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Garden Shed Concrete Slab



When looking for a ideal surface to build your shed on, we would recommend either one of our flooring kits or a concrete slab. These are the two best foundations you can have for your shed because 1. A solid foundation to attach your shed to 2. A level floor to work on.

Sheds can be placed on 'soft' surfaces such as road or gravel however, manufacturers recommend a concrete slab or specialised flooring kits. Buying the flooring kit is one option and more instructions can be found in a different video but when laying concrete slab there are a few options on how to do this and don't worry, it's not as hard as you may think

There are a couple of different ways to pour the concrete slab. You can either,
1) Do it yourself using materials purchased from your local hardware store, You can also hire a cement mixer or just mix it in your wheelbarrow.
2) But if you don't want to sweat it out you can, Hire a tradie or a cement mixing truck to come and pour the slab for you.

OK, so what size should the slab be? Manufacturers generally recommend that your slab is 100mm larger than the actual measurements of the shed. This gives you a little room for positioning. For example for a 3m x 3m garden shed the recommended slab dimensions are 3.1m x 3.1m.

You also need to keep the rebate in mind when laying the slab, This is very important to make sure you are protected from water getting in. What the rebate is, is the inside elevated part of your slab which ends up as the flooring of your shed. Essentially the shed will sit on the ledge and the wall panels will slightly overhang preventing water entering.

Your rebate should be 40mm to 50mm less than the external measurements of your shed.

The depth of the rebate should be 20mm

Laying a concrete slab also means you'll have a level floor to work on. If you're planning on fitting out the inside of your shed with shelves, workbenches and so on you will need a level surface to ensure stability and no leakage or moisture creeping in.

So no matter which way you do it, at the end of the day a concrete slab will give you a secure and level foundation for your new shed.

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