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This is Krisztian here and I’m at the Spanbilt factory. Spanbilt is a major supplier of and a leading Australasian manufacturer of gardens storage units. I’m here at their massive facility in Queensland, south of Brisbane, in the Logan area and they manufacture all kinds of garden storage units here from garages, carports, and garden sheds and I’ve got Kevin Schriek here with me. Kevin was generous enough to let us in and to show us around so Cheap Sheds customers actually get to see what’s involved or what’s happening before their garages and carports get packed up and shipped to their home or to their local depot for their collection. Thanks very much for that Kevin. Just before we go on and have a quick look around the factory, would you be able to tell us how long Spanbilt has been around manufacturing garden storage units.

Kevin: Certainly Krisztian. Well, welcome today

Krisztian: Thank you.

Kevin: Spanbilt has been manufacturing garden sheds, carports and garages for almost 30 years and we’ve actually, just recently or not recently, we moved into this site almost 10 years ago, next month will be ten years on this side of Crestmead in Brisbane. It’s a modern manufacturing site that deals pre-dominantly in steel pre-fab buildings.

Krisztian: Awesome. Can we just go and have a quick look around?

Kevin: Please do. Let’s go and see.

Krisztian: Thank you.

Kevin: Alright, Krisztian, we’re about now to move in to the garage and carport manufacturing section of our factory so it’s a little bit of exciting stuff to show you here.

Krisztian: Okay, that’s good.

Kevin: Here we’ve got the wide panel that we use in our garages and carports which are coming off. This is the Mountain Blue sheeting that’s been rolled at the moment.

Here, we are roll forming some of the heavy duty framework that’s used in our portal frame buildings and in the Smartbild range.

This is a different coil to go up for our garage manufacturing. Sometimes the coil go for hours upon hours to be making one of a particular colour during the day. We have here a carport being assembled, ready for dispatch.

We manufacture all our own roller doors on this site here. See, we’ve got plenty of orders going out today.

At this point here, we manufacture roller doors that go with the specific colour garage that you’ve ordered.

You’ve just seen there the care and time taken in packaging that ensures that these garage doors can be transported anywhere around Australia and arrive undamaged.

What we have here is component packs that actually go into garages and carports. They’re assembled of all the components through that are required. Things like screws, hinges, locks, bolts, anything else that’s required for the manufacture and installation of our garage or carport. They’re all barcoded so the actual garage cannot leave the premises until that box is being scanned into the pack.

Here we’ve got a garage in production. This is all the component that goes into as far as the trim, gutter, barge and downpipes. Again, you’ll see it’s all barcoded. Each component is barcoded so they don’t get shipped out till every piece is scaned into the job.
These are the component that’s used in our Smartbild garage range. Heavy duty, pre-punched portal frame brackets. Again, barcoded, they have to be scanned prior to the job leaving the premises.

Krisztian: Alright Kevin, thank you so much. It certainly has been fascinating to see how the carports and garages are made here. Thank you so much for your time and for having us around.

Kevin: Thanks Krisztian and it was a pleasure having you. And hopefully your customers have a look at our factory today and Spanbilt always strives to make sure that your customer has a great experience everytime. Thank you.


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