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Saving the World

The company owners of Cheap Sheds came from humble beginnings and understand what it is like to have very little… so from the very start we have been giving to people and helping those who are in need to make sure we can improve others’ lives through our success.

We are saving the world one step at a time through different contributions:

Helping through B1G1

We joined the B1G1 cause right after we founded the company to leverage this goal and we have been able to make significant contributions to different charities helping communities around the world.

Cheap Sheds is the first and only shed company that is committed to giving after every single transaction and how we do this is simple. After a product is purchased, we donate funds from that purchase to a cause.  It happens automatically and it costs the customer no more.

Helping Local Charities

We also make donations to local charities, which are close to our hearts such as:

Serendipity Farm Animal Centre

This special farm is a refuge in Queensland, which takes in animals, who have outgrown their families or have been rejected by the commercial farms.  Instead of the animals being put down, Serendipity provides them a home. There are pigs, horses, chickens and goats and one of their more unusual pets is Humphrey the Camel.

Cheap Sheds has helped the farm by providing them with sheds to provide shelter for some of their animals as well as a dry place to store the feed. We look to continuously supporting this great shelter.


The RSPCA’s is a not for profit organisation who’s mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. They have 40 shelters around the country

Cheap Sheds again have donated sheds to this charity to help provide dry and secure place to stock their food.

Natural Disasters

We have in the last few years donated funds to the flood victims from North Queensland after the horrific flooding and also the victims of the Earthquake in Japan 2011.

More recently we made donation in aid of the 2013 Philippines Typhoon Yolanda Disaster. Many people were impacted and many lives were lost and even though our contribution wont replace what has happened, we hope it provided some support to the people.

100% Paperless

Since the start up of the business, Krisztian Panczel and his wife Maria made the decision to commit to being a paperless company. The Government has recognised their 100% national online retail business for being environmentally responsible.

How we’ve done it

At the Cheap Sheds HQs there are no printers, employees are not provided or required to use printers. Company procedures have been designed with no requirement to print any documentation.

Customers receive electronic communications for their orders, they get electronic receipts and invoices as well as eBooks and guides to help with their products. They are given access to online videos and articles to inform them of everything they possibly need to know.

What our customers think

99% of the time our customers are happy and respect our Paperless policy. They understand its importance.

They also see and appreciate the effort we have made with our communications and information online that it keeps them from needing anything on paper.

There are at times a customer would like a printed receipt which then we visit a print shop to get done and posted.

We believe businesses have the power to change lives. And we know that power is provided by the loyalty and support of our customers, just like you.

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