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If you are in need of a shed and wondering if you need building approval, the answer isn't straight forward.

See it depends on a few factors. The size shed you are wanting to buy, Tasmania building regulations and council rules. It's recommended you do some research to understand what regulations apply to your area.

The GOOD NEWS is that not every size shed requires approval or a building licence.

On this page you will find a summary of what you need to know about council approval rules and building permits in Tasmania.



If you build a shed, garage, carport etc without approval and you go to sell the property, or have someone complain, you can get into some trouble. If the council finds your building was added without council approval you could face major fines and be forced to remove the building.

So it is very important you consider the rules and regulations in your State before buying a shed.

IMPORTANT: It's not hard work, or going to cost you anything to check. Even after reading this page we suggest you give your local council a call to be safe.



Tasmania building regulations differ from council to council but in general approval is determined based on a risk assessment - low risk projects generally allows the owner to carry out the project without a permit however you may need to submit a form for council approval

What building can an owner construct without a building permit:

  • Small shed (non-prefabricated) up to 18 m2.
  • A prefabricated steel shed up to 36 m2.

You will need to notify the Council on completion using the ‘Notification of Low Risk Work form’.

  • Is setback 1m from the boundary
  • the floor area is not more than 10m²;
  • it is not constructed of masonry; and
  • it is added to a building of another Class on the same allocation; and
  • it is no built further forward on the location than the front wall of the property.



If you want to build larger sized building such as garages, carports and farm sheds, they will not only require council approval but also could be considered high risk projects. This may mean you will need to hire a building company or apply for a licence to build. This can cost some money so make sure to do your research before committing to a large building.

We recommend you speak directly with your local council to understand what regulations apply to your property and area.

You can find a lot more details in this Tasmania Building Fact Sheet >

:: Click for Fact Sheet ::



It may be old fashioned but a little neighbourly etiquette can save you time, money and headache.

If you think your building may in any form impact your neighbor's view, light, space etc, have a chat to your them first to let them know what you are planning.

Making sure you keep the peace with your neighbour means a peaceful project and less hassle with getting approval if no one is objecting.



If you do need council approval you will need to check again with your council what it is you will need but here are some items to expect:

  • Detailed site plan
  • Engineer Papers (which we will provide with your shed/workshop/garage)
  • Building Licence for very big buildings for example most of our custom sheds which are more thans 6 x 12 meters.
The information on this page is purely guidance and although we have taken as much action to keep it up to day and clear, you should always check with your Governing body for more details before taking action.


Break O'Day Council
(03) 6376 7900
Brighton Council
(03) 6268 7000
Burnie City Council
(03) 6430 5700
Central Coast Council
03 6429 8900
Central Highlands Council
(03) 6286 3202
Circular Head Council
(03) 6452 4800
City of Hobart
(03) 6238 2711
City of Launceston
03 6323 3000
Clarence City Council
(03) 62 17 9500
Derwent Valley Council
03 6261 8500
Devonport City Council
03 6424 0511
Dorset Council
(03) 6352 6500
Flinders Council
(03) 6359 5001
George Town Council
03) 6382 8800
Glamorgan/Spring Bay Council
03 6256 4777
Glenorchy City Council
(03) 6216 6800
Huon Valley Council
(03) 6264 0300
Kentish Council
03 6491 1179
Kingborough Council
(03) 6211 8200
King Island Council
(03) 6462 9000
Latrobe Council
03 6426 4444
Meander Valley Council
03 6393 5300
Northern Midlands Council
(03) 6397 7303
Sorell Council
03 6269 0000
Southern Midlands Council
03 6254 5000
Tasman Council
(03) 6250 9200
Waratah - Wynyard Council
(03) 6443 8333
West Coast Council
03 64 714 700
West Tamar Council
03 6323 9300
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