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Keter Rattan Style Mini Shed


Keter Rattan Style Mini Shed Video Transcript:

Let me introduce you to the Ratan Style Mini shed, or as I like to call it, a Cabinet.

It measures out to be 0.7m Length x 0.5m width x 0.92m in High.

This beautiful looking rattan style storage unit is perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

If you need a little extra storage space you can it up on your patio or balcony or perhaps inside your living room or at the front door.

It has some shelving options to improve organiing your things and it includes the flooring to help with stability and keeping the product waterproof. The structure is made of a high quality durable resin and is so strong but light that you can easily move it around.

It is all-weather design with UV protection, which means it will not rust, dent, stain or peel.  

The design comes in a modern expresso brown colour.

Product comes with lockable doors for added security and 1 years warranty.

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