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Garden Shed and Workshop Floor Solutions

Customers commonly ask what flooring options we offer for Garden Sheds and Workshops. Well, the good news is we have a solution for every product. You can find all the floor solutions at Cheap Sheds right here on this page.

Concrete Slab vs DIY Floor Kits

Concrete slabs have been and still is a common method for Garden Shed and Workshop foundations. However, not everyone has the resources, time or skills to lay a concrete slab, so to make laying a foundation for your shed easier we have provided other flooring solutions for the DIY-ers.

DIY floor kits make assembling your sheds faster and quicker because you do not have to organise and wait for a concrete slab to be poured. Floor kits are designed to be quick to put together, so you can get straight onto putting up your shed.

A level foundation is important for any working service and to ensure your product is safe from damage and water leaks. A floor kit provides that level surface and will lift the shed off the ground for extra protection and dry surface.

What are the benefits of having a flooring kit compared to the concrete slab?

  • Easier and quicker to set up.
  • It’s the cheaper option.
  • They are not permanently fixed to the ground and often can be moved around easily if you ever need to relocate the shed.
  • It is great for people who rent!
  • They are ideal for uneven or sloping sites as the kit will act as the level foundation.
  • Floor kits can be used indoors as well, if you are planning to add a shed to a garage or warehouse.


What are DIY Floor Kits and What types are there?

Floor kits vary depending on the product you purchase and what it requires. Most will come flat packed with all the parts included, including the frame work and timber planks, some require you to source the timber locally, so you can have the freedom to choose your prefered type.

As mentioned before, there are different kinds of kits depending on the product. Here are some examples:

Timber blocks

You will receive the right amount of blocks you need for your chosen shed size.


Example of blocks:

Steel Floor Frame

You will get a sturdy steel frame to position your shed on. This gives it a safe foundation and you are given the decision on how to finish it.

You can opt to add, plywood, timber slats or fill with concrete.

Wooden Floor System (With/without rebate)

This flooring kit comes in a flat pack and easy to assembly. Some designs include the rebate, so the shed will be waterproof from the ground up.

Heavy Duty Timber Floor Frame

This is similar to the Steel Floor Frame but made from timber. Its purpose is to provide better stability and levelling options if your ground is uneven. You can complete it with the Rebated Wooden Floor System.

What Floor Kits are available at Cheap Sheds?

Some products come with a flooring kit already included in the pack. You will see this detailed on the individual product pages under the product description section.

However, the majority of our sheds do not come with a flooring kit included, so if you want to purchase one, you will need to choose and add it to your product order from the accessory list.

Why is it not included with some products?

Choosing a floor solution best for your garden shed or workshop is a personal decision. Everyone has a different use for their shed and their requirements are unique. For those who do not need a floor solution, they can save a bit of money by not adding a floor kit. However for those DIY-ers who do require a floor solution, you can simply add one to your order while placing it.

Need just the floor kit, not the shed?

We do get many customers who have already purchased their shed and want to either replace the foundation or add one.

Floor Kits Options for Cheap Sheds Product Ranges:

Steel Floor Kit ( with Plywood)

You can opt to add a Steel Floor Kit which gives you a framework for a solid steel base. You then have a few options: add plywood or slats to complete a surface or even fill it with concrete. You can also use it in conjunction with a road base.


Timber Floor Kit

Absco Timber Floor Kits come in 1.52m x 0.78m blocks, so depending on the size of the shed the right number of blocks are added to the product.

Rebated Timber Floor Kits and Heavy Duty Floor Kits

Rebated Timber Floor Kits and Heavy Duty Floor Kits options are available, see the accessories on the product pages.

Most come with a foundation kit/solid floor kit

Some plastic sheds come with flooring kits or foundation kits - the few that don't will have the option available in the accessory section on the product page, so you can add it to your order.
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