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One More Great Way to Use Your Shed

When people think of sheds they automatically think of,

  •  A place to store your garden tools i.e. mower, rake, wheelbarrow etc
  •  Storage space for all toys, boxes and junk lying around the home


But there is another use for sheds. One that is rarely thought of but yet it’s a wonderful addition to any home. 


You can have you very own nursery where you can grow your own vegetables and plants.

If done right the shed provides natural light and ventilation for your ‘crop’. Plus it provides protection from the harsh elements and pests.

When it comes to using your shed as a nursery,

  •  Ensure there’s enough space in your shed to grow plants.
  •  Make sure you have enough natural light through the windows and skylight.
  •  Have easy access to water and electricity


So if you’ve been dreaming of growing your own flowers, plants or vegetables then you can make your dream come true by simply turning your shed into a wonderful greenhouse.

Imagine how much money you’ll save by having your own nursery... You could give your wife a rose every day (I’m sure you’d be very popular).



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