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Thrifty Sheds Product Video


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Thrifty Sheds Product Video Transcript

Thrifty Sheds are the most affordable storage solution for everyday Australians.

The Thrifty Shed range was introduced to Cheap Sheds to give our customers a more affordable option.

We wanted to make great quality, locally produced sheds more accessible to everyday Australians.

Unfortunately the market is being flooded with inferior imported products and dodgy suppliers, so we often get calls from people who bought these products and been disappointed if not robbed. If it’s more affordable sheds the market requires then that is what we will give you! We listened to your demands and have introduced the new range, Thrifty.

These sheds are:

  • Now our cheapest (in their size categories)
  • Still fantastic quality
  • And Australian made!

They are manufactured from top grade steel and built to never rust or peel in our climate. You can now save money and feel safe that you are getting the right product for your backyard.

You can also upgrade your Thrifty Shed if you have some cash left in your budget with either a

  • Concrete fixing kit
  • Anchor pegs
  • Shelving
  • Tool holder or a
  • Shed ramp

They have a wind rating of W33, which are not cyclone rated so please make sure you check your regions wind rating before purchasing a shed. You will also like to know that they come with a 10 years warranty.


So if you have been holding out to find the right shed in your price range and want to avoid disappointment then why not check out the Thrifty Sheds at Cheap Sheds.

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