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How to Quickly Assemble Shed Panels

In just a few minutes, you’ll know how to quickly and easily assemble the shed panels:


Position the panels on timber planks, trestles or have them partly hanging over the edge of your concrete slab.

Now join the sheets together.

After joining the sheets together, position the correct perimeter channel to one end of the sheets.

Gently tapping it over the snaptite plugs.

Work along the sheets until you reach the opposite end.

The channels can be tapped over the plugs using your hand or a soft piece of wood, or a rubber mallet.

Double check to ensure that every snaptite plug is locked into the channel.

Each perimeter channel must finish flush with the edges of the sheets.

The snaptite system allows adjustment for this process by simply tapping the channel along the sheets, until a each end is neatly flush.



I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. There are only 2 more videos to go. The next video will show you how to install the door to the shed panel. 

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