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Premier Garden Sheds Product Video

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Premier Garden Sheds Product Video Transcript


In this Video you will discover what puts the Absco Premier sheds in a league of their own.


The Absco Premier shed range is one of the more prestigious ranges of sheds due to its elegant design, range of colours and other attractive features. This garden shed is a very popular freestanding shed and can comfortably fit in most suburban backyards.

It has been designed for maximum strength and manufactured from low maintenance ribbed steel for added strength. You can rest assure it will keep your belongings safe from the outside elements.

It features a gable roof, which provides extra headroom, and frankly gives it a more stylish look.

The wall height on these sheds is 1.8m and because of the gable roof the height will peak at 1.95m on smaller models and 2m or 2.06m on larger models. This is great for those taller people who would like to move around more freely.

The doors are all hinged and come as single or double doors depending on the shed model. Smaller sheds have single door access, which measures 0.75m wide, and on larger sheds you have double door access which 1.5m wide.

To top it all off it is available in 7 different sizes and in 4 different colours to choose from which are:

  • Pale Eucalypt
  • Classic Cream
  • Cottage Green
  • Paperbark

They also come with white trimming to add a little more detail to its appearance.

Alternatively you can opt for the cheaper option, a standard Zinc Shed, which has all the same features except it’s made from Zincalume and no added colour.

The Premier sheds are engineered to withstand heavy weather conditions of up to 147km/hr winds PLUS you can upgrade your shed to a W50 cyclone kit, which can withstand much higher winds.

Of course with any top class shed range, comes a wide range of accessories to choose from to ensure you are getting the best out of your shed. There are

  • Different shelving options
  • Anchor kits
  • Floor kits
  • Windows and skylights to add on
  • Insulation blankets


Now the best news about Absco sheds is that they come flat packed ready for you to DIY. But don’t worry it's super easy with their SNAP-TiTE System which makes putting it together easy for anyone to do. The system allows you to basically snap the parts together with minimal use of tools.

To give you peace of mind they even come with 20 years written warranty.

So if you are the kind of person who wants the best of the best and wants to add value to your property we would highly recommended a Premier shed. Designed with elegance and built for durability.

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