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Stilla Cedar Products- Inspired to Satisfy

Before steel sheds came timber sheds and despite the rise of popularity of steel as a cheaper building material, there are many reasons why timber sheds are still around and making their way back into people's backyards. 

Stilla is an Australian based manufacturing company specialising in Cedar Timber wood DIY Sheds and other outdoor structural products. They cater for everyone in the family from a father need a shed, a mother wanted a storage shed, kids play rooms and even your pets!

The Stilla Cedar range of products is continually growing however the garden shed range is already one of the largest and has a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. 

Owning a timber shed is like none other. There is nothing like the fresh smell of a cedar shed and the natural way it blends into the garden. What’s more is that it can become much more than just a shed…. Picture a studio, a lounge room, an office or cubby for the kids.

Why Buy Stilla Cedar Products? 

So why buy Cedar wood products? Well, Stilla products are extremely high quality and knowing for their durability and beauty. Some outstanding features are:

     ✔     Long lasting thanks to the termite treated pine frame
     ✔     Naturally insect repellent/ termite proof
     ✔     Clad in beautiful Canadian Western Red Cedar which is attractive and functional
     ✔     Colorbond steel roof for extra protection from weather and leaks
     ✔     It is easy to DIY in 5 easy steps as the walls come assembled
     ✔     All products come with raw timber, natural state giving you the choice of finish

What Accessories Do Stilla products offer?

Each range has different accessories, which will help you get maximum use of your product. 

Cedar Garden Sheds

  Comes with:  
        ✔     Key lock doors for added security
        ✔     Colonial Doors- which have a window and looks like a front door
        ✔     Window to let in natural light (only on some models but can be added on)
  Additional options:  
        ✔     Double doors to increase access in and out of your shed
        ✔     Rebated floor removes the need for a slab
        ✔     Heavy duty floor kit (includes rebated floor) for uneven ground
        ✔     Loft shelving is also available for some sheds and helpful to increase storage capacity and organising your things
        ✔     Additional windows for more natural light

Cedar Playrooms

  Comes with:  
        ✔     Sturdy Rebated floor
        ✔     Secure opening doors 
        ✔     Sliding Window to let in natural light 
  Additional options:  
        ✔     Elevation kit to turn it into a fort or hide out
        ✔     Slides and Sandpit kits to add an extra bit of fun

Cedar Pet Homes

  Comes with:  
        ✔     Laying boxes if it's for chickens
        ✔     Perches for the feathery family 
        ✔     Cedar or Colorbond gable roofs for durable protection
  Additional option:  
        ✔     Rebated floor to keep your pets cosy and dry

Does Cedar wood need to be maintained?

Stilla Cedar products have natural strengths but without some basic treatments, the rich colour will fade. So with proper maintenance, the product will retain its beauty.
It is recommended to:
  • Treat the wood once it's assembled and recoat the exterior timber every 3 years
  • Keep water from pooling or sitting on the surface
Your Stilla product comes with a 10-year warranty on the condition you to take care of it, but you will most likely never have to consider the warranty if you follow the simple maintenance suggestions.

What is the best treatment for Cedar?

These structures add beauty and utility to our homes and can represent a significant investment. So it’s normal that we want to give it ultimate protection against the elements.

A product we recommend to use to protect your shed is Intergrain Natural Stain – which can be purchased from Bunnings or your local Paint Store. 

Wood treatments used to be toxic and dangerous because of the high percentage of Arsenic that was used. However, until recently the use has been banned and other treatments have become available.

So look for the best possible product that will stabilise your wood from the inside out making it water, warp and insect proof.

Other benefits of using a toxic (i.e. arsenic) free treatment is:

  • It can be used on other woods 
  • You can paint over it and the wood won't absorb or expand
  • Safe for children and pets
So if you are in the market for a shed, cubby or pet home, and you want something more than just the average steel sheds… we would highly recommend you take a look at the Stilla product range at You are sure to enjoy the elegant, natural and durable Cedar Products made for your home.
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