Sheds compare to locally built sheds?

The Globel range of garden sheds and workshops have been designed to meet the same level of quality and strength as the local Australian Made Sheds. In fact they may even be considered the strongest garden shed on the market (not including cyclone sheds).

The range has some stand out features:

  1. Consisting of a top, middle and bottom framing system for added strength, these features alone are unique to the Globel range.
  2. The 5 rib steel sheeting ads a further element of extra strength to the wall and roof.
  3. Double sliding doors which is a unique feature to this DIY brand and they have been designed to be easy to slide and not stick.

Cheap Sheds has welcomed the Globel sheds as the first imported steel sheds in our store. Up till now none have met our standards but we have done quality tests to confirm the Globel sheds are at the same level as our other sheds.

We only support sheds we have tested ourselves and are willing to back.

#3 Where and how are they made?

The Globel range is Australian designed and distributed, and manufactured in China.

The Australian Globel shed supplier has worked closely with the manufacturer to source materials of only the highest quality. The design process has taken a long time with continuous innovation the main drive.

Sheds are manufactured in China and carefully packed using a system with moulds to ensure each part is included and not missing.

The steel is High tensile, hot dipped galvanised and is o.3mm thickness. This is considered to be high strength rating and as good as the local Australian manufacturers.

Sheds come in the most popular colours on the market and will change to meet the market demands.

The Globel range of garden sheds are proudly Australian designed and backed by Cheap Sheds as a premium shed.

#4 What benefits do Globel Sheds have compared to other sheds on the market?

The Globel Garden Sheds and Workshops offer the below listed unique features;
  1. Wrap Around Corners - No sharp edges and a smooth finish, adding extra strength.
  2. Ventilated Gables - Allowing airflow into the shed helps prevent condensation.
  3. Internal Sliding Doors - The internal sliding doors on our Garden Sheds slide on a unique track along the inside base frame of the shed. The doors are hung from the gable end on once again a unique track, allowing for easy maneuvering and a sleek, neat finish. The sliding door handles feature small holes designed to fit a padlock.
  4. Unique Base Frame - The base frame on our Garden Sheds is like no other on the market. With its carefully designed shape we can secure the outer wall sheets to the external bottom of the base frame. The internal lip of the base frame contains pre-drilled holes for securing the Garden Shed to the base using dyna bolts.

#5 Do Globel Sheds meet Australian Safety Standards?

The Globel range of garden sheds are designed to Australian standards with all factors taken into consideration.

Although they are yet to be classified with wind ratings they are well built and considered suitable for Region A & B when it comes to council approval.

They are NOT recommended for Cyclones areas, much like most sheds unless stated otherwise.

Please check out our wind calculator not check your own areas.

#6 Can Globel Sheds be assembled by anyone or do you need to hire a professional?

The Globel range of Garden Shed are designed to be easy D.I.Y.

The Garden Sheds are flat packed and delivered in 1 or 2 boxes generally. The larger main flat pack contains all sheeting, door system and gables. The longer slim pack contains the framing system. (Please note some of the smaller models are supplied in one flat pack box only).

The kit includes easy to follow step by step instructions and illustrations. Nothing in the box is overly heavy or awkward to handle, with all parts easily identifiable.

You may prefer to hire a local tradesman or local expert to install your new Garden Shed to save yourself some time. However, these sheds are easy enough and designed for home D.I.Y.

If you would like to hire someone in your area, check our index incase we have someone close to you

#7 How will Globel Sheds be delivered?

Currently we only offer Depot Delivery for the Globel shed range. There is a set fee for delivery which is found on product pages.

This is a popular service for customers as its great for a budget.

Your flat packed shed kit will be delivered to a depot near you, which you can select from our options. We have depots all around the country where the sheds can be delivered.

Once delivered you can then arrange to collect it.

To find out more please see our shipping details here

#8 How long will it take for my Globel shed to be delivered?

The approximate timeframe to have a Globel garden shed delivery will be between 5 – 10 working days, as advised by our courier company.

Once you have placed your order we will send you a confirmation email. It generally takes 1 day for the order to be processed and sent to the Supplier.

Globel Sheds are shipping from Perth WA, and is couriered by Mainfrieght who is the biggest and best transport company when it comes to sheds.

Please be aware the these are large items being transported around the country so delays can happen, however we are confident that we will get your shed to you in our time frame.

#9 If I have problems with the product or assembly will you help?

Building a shed can be a fun project but not without its challenges (if it’s your first one).

Luckily, when you shop with Cheap Sheds we are here to help along with the Globel team.

If you encounter any issues with your Globel garden shed we will do our upmost best to solve any issues in the shortest time frame possible.

If assistance is required throughout the installation process the Globel team are happy to help answer any queries. We can connect you to their team at any time.

Tip We recommend to provide any pictures and explanations of your problems where relevant. It will help us help you faster and give you a speedy experience.

#10 What is the Guarantee on Globel Products?

The whole Globel range has a 10 year manufacturer's warranty which is located at the back of the instruction manual.

Make sure to always read the warranty carefully so you know what you are covered for.

This warranty is directly with the manufacturer however, if you have any issues with your Globel Shed please contact the Cheap Sheds team immediately. We will do our best to assist you.

We trust you won't need to use the warranty as they are great quality, but it provides you peace of mind.

Tip My best advice is to make sure you anchor your shed carefully and properly when assembling the shed. The most issues customers face with ANY sheds is damage in storms when the shed comes loose due to not anchoring it properly. You won't be covered unless it was adequately anchored which is outlined in your manual.

#11 Are they “Cheaper” because they are imported?

While Chinese imported products are perceived as poor quality and therefore cheaper to buy, Globel products on the other hand are different.


They are made of the highest quality materials with countless innovations and continual quality checks taking place every day.

Globel sheds are designed here in Australia for our market. And at the same time they have been developed and shipped to other large and quality driven markets including U.S.A, France, Germany and the U.K.

For Globel products to be considered in these markets proves quality is not an issue.

Cheap Sheds carefully select the products we offer our customers and have conducted our own quality tests on the products to ensure it’s a product worth backing.

As our first Imported steel shed we are extremely happy with this product.


As for price, they are not the cheapest on the market and this is simply because nothing has been spared in making the best quality Garden Sheds and Workshops.

The Globel Shed prices match its premium shed status and all the details have been considered from the sheeting, the engineered design and the packing of the shed.

So far the Australian market has approved of these products and it’s a product we believe the cheap sheds customers will love and be satisfied with.

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