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Simple Steps to Protect All Your Garden Tools

After his car, a man’s tool collection is his most valued possession (although don’t tell the wife that as your answer should be the wedding photo album). 

Every month we add new tools to our collection, some because we just bought them on impulse and others because we needed new ones. But the question that always gets asked is, 

How do I look after my tools so they last a lifetime? 

Every child had a grandfather who used to say something along the lines of... ‘See this axe, I’ve had it for 30 years and it’s always done the job’. Now I’m sure like many people you’d love for your tools to last a lifetime. 

And they can... 

All you need to do is follow the simple steps below to ensure your tools stay in top condition and last a lifetime. After all they are expensive so you don’t want to break or lose them. 

Keep your tools dry

There is nothing worse for a tool electric or manual than to have it get wet or waterlogged. Water will quickly soak into wood and if not dried out immediately, will eventually rot the timber. Water will rust your favourite tools and if water gets into the cracks and crevices of your mower, it can lead to electric failure or worse yet, you could end up with water in the petrol (which isn’t good).

Keep your tools inside

Never... I repeat never leave your tools outside, exposed to the elements. Firstly it’s dangerous because someone can hurt themselves if tools are left lying on the ground or leaning up against a wall. 

Secondly if tools are left outside, exposed to the sun, wind, rain etc. they can become rusty, rotten and not work properly. This is even worse if you live near coastline as your tools will be exposed to salt air. 

The best thing to do is store your tools and other equipment inside your shed or garage.Hang them up and put them on shelves where people, especially children can’t accidently hurt themselves.

Keep your tools clean

You should clean every tool after you use it. It could be your mower, brush cutter, garden hose, axe or anything else for that matter. 

The best way to prolong the life of your tools is by cleaning them regularly. Check the owner’s manuals of ‘power machines’ to ensure you clean them correctly. Check and replace (if necessary) the oil and fuel and also check the spark plug and electric components. 

For tools with wooden handles make sure you oil them regularly and clean any dirt or grime off after each use. And most importantly, if your tool or machine has a protective case or cover, always put in back on after each use. 

By simply following the steps above you will ensure, that

  •     Your tools last a long time
  •     You never put yourself or others at risk when walking around the yard
  •     Your tools can always be easily found, as they are where you left them
  •     Your shed is less cluttered allowing a more enjoyable and stress free working space 

So look after your tools and maybe someday you can pass them onto your kids or grandkids. 

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