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Shed Components - U Channels

What’s so good about ‘U’?

Not you, but U… I’m talking about the U Channel component used in the construction industry. But more importantly, the critical role which U Channels play in the assembly process of your shed.

U Channels are widely used today and it’s not hard to see why. Made from metal or plastic, these components offer many benefits to your shed. They act as,

      • A protective edge on metal frames
      • Finishing trims to provide a professional and stylish look
      • Support for your surrounding panels



A U Channel, as the name implies, is a component bent to form a ‘U’ to affix sections or panels together.

When discussing shed assembly where sheets are joined together to form the walls, channels are used as protective edges of the wall panels as well as provide further support to hold the panels together.

You’ll find a length running from the top portion and another at the bottom of the joined sheets. On the other hand, channels also serve as frames for the door of a shed.

Depending on the contour of the channels and panels you will be securely fixing together, there are different and simple ways to join them together. Some may need screws or bolts whereas other may just ‘click together’.

Absco sheds
 use a locking u channel making the assembly process easier. Their SNAP-TiTE Assembly System is built on the concept of the U Channels locking onto the panels.

Whereas your alternative is sometimes messy, stressful and riskier due to using power tools... The Absco SNAP-TiTE System is the best choice for affixing your U Channels.

And there you have it, the small but critical role U Channels play in the assembly process of your shed.

Whether you fix them with screws or use a ‘click on’ system, the finish product will always be safe and stylish.


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