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Buying Sheds in Tasmania

Don’t worry Tasmania... Cheap Sheds hasn’t forgotten about you!

Tasmania often gets left out from the mainstream distribution of merchandise due to the slight difficulty of transportation from the mainland. 

However, at Cheap Sheds, we work hard to provide the best possible options for our Tasmanian customers as we believe every part of Australia should enjoy easy access to high quality Australian made sheds. 

Our large range of affordable and high-quality sheds are made to withstand the harsh climate this country is known for.

With up to 30 years warranty and available in a large range of styles and colours, we have a shed to suit every purpose.

Choosing a Shed

Our huge range of sheds includes Steel, Vinyl, Resin and Timber products.

Each material is ideal for a certain type of use.

If you live close the beach you should consider a resin or vinyl shed. These are made from plastic and won’t rust.

You could also consider a steel or wooden shed. Both are built tough to withstand the Australian climate.

The wooden sheds look great in the Tasmanian landscape and add a beautiful feature to backyards, however, keep that in mind they do require a little maintenance every now and then, such as oiling.

Our steel building range (available in Zinc and Colour steel) is the most popular due to their versatility, style and shapes. Available in multiple colours with heaps of add-on features, it’s no wonder you see these in so many backyards.


What does the Council say?

Before erecting any structure on your property, it’s advised you check with your local authority. You may need building approval or a permit. So to avoid any fines, check with the council first.


Delivery to Tasmania

We have two options when it comes to delivering our products to Tassie.

You can choose home delivery to have your product shipped directly to your door for a fee.

If you’d rather save a few coins, you can have the shed delivered to one of the Depots at the locations listed below.

The Depot Delivery service is cheap and all you need to do is collect your shed from the depot location.

Below is a list of our Tasmanian depots where we can deliver the items for free of charge.

Absco Sheds:

A   Brighton - Tas Freight, 57 Greenbanks Rd, Bridgewater TAS 7030
B   Launceston - Tas Freight, 49 Translink Ave South, Western Junction TAS 7212
  Devonport - Tas Freight, Bass Highway, Latrobe TAS 7307

Durabuilt and Spanbilt Sheds:

D   Brighton Tas Freight, 57 Greenbanks Road, Bridgewater TAS 7030 
   Launceston Tas Freight, 49 Translink Ave South, Western Junction TAS 7212

F    Devonport Tas Freight, Bass Highway, Latrobe TAS 7307 


Meet The Cheap Sheds Customers


Shawn Toghill sent this image in of his Shed in Tassy


Brendan’s Wife loves her Cheap Sheds

Frank hard at work putting his Cheap Shed together

Dita’s Husband pleasure with his DIY Shed effort

Glenn and his Toilet Man shed

Joshuas New shed being checked out by his pups



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