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Keter Factor 8x6 Shed Assembly

Keter Factor 8x6 Shed Assembly Transcript

In this video we will be assembling the Apex 8x6 Keter Resin Shed.

Required tools

Before you unpack you will need to make sure you have the following tools on hand:

Safety goggles
Power Drill

These items will ensure your assembly is smooth and easy, so be sure to check you have the right equipment before starting.

Level the ground

Before you start building your shed, make sure you have a nice level surface for your shed. It is recommended that you construct a wooden or concrete base to use as a foundation. Clear the area of stones and remove all plants, roots and other obstacles.

Then use a rake or shovel to level the surface.


You will also need an extra person to help build the shed. Two sets of hands will make it much faster, easier and safer.

Now, when unpacking and building your shed please be aware that

  • Some parts have steel edges so be careful when handling components
  • Always wear work gloves, eye protection and long sleeves when assembling or performing any maintenance on your shed
  • Do not attempt assembly on days with strong winds or low temperatures.


Before unpacking your kit, it is recommended to use a clean work surface to spread the parts out and for pre-assembly.

Your shed parts are all in the 2 packages you have received. So identify them when sorting.

Carefully open the packaging and start removing all the pieces.

Read through all instructions before you begin and continue to refer to them during the entire assembly process.

For easy identification of the parts, code letters are imprinted on them.

Please prepare these components in advance at the beginning of each stage.


Okay so lets get started!


First of all you will need to put together the floor, which will provide a level surface and a base for your shed.

Step 1

Line up the 2 floor, panels labeled FG together and click them together.

Step 2

Then add floor panels FS on either end to complete it.

Make sure they are all securely locked into place.

Step 3

You will now need 12 SC1 screws to fix the floor panels together.

Use 4 screws along the joins.

You can either use a screwdriver or a powered drill to get the job done.

Repeat this for all the panels.


We are now going to build the shell of the shed, by adding the walls. Wall panels are pre-built so you won’t need to construct them.

Walls are either labeled SPK or SP. The first has the window cut out so before starting, it’s a good time to decide where you want your windows to go. They can either be installed on the back wall of your shed or on either of the sidewalls.

Step 4

Before moving onto Step 4- you can take a moment to first prepare all the CO Screws by sliding a Washer ring, labeled WA, around each one, which provides insulation. Preparing them all now will prevent you from loosing the washers.

In Step 4 you need to position a wall panel labeled O on one of the corners of the floor kit.

Fix the wall panel to the floor by screwing in the CO screws into the available holes.

There are three places to fix the shed to the floor as you can see here.

Step 5

Next step is to set up the wall panels- you can use either wall panels labeled SP or SPK at this stage.

One has the window cut out and the other doesn’t.

Wall panels slide easily into the provided groove in wall panel O.

You will also find grooves in the floor for the wall to click into.

Step 6

Step 6, to join wall panels together you will need Support Beams labeled CS.

Slide one along the first wall panel and click into flooring. Sometimes you may need to gently knock parts into place till they click.

Now repeat process for step 7 to 11 until all your wall panels are securely clicked in place and you have the shell of your shed.

Step 12

Lastly you will need to attach the side roof beams along the top of the left and right walls. You can either do this step as you go, like the instructions outline or wait till you have finished the shell as we have done in this video.

You will need parts labeled TD2 and 2 CO screws.

Make sure the washer rings are still around the screws.

Position TD2 with the lip facing the outside and click it into place. Use the CO screws to fix it on the inside to panel O. As you can see here.

Door Assembly

Now we are going to assemble the doors. Your shed comes with double doors so there should be parts for both.

Step 13 and 14

Assembling the door is pretty simple.

First your DP Beams should be clicked on along the top and bottom of the door panels and the pegs labeled HG need to be added to the corners at the top and bottom.

Make sure these are completely clicked into place with no gaps.

Lastly click the hinges labeled DX to the outside edge of both doors.

Step 15

Hanging your doors

When hanging your doors make sure to click them in place at a 90 degree angle- so place the bottom joint in the hole and move to click the middle hinge in place against the wall and finish by standing it up straight.

Repeat process for the other door.

Roof Assembly

Next stage is to assemble the roof. You may need your ladder for this one.

Step 16

Start by clicking part A4 and A2 together and finish by snapping a BC part on top at the peak.

Repeat method for the second beam.

Step 17

Now we need to fix them to the shed walls carefully.

Place the first beam on the front wall of the shed. Be careful of the door pegs and make sure it clicks in securely without forcing it. Then fix it from the inside with two CO screws. Again check you have not lost the washer rings on the screws.

Repeat process for the back roof beam.

At the bottom center of the front beam, which is directly above the door click in the AP, join where a hole is provided.

Step 18

Now to put the finishing touches to the roof frame, all you need to do is click in place parts labeled DUC to the inner side beams in the center and click part CA to the back wall roof beam.

Step 19 Installing the skylight

Before the roof goes on, you need to add the Skylight panel labeled BM. You will need a stepladder to ensure you do this properly and safely.

Place it directly in the center of the gable beams and click into place. To secure its position, use the screws SC9 to fix it from underneath.

Step 20 Support Beams

Now slide in the 2 support beams either side of the skylight. These are marked MT2

Step 21 Roof sheets

Unfold the roof sheeting and slide them on and press them firmly into place. Be aware there is a top and bottom end of these sheets.

Step 22 Fixing the sheets

Along the roof sheeting you will find 6 cut out sections. Using parts RS pieces in the kit screw these to the roof frame. Screw all 12 RS pieces down.

Lastly screw the 4 corners of the roof from the inside

Remember to Stop and Check your manual regularly so you know you are on the right track.

Step 23 Roof finishing touches

Now for the roof finishing touches. As you can see the roof has a slight overhang so to ensure it is securely fixed to the shed use 12 screws along each side but not the corners.

Step 24

Next is to screw in the front and back beams to the roof sheeting underneath from the inside.

And that’s your roof complete.

Step 25 Finishing the door details

Next we are going to attach the door handles and security features. You will need 4 SC12 screws, 2 handles labeled GM, and two parts labeled GLL and GLR, which are both slightly different. You will also need 4 GSA shoulder washers.

First you will need to attach door handle GILL to the left door using 2 screws and 2 GSA shoulder washers on the back.

Repeat for the door on the right however fix part GLR to the front with the handle

Step 26 to 29

Next we are securing the hasps. On the door to the left you will find a narrow slot in the edge by the handles. Click part DH1 in and secure using two screws.

Repeat process by fixing part DH2 on the right hand side door using 2 screws, the same way you did part DH1.

Next you will need to fix the frame labeled DNS along the side of the left door using 8 screws

Make sure to use your safety gloves, edges may be sharp.

Now click in the DLA door locks. These just click into the available slots at the top and bottom of the left door.

And click in the doorstoppers labeled DS. These go in the available holes in the floor panel, at the door entry. They will prevent your doors from swinging.

To complete the Shed itself you need to simply screwing 2 SC12 screws to the bottom center left hand wall and the right, to secure the support beams in the center


All that is left to do now is to assemble the accessories, your windows and shelf.

Your kit comes with the necessary window parts and at this stage you have already installed the wall panels with the window cut outs.

Grab the F-Out Window frame and slide it into place like so. Before doing this make sure it’s facing the right way round and right side up.

Make sure it is securely clicked onto the wall by pressing it gently into the grooves.

Next, place the windowpane gently into the frame.

Then place window frame F-IN on the inside and fix together using 7 screws around the edge.

Repeat these steps for the second window.


Now that your windows are complete we can move onto the Shelf- this too is very easy.

Shelves can only be installed in the side walls and as you can see you have two options for your shelf.

Today we will build option two.

First insert the 2 steel slats into the resin shelf parts. There are 2 for each shelf, this will give them stability.

The shed walls already provide a support lip around the edge so all you need to do it click parts SN to the middle beam, rest your shelf on the lip and secure them with a screw.

Hope you enjoyed the project and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to visit

Thank you for watching.

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