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Steel Garden Shed Colour Options


Garden Shed Colour OptionsTranscription:

Adding a splash of colour to your shed is popular amongst our customers. Its nice to upgrade from standard steel shed to something that will either blend in with its surroundings or compliment your home. The colours you can choose from will depend on what brand garden sheds you choose.

All Absco Sheds are available in Classic Cream and Pale Eucalypt but there are some models that have a wider range of colours available.

Spanbilt garden sheds are available in 3 popular colours - Rivergum, Smooth Cream and Slate grey.

Durabuilt garden sheds offers the largest colour range to choose from! Customers can choose different colours for not only their shed but the roof as well! There are a total of 625 different roof and wall colour options, so you can match your shed to your house exactly. Pretty neat huh? I personally love the Heritage red and mountain blue from this range.

So when picking your new shed see what colours are available to you and think about which would be best suited for its location.


Update: Roof colour will have the same colour as the shed for the EasyShed range.

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