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What Wind Ratings Do Garden Sheds Have?

Before you purchase your shed it’s a good idea to check the wind rating of your product to ensure it's right for where you live.  This is one of the most important steps you need to take before purchasing a shed...Why? Watch the following video to find out the dangers as well as what options you have for your home.


{Please note some of the ratings have been changed - see below or ask our staff for accurate ratings} 

What is a Wind Rating?

It’s a rating, which is assigned to a certain area based on the geographic region, shielding, topography and terrain.

For example, if you live in North Queensland your wind rating will be higher than someone who lives in Orange, NSW.  Now some of our sheds have been engineered for heavy winds and have been rated. 

Absco Industries

The majority of Absco Garden Sheds are N2 rated as standard. Which means they can withstand winds up to 147km per hour. (Some products are excluded, see product specifications tab for the product wind rating.)

You can also upgrade your ABSCO sheds to include a cyclone kit which then ensures the product is a W50C rating which is suitable for 180km winds per hour.

Buying a shed for locations North of Bundaberg Queensland or a high wind area the shed will require a cyclone kit.

Not all ABSCO sheds have the cyclone upgrade kit available, only available with the Premier range.

Spanbilt Garden Sheds

Now, most of the Spanbilt sheds are suitable for Region A, Region B & Region Cbut sheds can be upgraded to W50 with the optional cyclone kit. If you live in a very windy area we do recommend you choose a shed appropriate for your location to ensure your safety as well as those around you.

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