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Purchasing Sheds in WA


Did you know that steel is made from Iron Ore? So really all the high quality steel sheds ( and I mean the best of the best) are made thanks to the help of Western Australia!


Well Western Australia is the largest producer of Iron Ore. And thanks to our mining state making sure we are getting the best quality ore from the ground our steel sheds made in Australian are some of the best in the world.

So when you purchase your shed from Australian Made Steel Sheds, you can feel proud knowing the ground of WA is contained within every part of the shed!




Our range of sheds includes Steel, Colorbond, Resin, Vinyl and Timber. Each is ideal for a certain type of use.

The steel sheds(also available in Colorbond) are very popular in WA due to their versatility, style and shapes. They are also best to endure the heat. They come in a variety of colours with loads of accessories and upgrades you can add on.

Most importantly they are Australian Made and the best in the world.

Resin or Vinyl Shed are also popular and an option at Cheap Sheds. These are great If you live close the coastline/beach because they won’t rust. These sheds made in U.S.A and Israel because the best manufacturers of Resin products are based there. These sheds are built tough to withstand the Australian climate and get our tick of approval in hot or cold climates.

Timber shed is your third option of shed however they require more maintenance such as oiling and can have a much higher price tag. They do make beautiful additions to any home thanks to their rustic appeal. However, due to high the temperatures experienced in most of WA we do recommend to opt for a steel or Resin shed as an extra safety measure.

To figure out which shed is right for you, check out our handy guide>>  How to choose a Shed

Steel Sheds
Cedar Sheds
Resin Sheds



Getting your hands on a shed has never been easier. Simply select which shed you want from our site and then decide whether to have it delivered to your door local depot (More info below).

Our entire shed range are DIY and designed with the homeowner in mind with its assembly systems. They are accompanied with simple step by step instruction manuals and videos. Some previous know-how with flat pack kits is advantageous but if you love a project, then this could be a great one for you.

If you want a bargain by choosing a flat pack garden shed kit but don't fancy building it yourself, you can always hire a handyman or shed installer. We have put together a list of people we recommend. You can get in touch with someone in your area for a quote>

Resin Sheds

As for products, we provide you with all the information you require right here on the website so you can make an informed decision, and this includes detailed images, as well as videos and customer reviews.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us or chat to my team online!



Before you erect any structure on your property, it’s advised to check with your local council. You may need a building approval or permit. So to avoid any fines or stress later, check with your local council.



As mentioned you can opt for Home Delivery where we bring it right to your doorstep for a fee. This reduces the hassle of having to pick it up from the Depots.

However, if you want to save some money you can choose the depot delivery which is a low set fee and great for anyone on a budget.

We have several delivery depots in Western Australia where we can deliver our products to and you can organise put up ( Please note you may require an appropriate vehicle, it is still a shed which is flat packed so can be big and heavy).

Please see the list of our WA depots below:

Our Absco products can be transported to the following depots in WA for free of charge:

Albany 36109 Albany High way, Albany, WA, 6311
Broome 9 Archer St, Minyirr WA 6725
Bunbury 10 Coleman Turn, Picton, WA 6229
Carnarvon 22 Cleveland St, Carnarvon WA 6701
Esperence Lot 437 Harbour Rd, Esperance WA 6450
Geraldton 6 Guidara st Geraldton, WA, 6525
Karratha Lot 2490 Pemberton Way, Karratha WA 6714
Kununurra / East Kimberley 24 Ivanhoe Rd, Kununurra WA 6743
Newman 45 Laver St, Newman, WA, 6753
Perth Mainfreight Perth, 1179 Abernathy Road, High Wycombe, WA, 6057
Port Hedland 11 Munda Way, Wedgefield, WA, 6721

Spanbilt products can be delivered to the below depots for free:

Albany Lot 199 Albany High way, Albany, WA, 6311
Boulder 22 Williams St, West Kalgoorlie WA 6430
Belmont 455 Belmont Ave, Belmont WA 6105
Boxwood 1442 Gardner St, Boxwood, WA 6338
Broome 9 Archer St, Broome WA 6725
Bunbury 10 Coleman Turn, Picton East WA 6229
Bunbury 6 Halifax Dr, Bunbury WA 6230
Busselton Unit 4, 36 Cook St, Busselton, WA
Carnarvon 22 Cleveland St, East Carnarvon WA 6701
Carnarvon 9-11 Bassett Way, Carnarvon, WA 6701
Derby 14 Wodehouse St, Derby WA 6728
Esperance 437 Harbour Rd, Esperance, WA, 6450
Exmouth 32 Maley St, Exmouth, WA 6707
Forrestdale Cnr DaVinci & McCook St, Forrestdale WA 6112
Forrestfield Lot 1-20 Bedford Crescent, Forrestfield WA 6058
Geraldton 5-7 Beaver St, Geraldton, WA, 6525
Greenough 35016 Brand Hwy, Greenough WA 6532
Karratha Lot 10 Pemberton Way, Karratha WA 6714
Kewdale Cnr Noble St & Abernathy Rd, Kewdale WA 6105
Kewdale 15 Glassford St, Kewdale WA 6105
Kewdale 49 Chisholm Crescent, Kewdale WA 6105
Kwinana 13 Mandurah Rd, Kwinana WA 6167
Maddington 37 Eva St, Maddington WA 6109
Maddington Unit 4/11 Church Rd, Maddington, WA 6109
Maragaret River 17 Auger Way, Margaret River, WA 6285
Midvale 4 Orchard Av, Midvale WA 6056
Newman 1898 Laver St, Newman WA 6753
Onslow 588 Beadon Creek Rd, Onslow WA 6710
Perth Mainfreight, 1179 Abernethy Road Hazelmere 6055
Welshpool 26 Riversdale Rd, Welshpool, WA 6105
Welshpool 44 Felspar St, Welshpool WA 6105
Welshpool 291A Treasure Rd, Welshpool WA 6106
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