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Many people invest a considerable amount of money into their motorbike. For some it is a…

  • #1 Serious hobby like building and repairing them,
  • #2 Way of life
  • #3 The best mode of travel
  • #4 Sport
  • #5 Social activity
  • #6 Culture and upbringing

Whatever the reason is for owning one of these vehicles, it is safe to say that it’s a huge investment to own one so the last thing you want is it getting damaged, worn by the weather or stolen by thieves.

Having a place to store your motorbike and keep it covered from the elements is essential. Not everyone has enough room in their garage and tend to resort to using a tarp to cover the motorbike in the driveway or carport.

If you don't have a garage big enough for your car and motorbike you may be looking for a better storage solution, a motorbike shed or workshop.

People are adding extra storage buildings to their properties to facilitate their motorbike needs.

So what products are available on the market, which is suitable for motorbikes?

Let's take a look...



Any building which is the right size and built properly can be considered a good storage solution for motorbikes but I'm going to outline some common sheds motorbike owners tend to like for their toys.

Firstly you don't need a whole garage for a motorbike, nor do you have room to install one.

You also want something that will be durable and practical, right?


You can always considering building a Steel Storage shed kit which is affordable but a permanent fixture to your hose. Finding one that's suitable will be easy and the following bike sheds are recommended:

Here you still need to consider the key factors:

  • Easy Access so you can get your bike in and out
  • enough room to walk around your bike and access a workbench
  • Double entry is generally popular, the Personal access door is a single one which means you can quickly pop in and out
  • Remember to add windows and skylights if you need lighting for the workshop.

It’s never been easier finding a suitable home for your motorbike so why not consider upgrading your tarp to an actual motorbike garage. It will not only take up little room on your property but will keep your motorbike dry from bad weather and safe from being stolen.



Gable Roof

Double doors: 1.50m

Eco friendly steel

Colour: Zinc or Colour

Gable Roof

Huge double Doors: 2.4m

Colour: Zinc or Colour

Gable Roof

Huge double Doors: 2.4m

Colour: Zinc or Colour

Gable Roof

Double Door - 1.48

Double-wall panels

Steel reinforcement

Heavy duty floor kit

Gable roof

Double door - 1.54m x 1.92m

Foundation Kit & Window

Gable roof

Double door - 1.39m

Taupe/Beige colour combination

Fixed window, shelving and flooring kit




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