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Garden Sheds For Tall People

Some of us are blessed with long legs, great for running faster, reach all those nooks and crannies others can’t and you can fit into almost any pants comfortably. 

However, sometimes it can be a burden. Bumping your head on low archways and ceilings, cupboards, struggling to fit into small cars or travelling on a plane with little leg room… what a nightmare! 

In Australia approximately 29.6% of Australian males between ages 24 and 64 are taller than 1.8 meters, which is problem when buying sheds.  The average shed ceiling height is 1.8 meters. 

Well at Cheap Sheds we want to make life easier for you, so we have made sure that we have included shed modles that cater to your height and provide

More headroom and EXTRA height with some of our sheds!

You will find the following options available at Cheap Sheds: 

  1. Skillion roof or gable roof garden sheds with more headroom, 

  2. Some sheds offer wall height options (1.98m or even 2.1m),

  3. Absco's Highlander sheds are already designed above the standard wall and gable heights.  

Say good-bye to blue bumps and headaches, you can now buy a shed that is made for you and which is still affordable.



Cheap Sheds Gabel roof: Height 1800mm (Wall) / 2085mm (Gable)Keter Resin Shed: Height 2.17m

Cheap Sheds Gabel roof: Height 1800mm (Wall) / 2085mm (Gable) -  Keter Resin Shed: Height 2.17m

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