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Product Details of Spanbilt YardSaver G88 Garden Shed


Krisztian: Hi there this is Krisztian here from and I've got Kevin Schriek here with me from Spanbilt. And Kevin will be kind enough to show us around the G88 which is one of our most popular large garden sheds.

So, Kevin would you be able to tell our customers, Cheap Sheds Customers a few things about the G88. Obviously this is one of our most popular large garden shed models. So, there must be something to it. So if you could just point out the benefits of why this model is so popular that would definitely help us a lot.

Kevin: Happy to Krisztian.
Krisztian this model, which is called the G88, which is one that's a popular seller with you, as you mentioned has a number of features and benefits.

One of them particularly is the high wall height we have on this, particularly for tall people like myself. 1800mm walls which gives plenty of access and height.
The other feature with this, it's got double doors. These double doors are very wide opening. So, it allows easy access to store and find things inside your shed.

With the double door option as you can see, the doors are very wide. Any sort of storage will go in there like lawnmowers, wheelbarrow, all your gardening equipment, camping equipment is very popular in this large model sheds.

With the gable roof gives you particularly high storage in height inside as well. The height means, you’ve got plenty of clearance. So, you can walk around inside there safely and you can lean things up which are quite tall it’s ideal for that purpose.

Another great benefit or feature of G88 is it is often allowed to be put up in most domestic areas without having to have local authority or Council approval. So falls in that size it's under 10 sqm in square meterage of roof area and therefore often you don't require Council approval. However, it’s advisable you do always check with your local authority.

Krisztian: Okay, and this one has the optional flooring kit underneath that?

Kevin: Yes it does. We've actually used, it is shown here today it is actually anchored or attached to the Spanbilt YardSaver flooring kit. This is a steel frame, that’s pre-cut and tek screwed together and then it has a flooring kit of your choice,  either plywood as it's used here or timber slats.
This is ideal to use in situations where you want semi-permanent installation. Maybe you want to take it away later. Possibly, something like rental home or something like that. Also if you've got an uneven surface, it is ideal to level out or pack out to give yourself an even surface to put your shed on. And also, to use in areas where you wanna maybe you don’t want to put a concrete slab and attach it to the ground. It can be pegged onto a normal ground surface.

Krisztian: Awesome! And the doors in the G88 are hinged and braced as well so they are pretty rigid.

Kevin: Yeah correct! Hinged and braced doors with the fixed door, with door seals all the way around.

OK Krisztian, another feature with the gable roof models is the tall clearance that we get inside.
With this strong structural ridge beam used in here. I still have ample clearance, even for a tall person like myself. So, it’s ideal for storage needs where you have to store tall items. Things like step ladders, bed heads, frames, and anything that is quite tall in its structure.

Krisztian: Okay, awesome. Alright Kevin, so does the G88 assemble with Spanbilt's famous  FastTrak Assembly System as well, and the nice step by step instructions that we’re so use to come with this model as well?

Kevin: That’s correct Krisztian. Each model we manufacture has a step by step instruction manual. Also, with this particular model we’ve actually got online for you to view on your website. You can actually see how the doors are assembled, how the back wall, how the gable is attached, how the roof is attached. So, there’s a step by step guide on a video how to assemble the shed.

Krisztian: Awesome. Great help indeed.

Kevin: We've talked about the FastTrak Assembly System. We have very clear instructions all the parts are easily labeled as well. Here’s an example of the wall sheetings for the gable side. They are all clearly identified with their part number the measurements and where they are to be positioned. When you’re finished assembling your shed, each sticker is easily removed.

Each building is actually engineered to have a certain amount of anchor points. This particular model here comes with I think 9 anchor points.

Krisztian: And these anchors are included in the kit right Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah, you’re correct. All anchor brackets and masonry anchors are included in the kit. Another great feature about this shed it's no gimmicks simple to assemble system. What it is, the channel and the frame work and the sheeting are all attached with self tapping screws. No gimmicks, they just screw together and work and last really well.

Krisztian: Thank you Kevin!

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