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Purchasing A Shed Online

Is it safe to buy your storage shed online?


Purchasing A Shed Online Transcript:

Buying your storage shed online makes perfect sense.

As you can see you can find the widest range of sheds here on Cheap Sheds which no other hardware store is ever likely to be able to offer you. 

Gone are the days were you need to drive from hardware store to hardware store, hunting down a customer service representative to get some more information and then being disappointed at the lack of variation or flexibility of your options. 

NOW you can chose your shed from the comfort of your own home which is not only convenient but a time saver and we know how busy life is these days. 

As much as we would love you to purchase your Shed from Cheap Sheds that is a decision you have to make. We realise you may have some doubts regarding if you can trust us or not, and if what you order will actually be delivered to your door. 

This is understandable and I would like to address the issue of scams and how you can be sure… 

We are veterans to the online shed industry and we’ve actually helped many customers who got caught out after making a purchase on a scam website. Most people don't look close enough at the sites credibility or don’t even know what to look for. Before you know it, you have placed an order which surprise surprise never shows up.  When you return to the website, it’s disappeared. 

These sites don’t disappear forever though; they just start over under a new name and who knows how many more people will be scammed and loose a lot of money. 

So Here are some tips on how to know if it’s the ‘real deal’: 

  1. Look for strong signals of trustworthiness.  Are there any signs of a third person who has endorsed the site? Or do they have awards. As you can see our customer service has been recognized by the Government Department of Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy and we are featured on their website.
  2. Look at how long the company has been in business: Here at Cheap Sheds you’ll see that this is our fifth year in business and there are many tell tale marks of hour history such as videos, images and our blog.
  3. Look for media evidence: A good example is if they have featured in the news or reports. Look for a news or media room page. As you can see Cheap Sheds has been featured in several medias around Australia.
  4. A great tip is checking out if they have customer testimonials- specifically recorded ones. Pictures and written stories are great as well. Most scam sites do not have these.

Buying your shed online is the most convenient and time saving way to go, but be weary and smart about which retailer you choose. Look out for the signs.


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