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SNAP-TiTE - The Absco Assembly System

If you've been on our site before, you probably would have come across the phrase "SNAP-TiTE"

And like most people, you may be thinking it’s a plastic bag you put your sandwich in and take to work.

But it’s not that at all... Let me explain what SNAP-TiTE is and how much stress it will remove from your life.

The ease of assembly is obviously a very important feature of the kit garden sheds and Absco Sheds are assembled with a patented system, called SNAP-TiTE.

It's a simple and fantastic idea of locking perimeter channels to all roof and wall sheets. So you don't need tools and fasteners to build the majority of your walls and roof. Sounds cool doesn’t it? It actually reduces fasteners by 75%!

Check out this diagram below to see what all the fuss is about.



The overwhelming majority of our customers love the SNAP-TiTE assembly experience and the final product is absolutely fantastic.

Absco sheds are great products and thanks to the SNAP-TiTE assembly system anyone can assemble a shed.

This assembly system really makes it easy to put garden shed kits together.

Based on Cheap Sheds Customers' feedback, the SNAP-TiTE is a very safe bet for anyone. 

The Absco assembly process is also documented on videos here.

Feel free to watch the videos and have a look for yourself at the lock on channels in action.

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