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Everything You Need to Know About Steel Sheds



Sheds have long been a favourite addition to the family home. And it’s not hard to see why...

Your garden shed is not just a place to store your tools and gardening equipment. Over the past few years we here at Cheap Sheds have seen many different uses for the Garden Shed. It’s not just a solution to storage problems.



When it comes to steel, you can choose between Zinc Steel (also known as Zincalume) and Colour Steel (also called Colorbond). They are both the same core metal (a highly durable Aluminium and Zinc alloy) however the Zinc is a clear finish (steel colour) while the Colour Steel has two coats of paint burnt on it.

They are both the same thickness and they last for decades. The only difference between the two is the colour. Zinc is a more economical option, as it does not have the cost of painting. The process of applying the paint on very high temperature does come at a cost, so Zinc is usually priced lower than the same model in Colour Steel.



Most common garden sheds on the market are the Garden Shed kits . These are pre-engineered sheds which are made to be DIY market. This is the affordable option because sheds as manufactured in the factory, flat packed and delivered to your home.

They are made to meet industry standards and there are MANY different options to choose from include shapes, styles and colours.




Not all sheds are the same...

When it comes to buying a Garden Shed, there are a few things you must know to ensure you get the shed you want without paying too much.

The biggest difference is knowing where the shed was manufactured before comparing cost. There can be a big difference between Australian Made Steel Sheds and some imported steel sheds.

Although we are becoming a global marketplace and importing products is not only easy but accessible. There are always risks with choosing products manufactured offshore, especially large steel sheds.

There are of course exceptions. For example we have sourced a great range, Globel Sheds, which is locally designed and shipped by an Australian company but are manufactured in China.

We ourselves have tested these products and given them the quality thumbs up … but this is not always the case!

In the past we have found that imports are made using low strength/low quality steel and as a result they can change shape and rust easily. Also they are not made to withstand the harsh climatic conditions this country is known for.

So, yes there are affordable imported products which are quality but it's the risk of the unknown.



The leading suppliers of sheds in the world are Australian Based Companies. Due to the large quantity of Iron Ore Australia has, the manufacturers have access to the highest quality metals available. And they use these high quality metals to manufacture Garden Sheds, Carports, Garages and more.

The other big reason you should buy Australian Made is the sheds made here are built to withstand the harsh weather. In a country which has temperatures that range from -23°C to 50°C and a country that has earthquakes, tropical storms and yearlong droughts... You need a shed that can handle it!

Using only the highest quality steel to make garden sheds, garages and carports... it’s not hard to see why our customers love our products.

We are an environmentally conscious company and if you too are concerned about the environment, then you would be happy to know that these days most of the sheds are made out of recycled steel. This means that the quality outcome is exactly the same but the resources needed for the process is significantly less, resulting less pollution.




So steel sheds are easy to shop for online or in store.

You will find more choice online with many retailers and different brands.

In stores such as hardware shops or specialists you will have limited shed displays to choose from and access to the right information is also limited.

Aside from shopping for sheds, Delivery of sheds is always a big question.

The GOOD NEWS is we’ve got you covered... We ship our products directly to your door or to the local depot in your area. It’s a simple as selecting which option you want in the checkout process. See how easy it is?

What are you waiting for?

If you’re like most people you’ll see that Australian made is the only way to go when it comes to buying a garden shed, garage or carport.

So if you want a tough, reliable but also stylish garden shed for your home, look no further than Cheap Sheds.

For all your questions and enquiries please contact our helpful and super friendly customer support team via email, online chat or phone.

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