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Do I need council approval or a permit to put my shed or garage up?

Council Approval Sheds

This is a simple question but unfortunately, it doesn't have a simple answer.  But fear not... that’s why we are here to help and guide you in the right direction.

Many people make the mistake of erecting a shed, garage or carport in their yard without seeking council approval. It’s a costly mistake and can lead to heavy penalties from your local authorities.

So if you wish to extend your home, buy a shed or add any structure to your property you must find out from your local council if you need a permit.

Some factors that are taken into account when adding a structure to your property are,

  • Land zoning
  • Actual space available
  • Restrictions on Access due to structure
  • If it affects neighboring properties and much more

So check with YOUR local council before you buy your shed, garage or carport

Depending on the structure size and type you wish to build you may require two items before you buy.

 1. Approval for adding your structure
 2. A building Permit

Sometimes you will only require the approval, but be sure to clarify with the authorities if you need both when looking to start your project.

By seeking the advice from your local council, you can avoid many headaches and unwanted fines. As the councils in each state have different rules, it’s critical you talk with a local council representative.

Most council departments have a general guideline that states a shed is exempt from requiring a council permit providing all council guidelines are met such as,

  • A floor area no larger than 10m2
  • Walls no higher than 2.5-3m
  • A distance of at least 1m from a boundary fence

But you MUST check with your local council, as rules are different,
even between councils in the same state.

For more information contact your local council via the links below.

  1. Select your state
  2. Click the link which takes you to the government site
  3. Select your council
  4. Find out what rules and regulations apply to you



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