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What Kind of Doors do Garden Sheds Have?



What Kind of Doors do Garden Sheds Have, Video Transcription

In this video I will show you 'What Kind of Door Types Garden Sheds Come With'

At Cheap Sheds you will find that our Garden Sheds come with the following door type options:

  • Single hinged door
  • Single sliding door
  • Double hinged doors
  • Double sliding doors
  • Roller door


Single hinged doors

With single hinged doors…

  • Absco and Durabuilt sheds have single doors measuring 750mm wide.
  • Spanbilt single door sizes vary in size and can be as large as 980mm wide
  • Cedar Shed doors also vary and they can be as wide as 820mm to 1.2m depending on the shed
  • And Keter offers a 1.3m x 1.9m shed with a single hinged door measuring 875mm 


Single sliding door

Sliding doors are great option when your space is limited and you might not have enough room to open a hinged door.

  •  All Durabuilt garden sheds can be ordered with a single sliding door as an optional upgrade.


Double hinged doors

  • Double doors on Absco and Durabuilt models are twice as big as the single doors so they give a 1.5m opening.
  • Spanbilt double doors are 1.325m wide
  • Some Duramax sheds come with wide double doors measuring around 1.3m for example but it can vary depending on the shed model.
  • Many of our resin sheds have attractive wide double doors which are 1.39m wide on average
  • Lastly our cedar sheds double hinged doors are 1.2m 

Double sliding doors

Double doors can improve the accessibility of the shed.

Double sliding doors are available with our,

  • Durabuilt models and they too can be ordered as an optional upgrade
  • Absco has a 3m x 0.78m slimline model with double sliding doors, called Ezislider.


Roller door

Lastly we have a shed from our Spanbilt range that has a roller door. It's called the Smartlocker and it provides the widest opening possible which measures 2.7m wide by 1.89m high. Now I don’t think you can get bigger than that for a garden shed!


And that covers the lot! I hope you found this video useful and have a better idea of the different door types available at Cheap Sheds. Thanks for watching this video.

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