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Why You Should Buy a Timber Floor Kit for Your Steel Garen Shed'

When building your steel garden shed, professionals (like ourselves) will tell you, you need to ensure you have a sturdy foundation. You need a solid and level surface to build on and anchor your garden shed to safety.

Often most suppliers offer the following two options for steel sheds:

  • Mixing and laying a concrete slab
  • Building and designing your own foundation using timber or bricks.

Luckily today you have another option,

Timber Floor Kits! 


At Cheap Sheds we offer Timber Floor Kits with most of our steel garden sheds.



If you ALREADY have a Shed and need to find a floor kit to suit it, click on your Shed Brand below to start:


Timber floor kits have generally only come with timber sheds, however due to the high demand in the market for ‘easy foundation solutions’, you can now purchase rebated wooden floor kits.

These floor kits provide a perfect solution for your DIY steel garden shed. They are easy to assemble and because they are made to fit your shed, it sits neatly on top.


Benefits of a Timber Floor

So why should you purchase a Timber Floor Kit? The reasons speak for themselves...

Firstly, you won’t have to lay a concrete slab which means less labour. It is also easier to assemble compared to mixing and pouring concrete (especially if you have no experience).

Secondly, the structure is not a permanent fixture, so it can be removed if required i.e if you need to move it or if you live in a rental home.


Key Qualities of a Timber Floor Kit

  • Made from high quality treated pine (better and stronger than MOST flooring kits)
  • The flooring kit is rebated, so the shed will be waterproof from the ground up
  • The timber is treated so it’s protected
  • It comes with 10 years warranty

Flooring Kit


What Size Sheds Do They Come With?

The floor kits are pre-made for most of the standard garden sheds on site.

NOTE: Depending on the size of the floor you purchase sometimes there may be a board that needs to be cut back to fit into its place. You may also find you want to make some adjustments yourself. In this case it is an easy process and all kits come with a manual which will assist. It will be handy to have a circular saw on hand too if you want to make adjustments.


How to Order a Floor Kit 

At Cheap Sheds you can add a Timber Floor Kit on most of our standard sized steel shed product pages. You have 2 options to order your kit.


When choosing your shed, if you scroll down to the ‘Accessories’ on the product page you just have to click and add the kit to your order.



If you already bought a shed but need a foundation kit for it, you can still order a Timber Floor kit by visiting the Brand Specific Product page


When you order your Timber Floor Kit from Cheap Sheds you will recieve:



How to Assembly a Timber Floor Kit

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