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When shopping for a storage solution our customers often inquire about guttering and downpipes for our products.

Rain is something we all experience in Australia and it is normal to be concerned about drainage for our homes and other buildings. However, not all buildings require guttering thanks to our engineers and their designs.

At Cheap Sheds you will find most of our large storage buildings such as garages and carports and some workshops come with gutters and downpipes OR have them available to add to your kit. However, all smaller garden sheds and workshops don't because they don’t need them.

Why do large storage units have guttering and downpipes but smaller sheds don’t? 

Well, the gutters and downpipes are great for your garages, carports and workshops during wet weather because they have a large surface area. More water flows and collects compared to a shed, so assistance for directing the water flow is recommended.

Sheds are generally designed to allow rain runoff, even from a flat roof, without guttering.

Some garden sheds have a flat roof and when it rains, the water will flow away in the sheeting ridges towards the front and back before running off between the overhanging roof and trim.

A gable roof peaks in the centre and aids rapid rain run off to either side and also seep and run through the edge of the sheeting and the trim to make sure there is no build up.

A sloping or skillion roof works the same but only one direction. The water will run off to one end where the roof slopes and run through the sheeting edge and trim with not trouble.

Also, make sure to clear any debris and leaves during or after heavy rain so the water can flow freely.

So What Products Come with Gutters and Downpipes at Cheap Sheds

DO come with guttering & pipes

DON’T come with guttering & pipes

Single Garages

Double Garages

Triple Garages

Double & Single carports


YardPro Workshops



DO come with guttering & pipes

DON’T come with guttering & pipes

Single Garages

Double Garages

Single & Double Carports



Eco Garage



ECO Sheds





Please note:


The downpipes on the Skillion Roof Carports are pvc pipe which is white (they don’t come in Colorbond).

The gutters form part of the trim, so they will either be the same as the roof, or you can choose a different colour trim (fascia) and roof when placing the order. The pvc downpipes are 50mm diameter.


Our Colorbond awnings have Classic Cream posts and framework, even if the roof and trim are a different colour.

We don’t supply Zincalume posts and framework for a Colorbond awning. The trim/gutters will be what you’ve ordered.

No gutters or downpipes are available for products in these 2 brands.

They are designed for water to run off, but if you wish to add gutters and a downpipe you will need to custom design and add them yourself.


Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: How is the guttering attached to the garage/workshop? Do I have to purchase anything to attach the gutters to the shed, or is everything supplied?

A: When you purchase guttering with your product you don’t need anything else. The gutter simply attaches under the eaves of the building. It is attached with the screws that are supplied in the kit.


 Q: What can I use for downpipes and how do I attach them to the guttering?

A: If you have not received a downpipe with your product you can easily use a Standard PVC pipe can be used to run the water from the gutter into a tank. The pipe does not have to attach to the gutter. It can be placed at the end of the gutter and the water will run straight into it.


Q: Which roof type is best suited for guttering?
A: Both the Skillion and Gable roof models are suited for the guttering.

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