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Terms & Conditions Custom Design Sheds



We will do our best to get in touch within 24 hours. During busy periods there may be a 2-day wait. I if you need a quote urgently please do not hesitate to contact my team.

The initial quote is free and no payments are requirement until plans are agreed and signed



A Custom Shed can be a large investment so to make it easy we have split it into 3 stages of payments.

STAGE 1: When signing the agreement a 10% Deposit is required.

You can make changes after this stage up until manufacturing but be aware you may be charged depending on the degree of change. It may also need to be sent to the council again.

STAGE 2: Once the design is council approved and being manufactured a 40% manufacturing deposit is required.

STAGE 3: Once it’s been completed and ready for dispatch the final 50% is due. on its way. Once this has cleared we will dispatch the building and have it on its way to you!



If your plans are not accepted by the council we will issue a FULL Refund.

No other circumstances will refunds be issued.

If you cancel the order during the production of your product (Stage 2) you loose 50% of the quoted amount.



You can make changes after you have received the plans and signed the contract. However, once in production no alternations can be made.

Depending on the level of changes you may be charged a fee. This is because it may require the engineer to spend more time on re-calculating the engineering plans.



Once your Custom Shed is delivered, you have 3 days to check all parts have been received.

If there is any damage please document and submit it to our team to review.



Due to certain arrangements with suppliers, there are some postcodes we cannot build custom sheds for.

However, if you are in one of these locations we will let you know and can refer you to the local franchise who will provide the same service for you.

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