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Spanbilt Garden Sheds by Cheap Sheds [VIDEO]

In the following video we show you around the Spanbilt Manufacturing Factory where some of the BEST Australian made Sheds are produced.

What to expect:

  • You will be introduced the Manager 
  • We will walk you through the production line
  • How your order is processed when you place it online
  • Finally the transportation



Video Transcription

Krisztian: This is Krisztian here and I’m at the Spanbilt factory. Spanbilt is the major supplier of and the leading Australasian manufacturer of garden storage units.

I’m here at their massive facility in Queensland, south of Brisbane in the Logan area and they manufacture all kind of garden storage units here from garages, carports and garden sheds, and I’ve got Kevin Schriek here with me. Kevin was generous enough to let us in and to show us around, so Cheap Sheds customers actually get to see what’s involved, what’s happening before their garden shed kit goes into the box, or before their garages and carports get packed up and ship to their home to their local depot for their collection.
So thanks very much for that Kevin.

And just before we go on and have a quick look around at the factory would you be able to tell us how long Spanbilt has been around manufacturing garden storage units?

Kevin: Certainly Krisztian. Well, welcome today. Spanbilt has been a manufacturer of garden sheds, carports, and garages, for almost 30 years and we’ve actually just recent… or not recently we’ve move into this site, almost 10 years ago next month will be 10 years on this site in Crestmead in Brisbane. It’s a modern manufacturing site that deals predominantly in steel prefab buildings.

Krisztian: Awesome. So can we just go and have a quick look around?

Kevin: Please do, let’s go and see.

Alright Krisztian, where we are here we roll form the sheeting for our garden sheds that go into the boxes. So we start up with the different colour coils here for the different sheds. Coil is loaded on the roll-forming machine here. Then they feed through the roll forming process, which pre-punches the holes and puts the profile onto the sheeting. If you have a look along here, you will actually see it comes off the roll and end up in a box at the other end of the roll forming process.

Sheeting is actually pre-punched with all these dials here. Pre-punches the holes of the sheeting. This section roll forms the unique profile that we have … keeps rigidity for the wall sheeting. After it comes through, it’s being labelled. The labels will work with instruction manuals so you know when you’re constructing the shed that, which component you’re using.

Here we have the sheds being placed on the pallets that basically placed by State, so they go to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, and even the Northern Territory and from there, they are loaded onto the transport to the different State then broken down again to go out to your different locations.

Channel roll forming here. We’re here at the trim line machine, which actually runs all the components used for the finishing of the garden shed. Things like the front gutter and top gable edging. They’re just components that are pre-punched through this roll former and formed into the correct length.

This is the hardware assembly area where the hardware packs are assembled for each specific model garden shed that we produce, with all the correct screws, components, that are assembled at this point here.

Krisztian: Ok we are just here at the loading area with Kevin. Kevin would you be able to tell Cheap Sheds customers what happens after Spanbilt receives the orders from Cheap Sheds?

Kevin: Certainly Krisztian. When we receive the orders from Cheap Sheds. We receive the order one day. We manufacture the following day and then it is dispatched the day after that. So once it is manufactured, it goes onto our transport truck depending whether it’s going interstate or whatever. So the day we manufactured that goes onto the transport the next day and shipped interstate. Obviously, one night to Sydney from Brisbane and two nights to Melbourne from Brisbane.

Krisztian: Awesome.

Krisztian: Alright Kevin, thank you so much. Certainly it is fascinated to see how garden sheds, carports and garages are made here in Queensland. Thank you so much for your time and for having us around.

Kevin: Thanks Krisztian. It’s a pleasure having you. And hopefully your customers have a look at our factory today and Spanbilt always thrives to make sure that your customer has a great experience every time.

Krisztian: Thank you!


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