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We believe that in life you cannot achieve happiness and satisfaction if you do not enjoy your work. If you dislike your job it can have a negative impact in other areas of life as well as the quality of your work. This is why we strongly believe that the freedom to choose where you work, when you work and how, can greatly improve happiness and your results at work. Cheap Sheds employees have this freedom and continually achieve top results.

Your role in shaping Cheap Sheds future will be limitless

As the most reputable and largest online retailer of backyard storage units, we’re always looking for talented and creative people to help take us from the largest online retailer in Australia and New Zealand to be the largest around the world.

Get ready to be part of projects that push past the online retail boundaries and set industry standards. Get ready to have fun creating and driving exciting new developments such as the Cheap Sheds Game.

Your work will help improve thousands of people’s lives across the globe

Your contribution will have a direct impact on 10’s of 1000’s of our customers and the entire industry. We’re one of the few (only 3) 100% online retailers that have been featured by the Australian Government (alongside with other retail giants, such as and for its innovation and customer focus.

Being part of our team offers you the opportunity to shape the future of the industry and be part of a pioneering team.

We put our customers, team and values first

Being part of what we do means being part of a team that achieves success purely by good old-fashioned customer service. We focus on our customers as well as on our team and the rest seems to all come together.

We’re an environmentally responsible organisation, which is why a large number of our team members work from home or have opportunity to telecommute. We believe it drives creativity, productivity and efficiency. It also means a better lifestyle for everyone and a better experience for our customers.

All positions have been filled as of today. Please visit back as we often have vacant positions in our growing team.

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