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NT Shed Council Approval Information


Are you building a new shed, workshop, garage or carport and want to check if you need a permit? This is a common question and one that we can help you with.

Every state has different rules and regulations when it comes to building new structures on your property. So it is important to understand what you area requires in terms of approval and permits before buying a building.

The GOOD NEWS is that not everyone requires approval or even a permit. A small to medium shed normally requires no paperwork however it's important to check if your structure falls into the exempt from approval category.

On this page I have provided some information for you, to understand the general rules in the Northern Territory and what to expect if you need building approval.



Some people tend to disregard the requirement to seek approval or check their structure is exempt from building permits. This can lead you to massive fines and the risk of having to pull down the building you invested in.

So it is very important you consider the information on this page PLUS check your own councils rules and regulations but visiting their site or calling them.



In terms of requiring approval by your council in the Northern Territory, you won't need to apply if your structure meets the following criteria,

If your shed/building will be built on a large or rural property

  • If the Shed/building does not have plumbing, electrical or drainage services
  • The roof area is less than 12 Sq metres
  • The building height is less than 2.1m
  • It is located at least 40m from any boundary

If your shed/building will be on a residential property

  • The roof area is less than 30 sq metres
  • the height is less than 2.4m, a
  • Located at least 70m from any boundary

The only structure which is not exempt from these rules is carports- these will need council approval.

Pretty straightforward and easy to apply to your building you are considering on buying.



Aside from getting your project approved you may need to check if you need a building permit.

Luckily in Norther Territory, building permits are only required in building controlled areas.

This page has information about when you need a building permit,-fence-or-shade-structure

You will usually need a permit unless your structure meets the criteria outlined in the section above.

There are exemptions for garden sheds, fences, and shade structures, however you will need building approval for a carport.



Too often you hear stories of people having to pull down sheds or structures in their backyards because their neighbour complained to the council.

Avoid this drama and waste of money by talking to your council and your neighbour, especially if your shed or building may be inview of the neighbour, block some view or sunlight from their home.



If you do need to a building permit or approval you are required to either apply for one for yourself or hire a builder to do so.

You will normally need the following items to submit to the certifying body.

  • Detailed site plan
  • Engineer Papers ( which we will provide with your shed/workshop/garage)

For more information the State has a very informative & easy to navigate site. Please visit >

The information on this page is purely guidance and although we have taken as much action to keep it up to day and clear, you should always check with your Governing body for more details before taking action.


Alice Springs Town Council
08 8950 0500
Belyuen Shire Council
(08) 89785071
City of Darwin
(08) 8930 0300
City of Palmerston
08 8935 9922
Coomalie Community Government Council
(08) 8976 0058
Katherine Town Council
(08) 8972 5500
Litchfield Council
(08) 8983 0600
Wagait Shire Council
(08) 8978 5185
Barkly Regional Council
08 8962 0000
Central Desert Regional Council
1300 360 605
East Arnhem Regional Council
(08) 8986 8986
MacDonnell Regional Council
08 8958 9600
Roper Gulf Regional Council
(08) 8972 9000
Tiwi Islands Regional Council
08 8970 9500
Victoria Daly Regional Council
(08) 8972 0777
West Arnhem Regional Council
08 8979 9444
West Daly Regional Council
08 8901 3920
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